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“Only Ke Houpei can be elected.” Cai Zhengyuan said: “Who cares about KMT membership?”

“Only Ke Houpei can be elected.” Cai Zhengyuan said: “Who cares about KMT membership?”
“Only Ke Houpei can be elected.” Cai Zhengyuan said: “Who cares about KMT membership?”
“Only Ke Houpei can be elected.” Cai Zhengyuan asked who cares about the Kuomintang membership 9

CNEWS Convergence News Network reporter Ye Jiawei/Reporting from Taipei

The countdown to the 2024 presidential election is less than 70 days away, but the blue and white camps have yet to see a consensus on cooperation. Former Kuomintang legislator Cai Zhengyuan said in an interview on a political commentary program yesterday (9th), “If the Kuomintang is equal to Hou Youyi, I will quit the Kuomintang.” He emphasized that a blue-white alliance is necessary, and from the opinion polls, only “Ke Houpei” can be elected. superior.

Cai Zhengyuan said that removing the Democratic Progressive Party is the highest strategic guiding principle, and the situation is now very clear. Only a blue-white alliance can remove the Democratic Progressive Party. Ke Wenzhe cannot win alone, and only Hou Youyi will be defeated. If Gou Taiming and Ko Wenzhe , Hou Youyi came out to run together. “Three monks carry water and there is no water to drink.” Lai Qingde and the DPP will continue to be in power. From the polls, it is clear that only “Ke Houpei” can be elected. There is no third Two options.

Cai Zhengyuan said that maybe everyone saw that Hou Youyi’s support was higher than that of Ke Wenzhe in some polls. “Let me tell you about the fake one. I made it clear that it was fake and came from Jin Pucong.” He said that he sees many reliable polls every day and also analyzes many undisclosed internal reference polls. “Hou Youyi lost to Ke Wenzhe by at least 10%.”

Cai Zhengyuan believes that Ke Houpei can win this presidential election, but Hou Kepei will not win. Cai Zhengyuan analyzed that because a group of median voters who had supported Tsai Ing-wen before choosing a candidate but not a party did not want to vote for the DPP this time, and these median voters also did not want to vote for the KMT and wanted to vote for Ke Wenzhe because they thought Hou Youyi There is no charm, I don’t know what Hou Youyi is talking about, Hou’s character has been completely destroyed.

Tsai Ching-yuan said that the older these Taiwanese median voters are, the more partisan they are. Because they continue to support a certain political party, they eventually become supporters of that party. Young people still have room for rational choices and are not solidified in political parties. Therefore, Supporters of Ke Wenzhe are relatively high among those under 50 years old, while Lai Qingde is the winner among supporters over 50 years old. Therefore, if there is no reason for Ke Wenzhe to be Hou Youyi’s deputy, these middle voters will still go back to vote for Lai Qingde.

Cai Zhengyuan bluntly said that some people criticized him for “being a member of the Kuomintang and he must obey the Kuomintang and support the candidates nominated by the Kuomintang.” He counter-questioned, “Give me a reason. When I was working hard in the Kuomintang, Hou Youyi was not a member of the Kuomintang.” 2004 At that time, in the context of the March 19 shooting, Hou Youyi was an official in Chen Shui-bian’s government. He was Chen Shui-bian’s police chief and the first guard with a knife in front of the palace. Today, Hou has become the candidate of the Kuomintang. If it were not for the sake of party chairman Zhu Lilun, “I would not bother to care about him at all.”

Cai Zhengyuan also said that Hou Youyi never stood up to the Kuomintang and joined the party unexpectedly. Now that he has become a presidential candidate of the Kuomintang, he should do a good job, but he has no obligation to support Hou Youyi, just like Hou Youyi had no obligation to support the Kuomintang back then. The two do not owe each other anything. .

Cai Zhengyuan said that he does not think there is a question of who owes whom. He does not owe the Kuomintang, and the Kuomintang does not owe him. He does not pay attention to Jin Pucong or Zhu Lilun. “Who cares about the membership of the Kuomintang.”

Photo source: Photographed by CNEWS Convergence News Network reporter Ye Jiawei

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