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According to China Weather Network, a new wave of cold air came online starting yesterday, and another wave of cold air will follow from November 10th to 13th. The two waves of cold air moving eastward and southward may push the entire northern part of my country to enter winter, and the autumn atmosphere in Jiangnan, South China and other places will become more intense.

It is reported that the intensity of the cold air from November 10 to 13 may be stronger than the current one, and its impact will be wider. It will bring significant cooling to most areas in central and eastern my country.Temperatures will also mostly turn lower than the same period in normal years, and the minimum temperatures in many places will hit new lows one after another.

Tomorrow, the rain and snow in the Northeast will weaken significantly, and most areas will start a mode of sparse rain and snow. It is expected that there will be light to moderate snow or sleet in some areas in the mountainous areas of northern northern Xinjiang and western southern Xinjiang, central and northern Heilongjiang, central and northern Shaanxi, and central and northern Shanxi, as well as localized heavy snow.

New cold air will affect Zhejiang tonight

After the last wave of cold air, the temperature in Zhejiang Province has finally returned to what it should be like in autumn. The precipitation on the night of the 5th was somewhat decent, but I have been passive and slow in working these past few days, and the precipitation is drizzling.

But this time the precipitation is finally available. It will gradually turn rainy across the province at noon today, with moderate to heavy rains, local heavy rains and thunderstorms.

New cold air will affect our province tonight, this time stronger than last time. Today will be the hottest day in the next few days. Affected by low vortex precipitation and cold air, the daily average temperature will drop day by day from tonight to the 13th, with the temperature drop reaching 7-9℃ in the process.

From noon to night today: it will be cloudy with showers and some thunderstorms in the coastal areas of northwestern and southeastern Zhejiang, and it will become cloudy in other areas with showers and some thunderstorms in the afternoon. Among them, moderate to heavy rain and some heavy rain will occur in the central and northern Zhejiang and western and northern parts of Lishui.

Tomorrow: It will be cloudy with showers, some moderate rain, and some heavy rain in central and southern Zhejiang; it will be cloudy with sometimes light rain in northern Zhejiang.

The day after tomorrow: It will be cloudy to overcast with some light rain in northern Zhejiang, and it will be cloudy with sometimes light rain in other areas.

Among them, there will be gusts of magnitude 5 to 7 in some inland areas of our province from midnight today to tomorrow, and gusts of magnitude 8 in high-altitude mountainous areas and rivers and lakes.

Tomorrow’s minimum temperature: coastal areas: 14-16 degrees; other areas: 12-14 degrees.

Tomorrow’s highest temperature: coastal areas: 20-22 degrees; other areas: 17-19 degrees.


The clammy “magic attack” is coming

As far as Hangzhou is concerned,The lowest temperature may occur on the morning of the 13th, and is expected to be only about 6℃.Friends who are afraid of the cold and those who are not afraid of the cold should wear long johns.

Affected by the persistent cold air from the night of the 9th to the 13th, the maximum northerly wind force was level 4 to 6 in the plain areas, and level 6 to 8 in the mountainous areas and rivers and lakes.

This time, the warm and humid air flow no longer stubbornly resists and creates a warming drama, but chooses to join forces with the cold air. Therefore, there will be more precipitation in the next few days, with frequent wet and cold “magic attacks”. Please be prepared to prevent colds. .

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