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Will iPhone 15 price drop within one month of launch? 15 Pro Max communication bank cuts price by more than 10%


Reporter Li Hongdian/Reporting from Taipei

Top 10 iPhone quotes in Taiwan in October 2023. (Photo/Provided by Sogi Mobile King)

Apple new machine iPhone 15 It has been more than a month since the series was launched. Although a few iPhone 15 Pro Max models still have to wait, most other versions are in sufficient stock. After a month of sales, the prices of many models have fluctuated, and some have even dropped by more than 10%. . According to statistics from the mobile phone information website “SOGI Mobile King”, in October 2023, iPhone prices published by physical communication banks in Taiwan, among which the price of iPhone 15 Plus 512GB dropped by 10.1% within a month.

“SOGI Mobile King” made statistics based on the prices of mobile phones provided by more than 300 cooperative communication banks in Taiwan during October 2023, and sorted out the top 10 iPhone price reductions, ranked according to the degree of price reduction, in order: iPhone 15 Plus 512GB , iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB, iPhone 15 Pro Max 1TB, iPhone 15 Plus 256GB, iPhone 15 512GB, iPhone 15 Pro Max 512GB, iPhone 13 128GB, iPhone 15 Plus 128GB, iPhone 12 mini 64GB, iPhone 15 256GB. The price drops of these iPhones in a single month ranged from 5.2% to 10.1%.

The iPhone model with the most price reduction in communication stores in October was the iPhone 15 Plus 512GB, with a price reduction of up to 10.1% in a single month. The lowest price quoted by communication stores on November 8 was 41,490 yuan (original price 43,400 yuan); followed by the best-selling model iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB, the price dropped by 8.5% in a single month. On November 8, the lowest price quoted by the communication bank was 42,550 yuan (original price was 44,900 yuan).

Will iPhone 15 price drop within one month of launch? The price of 15 Pro Max is reduced by more than 10%. (Photo/Provided by Sogi Mobile King)Will iPhone 15 price drop within one month of launch? The price of 15 Pro Max is reduced by more than 10%. (Photo/Provided by Sogi Mobile King)
Will iPhone 15 price drop within one month of launch? The price of 15 Pro Max is reduced by more than 10%. (Photo/Provided by Sogi Mobile King)

In addition, although iPhone 13 128GB and iPhone 12 mini 64GB are not the latest models, they also appear in the top 10 price reduction rankings. Among them, the iPhone 12 mini 64GB is a 2020 model. Currently, a few communication banks have published quotations, and it is obviously in the product clearance stage; as for the iPhone 14 series, the price is relatively stable.

Zhang Lian, the editor-in-chief of the “SOGI Mobile King” website, said that with the iPhone 15 series having been on the market for more than a month, most models are no longer out of stock, and prices have dropped significantly. Some models have even seen price reductions of more than 10% in a single month. . This phenomenon is related to the fact that in the early days of the new phone’s launch, the quotation published by communication stores was higher than the recommended selling price. However, with the stable supply, this situation no longer occurs, which means that consumers can now buy better Apple products in communication stores. The iPhone 15 series is priced lower on the official website.

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