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The average salary of OpenAI engineers is US$925,000. The extremely high salary puts technology giants out of reach – Wall Street News


As companies across a wide range of industries deploy AI in their businesses, the hype around AI is at an all-time high. As the most popular company in the field of artificial intelligence, OpenAI has paid a salary that is beyond the reach of technology giants in the war for talent.

A recent report released by, a data collection website for American technology companies, shows that the average annual salary paid by OpenAI to artificial intelligence engineers reaches a staggering US$925,000.

For example, a Level 5 software engineer currently working at OpenAI has a base salary of $300,000 and an additional $625,000 in stock compensation. Level 5 software engineers typically have approximately 10 years of industry experience.

also,The lowest-paid engineer at OpenAI has a base salary of $210,000 and has about 2 to 4 years of industry experience.. This base salary does not include annual stock compensation.Some senior software engineers at OpenAI earn annual salaries as high as $1.4 million.

OpenAI launched the large-scale language model ChatGPT at the end of last year, setting off an artificial intelligence boom last year. ChatGPT is widely considered the fastest growing consumer internet application of all time, reaching an estimated 100 million monthly users in just two months. For example, after launching in 2004, Facebook took about four and a half years to reach 100 million users; Twitter took more than five years; and Instagram took a little more than two years.

At the beginning of this year, OpenAI raised US$11.3 billion at a valuation of US$27 billion to US$29 billion. Last month, news broke that OpenAI was in talks to sell existing employee shares at a valuation of $86 billion.

As early as the second quarter of this year, the company sold a wave of employee shares to venture capital institutions. At that time, media reports stated that the company’s book value was approximately US$30 billion. Now that the second wave of tender offers is approaching, its valuation has risen to between US$80 billion and US$90 billion, three times the previous value. Given the company’s soaring valuation, the actual stock compensation its engineers receive is likely to be much higher than’s statistics.

The soaring valuation has allowed OpenAI to pay employees salaries that are beyond the reach of technology giants such as Apple, Google parent company Alphabet, and even Microsoft. Microsoft previously invested US$3 billion in OpenAI and announced an additional US$10 billion investment in the artificial intelligence company at the beginning of this year.

Driven by its in-depth cooperation with OpenAI, Microsoft’s stock price hit a record high on Tuesday, with a market value of US$2.68 trillion. However, statistics from show thatThe average annual salary Microsoft will pay its employees in 2022 will be between US$77,000 and US$310,000, which is far inferior to OpenAI, and it will lay off about 5% of its employees this year.

Unprecedented demand for AI talent has driven up average salaries in the field. According to reports, today engineers without any experience can receive engineering internships worth up to $335,000 per year.

Source of this article: Tencent Technology, original title: “The average salary of OpenAI engineers is US$925,000, which is so high that technology giants cannot match it”

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