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The memorial tablet of the father’s name is engraved on the 60th anniversary of the Tsurumi accident on the old Kokoku Railway, and the thoughts of the survivors of the fortune-teller “The Second Accident Started”: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web


It has been 60 years since the death of my father, and the hand in front of the grave is the same as the one in front of the tomb.

The five major accidents after the war of the old Kokutoku Railway were listed in the “Tsurumi Accident” on the 9th and 60th year. There is a monument to the guardian angel in the temple grounds in Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama City, and one person named in front of the statue is the person who sacrificed the animal. The only employee of the national railway, the fate of the accident car, the luck of the accident, and the victory of Qianqiu. The person who is related to JR today is the young man who knows the story and the eldest son of Katsumata. “He is the surviving family member and holds the title of the eldest son. The second degree is the same. Railway accident Talk about it. (Hiroyuki Abe)

Katsumata is the present, and the family is sleeping in the cemetery in Oyama Town, Shizuoka Prefecture. “The father’s personality is the same. The son’s troubles are the best, and the anger is the fear.” The eldest son of the town, Kenji Kenji (71), died in the 5th year of elementary school.

After the Pacific War was fought in the southern part of the country, the battle was fought back, and the victory was fought hard. Tokyo Railway Administration’s Joint Sports Competition first-class prize winner and commendation prize winner. Commuting で うオートバイを often maintenance して mud よけの内まできれいにwipe いたり, の家の园でバラをeducation てて adjudication になったりしていたことを、Kenci さんは覚えている.

Restoration work begins at the scene of the Tsurumi accident. On the upper right, there is a freight train on the Tokaido Line that is originally off the line. Take the Yokosuka Line train to the right of the center.Temae’s horizontal train, Yokosuka Line’s Noshita train = 6:40 a.m. on November 10, 1963, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama City

Tsurumi Accident 10 o’clock in front of the night, Katsu Mata’s transportation on the Yokosuka Line, the train on the Yokosuka Line, the line in front of the line, the freight car, はじき飞ばされThere is a conflict on the train. 161 people died and 120 people were injured. It was a tragic event. At that time, the 41-year-old Yun Yun Shi Yun Shi won the Mata Mata, and the Yunnan Yunshi died.

Oyama Town’s temple has a funeral ceremony and a funeral ceremony for the deceased in service. Kenji さんは「father’s sudden death をappears ののことと実 Feeling できず、 Sad しみや solitude しさが surge いてくるまでTime がかかった」 と心り回る.

One year later, the Monument to the Imperial Guard and the surviving family members were sent to the temple and built in the territory of the temple.だが、The nameplate of the animal owner is engraved and there are 160 passengers in front of the name. At that time, it was the accident that caused the impact, the feeling of the bereaved, and the feeling of the bereaved, and the victory was the elimination of the accident.

After the accident, Katsumata’s wife Eiko (ふさこ) and Tetsudo Hiroshi’s meeting, Kenji’s two sisters, Yuki. In 2019, I was 97 years old and was buried forever, and my husband was buried in the same grave.

Kenji さんの元に霊会’s internal record of the case などが发られてくることはない. 「小し久しいけれど、father への思いはfamily の心の中にあるので、それでいい」とcutり Cutる. It’s a matter of years and years of hard work in building a club, and it’s fun to cultivate wild vegetables and fruits. “Now I am thanking you for my father and my mother,” I said with my expression.

The memorial tablet with 160 passengers in front of the name and the memorial tablet in front of the temple is a commemorative monument in Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama City.

The memorial tablet with 160 passengers in front of the name and the memorial tablet in front of the temple has a commemorative memorial monument = Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama City

<Old Kokoku Railway Tsurumi accident>At 9:50 pm on November 9, 1963, Tsurumi-Shinko Anma was born on the old Kunoku Railway Tokaido Line (then the Yokosuka Line and the Line) in Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama City. (1) The rear part of the freight train 3両がカーブでoff line is in conflict with the wire pole, and the adjacent passenger line is on the line and the parking is tilted (2) The walking vehicle is in conflict with the Yokosuka Line train (3) ) Conflicts with the 4th and 5th trains on the Yokosuka Line trams on the leading train, the がはじき出され and the すれviolation っていた下りYokosuka Line. It was a tragic event with 161 dead and 120 injured. The person who sacrifices is the director of the Yokohama City University.
The reason for the derailment of the freight train was determined by the structure of the train, the stowage condition, the line condition, and the transportation speed. The inspector, freight forwarder, and cargo handler, as well as those related to the railway, shall be deemed responsible for professional negligence and shall be punished without prosecution. The accident taught lessons about the safety policy of the national railway and the foundation of the safe operation of the railway. On the same day, 458 people were killed in the old Mitsui Miike Charcoal Co., Ltd. Mitsukawa Kobu (Omuta City, Fukuoka Prefecture).

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