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How to choose a 7-passenger RV model under one million? CMC new generation Zinger 7-seater flagship model/Toyota Sienta 1.8 7-seater comparison


1. Appearance design

First of all, let’s take the CMC new generation ZINGER 1.5T 7-seater. Its body is a medium-sized SUV, so it has a square and thick body outline. In addition, the body size is optimized for the Taiwan market. As a result, it is a 7-seater model. The spatial layout is undoubtedly a plus. The design also caters to the popular outdoor style. Both the front and rear of the car are decorated to be extremely square and thick, getting rid of the “square with a round” element in the past, creating a wild feeling that an SUV has.


As for the Toyota Sienta, it has been on the market for 7 years. It was originally intended to replace the Wish. However, its bullet-shaped two-cabin body structure was affected by the usage habits of the Japanese market. Its body size is in the category of a small car, and its car size is Settings for small MPV. In terms of design, Sienta focuses on the trendy Japanese car style, using the concept of “sports shoes” to make the previous square MPV relatively rounded.



As can be seen from the chart below, the CMC new generation ZINGER 1.5T 7-seater is 4665mm

Screenshot 2023-11-09 4.21.43.png

2. Interior layout and equipment


In terms of interior settings, CMC’s new-generation ZINGER 1.5T 7-seater has completely revamped its cabin atmosphere during this major facelift. The horizontally symmetrical center console is equipped with piano-painted decorative plates and stitching to add visual texture.


2000px_XH2S0423.jpgThe door trim panels on the seven-seater flagship model are also designed in a leather carbon fiber shape, adding more texture.


The 10.25-inch fully digital instrument panel, which can display various driving information and clearly display graphical information in the ADAS action indication section, also enhances the sense of technology. A Panasonic 9-inch touch-sensitive multimedia audio and video host (supports Apple CarPlay/Android) is placed in the center. Auto), both in terms of recognition and operating functions are quite handy; as for the 8-speed ZF wire-by-wire transmission shift lever moved up from the central saddle, it not only adds a more high-end feel, but is also easier to operate; the original saddle There is more storage space, which also makes the center armrest space larger.







Others, such as front-seat climate control and FAST KEY/PUSH START keyless start, have also caught up with the trend. However, in order to meet the needs of passengers in the 2nd and 3rd rows, CMC ZINGER retains the well-received rear seats with air-conditioning evaporators. The independent air-conditioning design makes the cooling room extremely effective.


The Toyota Sienta part focuses on broadening the driving vision. The traditional self-illuminating instrument panel and the 4.2-inch full-color MID information screen are positioned higher, but compared to the digital instrument panel, the functions that can be displayed are relatively monotonous; the one in the middle The peninsula-type center console integrates the air-conditioning panel and CVT continuously variable transmission. Chemax’s Drive+ Link 7-inch touch-sensitive connected car system provides basic functions such as Apple CarPlay/Android Auto.




The Sienta also has functions such as constant temperature air conditioning and PUSH START keyless start, but it uses an exhaust fan design in the center of the rear seat. In comparison, the cooling effect is average.


3. Space utilization


In terms of space layout, the CMC new generation ZINGER 1.5T 7-seater has a 2+3+2 seat layout. The second row of seats has a front and rear sliding distance of 195mm. It can accommodate two adult males with heights of 168cm and 175cm respectively. The sitting posture is normal, and the tilt angle of the seat back can be adjusted at will, allowing passengers in the second row to freely adjust to the best posture, and even passengers in the third row can freely adjust their space; even the CMC new generation ZINGER 1.5T car compartment It is an SUV, but the height for getting in and out of the car is moderate, and folding the right seat forward makes it easier for passengers to enter the third row.


Since the vehicle width reaches the level of 1775mm, sitting in the third row with a seat height of 260mm does not seem crowded even for two adult men with heights of 168cm and 175cm respectively. In addition, there are three-stage adjustable seat backs and thickened seats. The seat cushions are made of foam and the seat area is enlarged so that passengers of different body types can feel comfortable and at the same time. If there is no need to sit, when the third row of seats is folded, the cargo space in the rear compartment is still excellent.



Zinger Trunk.jpg


Toyota Sienta also uses 2+3+2 three-row seats, but because it is an MPV model, the chassis is lower, and the left and right sliding doors are designed, so it is more friendly to the elderly, weak, women and children when getting in and out.


