Staying at the Presidential Palace for one night French Internet celebrity praised “Taiwan makes me feel welcome” | Culture | Central News Agency CNA

Staying at the Presidential Palace for one night French Internet celebrity praised “Taiwan makes me feel welcome” | Culture | Central News Agency CNA
Staying at the Presidential Palace for one night French Internet celebrity praised “Taiwan makes me feel welcome” | Culture | Central News Agency CNA

(Central News Agency reporter Qiu Zuyin, Taipei, 9th) French Internet celebrity “Cool” with more than one million fans was recently invited by the Cultural Federation to participate in the “Come and Stay at the Presidential Palace for a Night” event, where he washed his hair, visited welfare institutions and Visiting historical sites, he praised “Taiwan made him feel welcome.”

“Ku” has been in Taiwan for 6 years and regards Taiwan as his second home. He always makes new discoveries about Taiwan. The videos he releases are not only curious to foreigners, but also new to Taiwanese. “Ku” said that he just wants to keep trying to introduce Taiwan from different angles to make everyone feel that Taiwan is good. “You may be used to living here and don’t pay much attention to your own environment, but Taiwan is actually so interesting.”

“Cool” said that it was not his first time to visit the Presidential Palace, but this time he arranged an itinerary that included experiencing the hairdressing department of the Presidential Palace. Accompanied by Lin Jialong, Secretary-General of the Presidential Palace, he enjoyed “Taiwan style hairdressing services” together, including washing. After blowing the hair straight, the whole person looks refreshed.

“Ku” also visited the welfare club attached to the Presidential Palace with his work colleagues and praised the prices of the things sold there. He also bought a bunch of toilet paper for 109 yuan, coriander-flavored biscuits, and a pack of instant noodles for 19 yuan. I know that there are many military police responsible for security work in the Presidential Palace and they will come here to spend money.

Ask “Cool” what is your impression of the Presidential Palace? “Cool” said that this place is so big that it is easy to get lost, and there are carpets everywhere, which should be very troublesome to deal with. He thinks that the whole building is well maintained, and he also appreciates that the Presidential Palace has both historical monuments and office functions. I am curious about the identity.

“Cool” said that if he brings friends to visit the Presidential Palace, he will first take them to the staff restaurant for breakfast, then go to the hairdressing department to wash their hair, then go to the souvenir shop to buy some souvenirs, and then go to the post office to send the souvenirs back to their families in envelopes. Don’t forget to stamp it with the special seal here.

“Cool”‘s real name is Richard Quentin Paul Camill. When he was a student, he came to Taiwan for a brief internship in a hotel for 3 months, and then went to South Korea to study for 2 years. However, he has always missed the happy time in Taiwan and felt that he had a “feeling of being welcomed” in Taiwan. , so he came to Taiwan to live again in 2017, and established the YouTube channel “Ku’s dream” to invite his family and other foreign friends in France to experience Taiwan’s unique food. It was welcomed by fans and has so far had 1.61 million subscribers and 270 million views in total.

“Cool”‘s latest video invites friends to taste Taiwan’s “confinement meal”. They are very envious of Taiwan’s good treatment of pregnant women. The video exceeded one million views in less than 4 days after it was released. Last week, the “Braised Food” album was released to We also specially created a mini braised food stall and asked the hotel chef to make authentic Taiwanese braised food. Foreign friends praised Taiwanese braised food and the video has been viewed by 1.42 million people.

When the “Cool” channel exceeded one million views in 2020, it cooperated with the Taipei Representative Office in France and the French Institute in Taiwan to plan a young friend from Taiwan and France to go to the other country to realize their dreams. “Cool” is currently cooperating with Taiwanese supermarkets, hoping to launch a larger project to let more people know and understand Taiwan. (Editor: Li Hengshan) 1121109


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