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You can buy it with a minimum of NT$1 million!FUEL, a new type of living brand, debuts: a beautiful wooden house designed by a Taiwanese team and built with Japanese craftsmanship


The residential brand “FUEL”, which was born in October this year, brings a new way of living with the “Huixuan-style wooden house” made in Japan and designed by a Taiwanese team, which can be purchased for as low as NT$1 million.

Running back and forth between home, office, and various meetings every day has become the norm in modern urban life. Faced with the fast-paced life and increasing pressure, people begin to reflect on the lifestyle they really need and turn their focus to their true needs. For important things, focus on spiritual enrichment and fulfillment. Jointly created by “9floor”, “JC. Architecture & Design”, and “Architecture Design/Joint Design”, the new residential brand “FUEL” was born in October this year. It is made in Japan and designed by a Taiwanese team. “Prefab Cabin” is a new solution to respond to such needs.

The Huixuan-style wooden house is constructed of warm wood. The natural aroma it emits gives people a feeling of being close to nature. It also provides good thermal insulation and sound insulation effects. It not only presents an elegant beauty, but also creates a calm, Relaxing living environment. Whether in the city or in nature, used as a private residence or a vacation facility, FUEL Cabin has become a new way for people to find warmth and tranquility in a fast-paced life.

The three major concepts of “openness, flexibility, and reorganization” run through the space design.

The design of FUEL Cabin comes from Johnny Chiu, one of the founders of the team and the founder of “JC. Architecture & Design”. Starting from FUEL’s brand core “Essence of Nature and Peace”, the three concepts of “openness, flexibility and reorganization” are used throughout the space design.

In FUEL Cabin life, the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom are not only in the same wooden house. The team dismantles these spaces like a small settlement, and can form a living space that suits you best according to different needs. Whether you are a freelance worker, a couple, or a retired couple… you can give FUEL Cabin different functions according to your own needs to create your own unique ideal life.

FUEL Cabin allows spaces with different functions in the home to be designed independently, breaking the barrier between indoors and outdoors. It can easily change venues whether it is outdoors in the city; when using different spaces, it can establish a deeper connection with nature.

Choose Shikoku, Japan, start with renewable resources-wood building materials

FUEL believes that being environmentally friendly is the basis for creating an ideal life. The team specifically chose wood from Kochi Prefecture, Shikoku, Japan, a renewable resource, as the building material. It can not only reduce dependence on limited resources, but also reduce carbon emissions and environmental impact. The FUEL Cabin is equipped with the patented “carbon fiber I-beam base” developed by Hide Lin Jianhua, one of the founders of the team and “architectural design/joint construction”, which not only allows the wooden house to move flexibly in different environments, but also responds to the impact of the landscape Minimized, safe and stable to adapt to diverse landscape needs. With the additional equipment of renewable energy, the FUEL Cabin will become “one of the most environmentally friendly projects of its size in the world.”

FUEL’s imagination of life is comprehensive. It is not only used as a residence, but can also be used in tourist accommodation development, resort construction, and other commercial uses, such as restaurants, cafes, yoga classrooms, meditation rooms, etc. One of the founders, Pan Pan Xinrong from “Jiu Lou”, hopes that as a new type of residential brand that provides diverse living solutions, FUEL Cabin can provide different experience options for everyone. Whether for a short break or a business event, FUEL is an all-round brand to suit every need.

The lowest selling price is only NT$1 million

The lowest selling price of FUEL Cabin is only NT$1 million, allowing everyone to easily afford an ideal living space while enjoying the highest quality and design. In addition, the construction time of FUEL Cabin is also relatively short. It only takes 3 to 4 months from ordering to completion. There is no need to increase time costs due to lack of work and materials, and you can own your personal ideal space faster.

The existence of FUEL Cabin reflects the evolution of society and lifestyle. As demand for simple living and flexible housing increases, FUEL offers an innovative solution. It represents people’s change from traditional living and business models, and instead pursues a more free, flexible, sustainable and conscious lifestyle. FUEL Cabin has become part of the evolution of society, leading people towards a more modern and diverse lifestyle.

FUEL Cabin will be on tour in Taiwan in the first quarter of 2024, and will cooperate with various lifestyle brands to launch exclusive activities. At the same time, it will also launch accommodation experiences at home and abroad. Interested readers can go to the FUEL official website to inquire and apply.

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