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“Force” the Kuomintang! The Kuomintang throws out three comparison polls, Ke Quan wins and declares war in disguise?

Wang Qianqiu, the host of “Looking at the Election – 2024 Election Forum”, revealed Han Guoyu’s mood.

Ko Wenzhe announced three comparative polls. Ke Hou was not on the same ballot. Moreover, Ke Wenzhe won against Lai Qingde in all three polls, while Hou Youyi lost against Lai Qingde in all three polls. Is Ke Wenzhe using this to announce that he will run for the election to the end? Is Blue and White going to war because they are not compatible? Wang Qianqiu, the host of “Looking at the General Election – 2024 Election Forum”, interviewed polling expert Wang Zhisheng to analyze the mystery behind the poll numbers.

Wang Zhisheng pointed out that in fact, these three polls revealed that Ke Wenzhe still has expectations for a blue-white alliance, but Ke does not want to negotiate anymore, but wants to “force a deal”! Wang Zhisheng further analyzed that not only did he announce comparative polls, the Kuomintang Party also released rumors that deputy Zou Kailian met with Ke, just to tell Hou Youyi, “I am better than you, do you want to cooperate with me… Ke Wenzhe, I am the right one. If the Kuomintang does not compromise, I have prepared a deputy.” People’s Party legislator Qiu Chenyuan said that there is still room for discussion and maneuvering until the last minute, and he will not give up on the blue and white alliance, but if he really can’t go on in the end, he can only sing “A song by Lee Shengjie: The last love is to let go of your hand.”

People’s Party legislator Qiu Chenyuan.
People’s Party legislator Qiu Chenyuan.

Wang Jinping took precise measures to sound the clarion call for local organizations to rally

Without Hou Hanpei, Wang Qianqiu will only be a cheerleader and reveals Han Guoyu’s next step

Facing Lai Qingde and Ke Wenzhe, who have already locked up candidates for deputy, who will be Hou Youyi’s other half? Is it possible for Hou Han to be married, which has been rumored for a long time? Wang Qianqiu, the host of “Looking at the General Election – 2024 Election Forum” revealed Hanguo-yu’s mood. Regarding “the deputy’s consultation and questions, I have confirmed that I have been asked, but his own position is very clear, that is, he is now He is a good cheerleader, but he has no intention of playing the role of deputy.” As for the possibility of serving as a non-district legislator, Wang Qianqiu said that it depends on the intention and arrangements of the KMT Central Committee.

People’s Party legislator Qiu Chenyuan.People’s Party legislator Qiu Chenyuan.
People’s Party legislator Qiu Chenyuan.

Mr. Gong Daobo, former Legislative Yuan Wang Jinping, who was also named as a possible candidate for inclusion in the non-district legislators, also took action! Wang Jinping called on the local blue to return and show local strength, but Ke Wenzhe should not be wild! Wang Zhisheng further analyzed that regardless of whether Wang Jinping intends to return to the Legislative Yuan or not, his move, “to a certain extent, he has to tell the Kuomintang internal people, and even tell Ke Wenzhe, you should be more restrained, I am still a fair man, and I am still very powerful.” strength”. Even the rallying horns of local factions, “Whether they are blown to the People’s Party or the Kuomintang; whether they are blown to Zhu Lilun or Hou Youyi”, it is thought-provoking!

People’s Party legislator Qiu Chenyuan.People’s Party legislator Qiu Chenyuan.
People’s Party legislator Qiu Chenyuan.

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