The second row has 50/50 separation, 105mm front and rear sliding and 36-degree backrest adjustment. However, the riding experience is not bad when compared to two adult men with heights of 168cm and 175cm respectively. Due to the limited volume of the car body and the thin design of the seats to be stored under the second row of seats, the third row will feel more crowded when compared to two adult men with heights of 168cm and 175cm respectively. However, this design also allows the seats to be completely flattened into a large platform.



Sienta Trunk.jpg

4. Active safety system


In order to meet the high standards of modern consumers for active safety, CMC’s new generation ZINGER has LEVEL 2 standards, including full-speed ACC with an operating speed range of 0~150km/h, and LKA lane centering with an operating range of more than 60km/h. , TJA traffic congestion assist activated at 0~150km/h, etc. Others include FCM active smart braking assist system with pedestrian detection function, BSW blind spot detection warning, LCA lane change assist, RCTA rear traffic warning, RECW rear collision avoidance warning, DOW exit door opening warning, and LVSA front vehicle departure warning. Warning, AHB intelligent high beam system and other configurations.

This system has also been specially adjusted for Taiwan’s road conditions. The increase and decrease of the brake and accelerator are not too rough, and the lane centering can always be maintained in the center. This also allows CMC’s new generation ZINGER to give drivers and passengers more peace of mind.


Toyota Sienta’s active safety is through integrated detection cameras and radars, providing PCS early warning protection, LDA lane departure warning system, AHB intelligent high beam automatic switching system, BSM blind spot detection system, and PVM surround image Assistance system, PKSB anti-collision assist system, RCTA rear side warning system, etc. However, due to generation reasons, full-speed ACC, LKA lane centering and TJA traffic congestion assist are missing, so there is no Level 2 level.

5. Power control


In order to meet the needs of multiple passengers, strong power is necessary. However, how to strike a balance between performance and maintenance costs is also a big issue.


This time, CMC’s new generation ZINGER introduces a small-displacement turbine engine that conforms to the market trend. Not only does the license tax and fuel cost only cost 11,920 yuan, it greatly reduces the financial burden. This 1.5 TURBO GDI in-cylinder direct injection four-cylinder turbine has Mitsubishi technical support. The engine can also output a maximum horsepower of 172ps/5500rpm and a maximum torque of 26.4kgf. m /1500rpm-4000rpm, paired with the ZF 8HP50 8-speed automatic transmission, which is the most stable and most used by car manufacturers on the market, it can be driven without any sloppiness even if it is fully loaded with passengers and luggage. It has high torque output at low speeds; the brand-new gearbox is The smarter gear shifting logic helps the CMC ZINGER to give the CMC ZINGER a perfect kinetic energy output, and the seven-seater can also deliver an eye-catching average fuel consumption performance of 13.3 km/l.



As for the Toyota Sienta, it uses a 1.8 2ZR-FAE Valvematic inline four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine with a maximum horsepower of 140hp/6200rpm and a maximum torque of 17.5kgm/4000rpm. It is paired with a Super CVT-i continuously variable transmission system, and the kinetic energy performance is more consistent. Traveling through the city, it has a smooth and smooth output experience under all full loads, just like a glass of boiled water.





6. Summary and analysis


Although due to the impact of the declining birthrate, there are more and more opportunities for three generations to travel together, and at the same time, the growing popularity of outdoor leisure activities such as camping has created a demand for shared vehicles. 7-seater sedans or SUVs are once again is becoming popular, but with the exception of the Toyota Sienta, which belongs to the small car category, all of them, whether imported or domestically produced, sell for more than one million, which is undoubtedly a heavy burden for buyers with limited budgets. However, the new generation Zinger was launched at CMC After that, the dim flames of the 7-seater market within a million began to rekindle.


In actual comparison of these two 7-seater cars, the Toyota Sienta is a small car, so it may not be able to meet the full load demand. Coupled with the generation difference, the power and equipment are not satisfactory. However, with its brand halo and compact body, There will still be a certain market for it due to features such as size, car maneuverability and dual electric sliding doors.


As for CMC’s new generation Zinger, it has above-average performance in five major aspects, including interior seating space, power performance, technological equipment and tax costs. In addition to relying on CARTEC’s strong independent research and development capabilities, it only costs 80 With a price advantage that can be purchased within a budget of 10,000 to 900,000 yuan, I believe that CMC’s new generation Zinger can create more wonderful life memories for many budget-conscious buyers!



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