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Ryokan Perspective 2/Palestinians in Taiwan: What will you do if Taiwan is blocked for nearly 20 years?

Ryokan Perspective 2/Palestinians in Taiwan: What will you do if Taiwan is blocked for nearly 20 years?

The conflict between Israel and the Palestinian armed group Hamas has intensified. Israel said there will be no ceasefire until the 240 kidnapped hostages are released. Hamas said it will not stop fighting if Gaza continues to be attacked. Or release the hostages, and there is no sign of a ceasefire between the two sides. What do ordinary people think? “Ling Media” conducted exclusive interviews with Israelis, Palestinians and Kurds in Taiwan to let them speak their minds.

(Reporter Wang Qiuyan/Report from Taipei) The conflict between Israel and Kazakhstan has attracted international attention, but it is difficult for the outside world to understand the real reasons behind the fierce conflict between Israel and Hamas. HK (pseudonym), a Palestinian who has settled in Taiwan for four years, used Taiwan as an example to explain, ” If Taiwan is blocked by China for 20 years, will be attacked from time to time, and the economy will be completely destroyed, and the people will not only have no job opportunities, let alone quality of life, what will the Taiwanese people do in this situation?”

HK has lived in the West Bank for more than 15 years. He once moved there with his parents to work in the United Arab Emirates. However, at that time, Palestinians would have their citizenship revoked as soon as they left the country and could not re-enter. Therefore, HK’s father could not return. Living in the West Bank, I had to move to Jordan. Later, HK had the opportunity to study in Malaysia, and then moved to Taiwan. He has settled in Taiwan for four years now.

Long-term assistance from the United Nations and the European Union cannot change the plight of the Palestinians

HK stated that it is difficult for the outside world to truly understand the living conditions of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza Corridor. “Conflicts are daily, and it is common for Palestinians to be beaten, arrested or detained, or even killed. I am in the Jordan River When I lived in the West Bank, I saw Palestinians being killed in the streets.”

HK pointed out that Gaza has been blockaded by Israel for 20 years, and the West Bank has also been blockaded before. He once again used Taiwan as an example to explain, asking the reporter of “Ling Media” to imagine, “When you cannot freely enter and leave the city where you live, or it takes 20 hours to go from Tainan to Kaohsiung, you have to pass many checkpoints, and it takes time to just pass one. How would you feel if you were given six hours or beaten for no reason at a checkpoint?”

HK stated that although the United Nations and the European Union have continued to assist the Palestinians in the past 20 years, this cannot change the current situation of the people. Palestine still cannot establish a country, cannot have its own territory, and the people cannot enjoy basic rights; “When life is hopeless, any change The power of the people may be regarded as hope by the people, and this is how Hamas emerged.”

For the Palestinians, Hamas is a political party that has won the support of the people to win elections in parliament and govern Gaza. The people’s expectation of them is to change the current situation and make life better. HK emphasized, “This does not mean that Palestinians fully support what Hamas has done. They have made many mistakes, including launching terrorist attacks to harm innocent people. Hamas cannot represent all Palestinians.”

The conflict between Israel and Kazakhstan has intensified, and the Palestinians in Gaza are in trouble.Capture @UNOCHA
The conflict between Israel and Kazakhstan has intensified, and the Palestinians in Gaza are in trouble.Capture @UNOCHA “X” social platform

Hamas demands prisoner exchange for more than 5,000 Palestinians in Israeli prisons

“Ling Media” asked: Israel requires Hamas to release all kidnapped hostages before it will cease fire and further reduce civilian casualties in the Gaza corridor. Isn’t this unconvincing to the Palestinians? HK took the situation in the West Bank as an example, saying, “There is no Hamas here, and no Israelis are kidnapped. However, in the past two years, news of Palestinians being killed has been reported every one or two weeks.”

HK pointed out that Hamas wants to negotiate with the Israeli government to exchange prisoners by kidnapping hostages, but the international community pays little attention to the issue of Palestinians imprisoned in Israeli prisons. “Some people have been imprisoned for 40 years. A friend of mine has He was imprisoned for 2 years without being charged and without any reason.”

According to a report by Al Jazeera in Qatar, as many as 20% of Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied territories have been arrested, and more than 5,200 Palestinians are still in Israeli prisons.

HK questioned, “Is it fair that Israel has carried out air strikes and ground wars in Gaza, causing heavy casualties to the local people, but Israel is still supported by Western countries?” HK also mentioned that the Palestinians are willing to receive assistance from any country or organization. Including China and Russia, which support the establishment of a Palestinian state, “but I have to emphasize that the Palestinians are in a desperate situation, which does not mean that we fully agree with what China and Russia are doing.”

Kurds in Taiwan: Violence inspired by hatred is terrible

Yi Martin, a Kurd who has studied and worked in Taiwan for many years, sympathizes with the situation of the Palestinians. In an interview with “Ling Media”, he said that Western countries did not put pressure on Israel to find a complete solution to the Israeli-Palestinian issue. It is an attitude of “supporting Israel no matter what”. Of course, the problems between the two sides will never be resolved.

Yi Mateen said that the Kurds do not have their own country and are mostly scattered in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. “We have experienced many conflicts. We are anti-war. Violence will not solve any problems.”

Yi Martin took the situation of the Kurds in Turkey as an example, saying that the Kurds are restricted from wearing their traditional clothes, speaking Kurdish, and are unable to engage in public office. This has been a problem for more than 100 years. Although the situation is gradually improving, the local Kurds Germans are still treated like second class citizens.

Yi Martin pointed out that if the people have been treated unfairly for a long time, there will definitely be resistance groups. From the perspective of the Turkish government, the battle between the Kurdish armed groups and the Turkish state resulted in the death and injury of the Turkish people. The Turkish government therefore determined that the Kurdish armed groups The German armed groups are terrorists, “but whose fault is this result? Many people in armed groups such as Hamas are orphans, and many of their family members died in the fighting, so they will have hatred, Violence inspired by hatred is terrible.”

The United States caused a war in the Middle East, but China and Russia are good at managing their image.

Martin Yi pointed out that the civil wars and chaotic situations caused by the United States in Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan have long made many people in the Middle East feel fear and disgust. Most people in the Middle East have long been tired of the human rights, freedom, justice, and peace advocated by Western countries. Western countries will support when they want to support, and they won’t support if they don’t want to support. Double standards have always existed. It seems to be related to race, color, and religion. Most people in the Middle East will find this very unfair.

Martin Yi said that relatively speaking, China and Russia have a very good image in the Middle East. This is related to the fact that China and Russia control media information and also employ many journalists who are proficient in Arabic to actively promote information that helps the construction of the Middle East. Over time, the people of the Middle East have Of course it will be affected.

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Yi Martin, a Kurd in Taiwan.Provided by Easy MartinYi Martin, a Kurd in Taiwan.Provided by Easy Martin
Yi Martin, a Kurd in Taiwan.Provided by Easy Martin

“Ling Media” asked, do all Arab countries support the establishment of a Palestinian state? Yi Mateen pointed out that most Arabs support the Palestinians because the Palestinians are weak and victims compared to Israel. However, the opinions of some Middle Eastern government leaders do not represent the ideas of the people because they obtained power through violence. They are dictators. These leaders will weigh the interests of the moment and decide whether to support Palestine.

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