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By the Murderous Lake: Just looking forward to the peace and beauty of the past… | Square Vocus

By the Murderous Lake: Just looking forward to the peace and beauty of the past… | Square Vocus
By the Murderous Lake: Just looking forward to the peace and beauty of the past… | Square Vocus

[作者:瑞秋.肯恩/Rachel Caine]{Translator: Zhou Qianru][出版日期:2019-11-29][出版社:春天]]

+++Introduction to Stillhouse Lake

What color will the human body look like at different stages without skin? Is it more like the color of raw chicken, or sticky brown?

When the townspeople of the small town of Norton, Tennessee heard that a body had been found in their local lake, no one expected it to be a murder. “We thought it was just a boating accident, or cramps and drowning. This kind of thing happens. But murder? I can’t believe it. This is a kind town.” The interviewee said.

The unidentified woman was found floating on Jingyuan Lake early last Sunday, and her identity has not yet been confirmed. However, according to reliable sources within the Norton Police Department, the deceased was most likely a local.

Police are tight-lipped about the cause of the woman’s death but have classified the case as a homicide and are questioning residents of Lake Shore – a once prosperous upscale area that has fallen into decline, like much of the country – to find out if anyone has any clues. There are clues related to the deceased or the murderer. Police believe the body was dumped in the water after death and said the murderer intended to let the body sink to the bottom. “Fortunately it didn’t work,” Chief Stamps said. “She was tied to a piece of cement, but it is presumed that when the killer started the engine, the boat’s propeller cut the rope so that she eventually floated to the surface.”

I leaned back in my chair as if to distance myself from this article. The report is related to us and Jingyuan Lake. But what shocked me the most was… the murderer’s method of sinking the body into the lake, as well as the age and type of the victim – it all seemed so familiar…

[文擷取自TAAZE讀冊生活]Book purchase link: You can purchase second-hand books or borrow them from the library. This book seems to be out of print.

+++Small record

It is the story of the unlucky ghosts who were targeted by murderous ghosts and fell into misfortune. Due to special reasons, it is constantly cut and it is very confusing. In order to avoid various external threats, the unlucky ghosts concealed their names and hid all the way to a beautiful town. After wandering for several years, they were deeply attracted and determined to risk their lives to fight for this peace and stability. Unexpectedly, from that day on, From then on, one after another victims emerged from the beautiful lake in front of their house. What is even more terrifying is: everything seems so familiar…

The content in the book may be mentioned below for consideration. Witnesses can accept the witness protection program, and those involved in the crime may even have the opportunity to become tainted witnesses. However, for the families of the perpetrators, there is only an endless life of street rats. The dead Gina and the struggling Guan En were tortured for sins that were not their own, and they lived under the perverted gaze of the murderer all the time. From a God’s perspective, she and her children are extremely unlucky, but from the perspective of the victim’s family, can they really have no grudge against the perpetrator’s family? In the end, the sin-ridden people are happy and carefree, leaving the innocent people with a devastated future.

The three of them seemed to be schizophrenic, changing identities one after another, deceiving themselves again and again: I don’t mind at all! But it was actually scarred. It’s not that I can really forget my original self, I’m just too scared. I’m afraid of the self who once lived in the same room with the devil. I’m also afraid of remembering those beautiful, sad, and terrifying memories. I’m even more afraid that my real name will attract the attack of the devil. . Guan En loves her children deeply, but is also afraid of seeing the shadow of her ex-husband in them; I think the same is true for the children! They can’t forget the beautiful memories they had with their kind father, but reality tells them that his father is a murderer. While enduring the pull between memories and reality, they are also afraid that they will one day become monsters because of the blood of demons flowing in their bodies.

The murderous ghost managed to escape from prison in the finale, and Guan En was determined to deal with him personally, which was great! The speed of execution in modern society is really extremely slow. Caution is a good thing, but delay is not! Some death sentences have become almost life sentences, maybe for human rights, for research, or for various reasons… The death penalty cannot solve the problem, but it can solve the problem and at least give some comfort to the people who are suffering from it.

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