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Today is Journalists’ Day. Journalists who use pen as sword quickly transform and run non-stop_News Channel_Xiamen Net


At the Xiamen Daily Readers Festival, Chaoqian Intelligent Media Client 4.0 was upgraded and unveiled.Photo by reporter Chen Lijie

Pixel Studio is the “test field” for Chenbao Media’s transformation.

Xiamen Radio and Television reporters at work.


Xiamen Net News (Reporter Xie Zhen of Haixi Morning News) News reporters are always on the road to practice the “four powers”: foot power, eyesight, brain power, and writing power. Nowadays, “tofu cubes” are replaced by more and more new media products such as short videos. Text reporters also serve as anchors and event planners… The omni-media matrix has become the norm in media transformation. When the tide pushed news into a new era, journalists who used pen as sword quickly transformed. Today is Journalists’ Day. Let’s focus on journalists and take a look at their new running posture on the road to media integration.

Xiamen Daily

Renewed appearance, new columns, video optimization, and information upgrade

Chaoqian Intelligent Media Client version 4.0 upgrade unveiled

Authoritative release of major news, timely push of emergencies, attention to social and people’s livelihood hot spots, witnessing the changes of the times… The emergence of news client has realized the mobile transformation and mobile media of traditional media, especially paper media, on the road of paperless transformation and digital reinvention. Transform the dream of survival.

As a mainstream media in Xiamen, version 4.0 of Xiamen Daily Chaoqian Intelligent Media Client has recently been upgraded and unveiled.

  Renewed and better looking!

Open version 4.0 of Chaoqian Intelligent Media Client, the interface is completely new and visually optimized, and the overall appearance is perfect! Waterfall flow presentation, personalized display…technical empowerment brings a linear increase in reading experience! The newly optimized and upgraded “Read Newspaper” function allows readers to read various newspapers and periodicals of Xiamen Daily on the screen and experience more fresh and thoughtful news information at their fingertips.

  There are new and more interesting columns!

In addition to basic sections such as current affairs hot spots and Xiamen information, Chaoqian Intelligent Media version 4.0 has also upgraded and launched the “Viewpoint” column that presents dynamic news from multiple angles, the “Journalist Experience” column that allows readers to immerse themselves in experiencing trendy and interesting things, and the “Journalist Experience” column that helps citizen readers solve their problems. The “Reporter’s Pursuit” column, the “Character Dialogue” and “Character Narration” columns focusing on hot figures… allow readers to find excitement in reading and enjoy more “news feasts”.

  Video optimization is more immersive!

A super rich video feast has been presented to readers online! The upgraded Chaoqian Intelligent Media has updated and optimized video columns such as “See” and “Journalist Help”. It not only focuses on grand narratives and interprets new policies and new knowledge, but also goes deep into the details of the city, excavates warm stories, and promotes positive energy. Fans can receive “good-to-see” news through dynamic images that are loving, interesting, powerful, useful, and warm.

  The information is upgraded to be more diverse!

As a “government + news + life” smart service platform, Chaoqian Intelligent Media Version 4.0 gives full play to the credibility and authority of Xiamen Daily’s mainstream public opinion position, comprehensively upgrades the release timeliness and reporting content, and brings the latest, hottest and most authoritative news information It reaches the user’s palm immediately. At the same time, the content production method has been comprehensively reformed, and photographers and netizens have become “journalists” and “editors”, bringing unique perspectives and the latest information.

(Compiled by Morning News reporter Xie Zhen)

  Haixi Morning News Agency

Xiamen Net

Pixel Studio strives to record this era with better images

“Heavy Combined Brigade” charging the front line

Pixel Studio is a “heavy-duty synthesis brigade” of Haixi Morning News. In this studio, there are reporters who rush to breaking news scenes, documentary videographers who have won national awards, directors who have participated in the shooting and production of many online movies, experienced graphic designers, and people who have been in the industry for more than 20 years. Senior photojournalist…

As a “deep integration project” project of Haixi Morning News and Xiamen Net, Pixel Studio was established in October 2022 through a joint cooperation between Haixi Morning News and Xiamen Net. Pixel Studio started by ensuring and serving the video production of various large-scale events of the Haixi Morning News Agency, and gradually took over the production of video projects for multiple municipal and district-level units. Up to now, many of the video works that Pixel Studio has participated in shooting and production have been published in central-level media; some have participated in provincial competitions and become the only award-winning works in Xiamen, and some video works have won several awards at the same time.

In terms of picture live broadcast and video live broadcast, Pixel Studio also continues to try and explore new technologies to continuously improve the quality of live broadcast, and many live broadcasts have achieved good dissemination effects. Currently, Pixel Studio is also responsible for shooting, producing, and operating video accounts. From exploring fixed formats and styles to establishing and improving duty mechanisms and publishing mechanisms, the operation of video accounts is gradually getting on the right track.

As a media transformation “test field” for Haixi Morning News that integrates video planning, shooting, post-production, special effects, video account operation, photography, video live broadcast and picture live broadcast, Pixel Studio will continue to learn, make infinite progress, and strive to use better products. The images record this era. (Morning News reporter Bai Binbin)

  Xiamen Radio and Television

The omni-media matrix is ​​close to people’s livelihood, and new media interactive technology is constantly upgraded

Brand new upgrade to create an original boutique brand

The “Xiamen Radio and Television” all-media matrix includes the “Kan Xiamen” App and more than 20 platforms such as Xiamen Radio and Television’s WeChat, Weibo, Douyin, and Kuaishou accounts, with a total user base of nearly 10 million. More than 4,000 short videos are released every year, and short video traffic on the entire network has exceeded 2 billion for two consecutive years. Among them, the “Kan Xiamen” App is a comprehensive mobile client of “news + government affairs + services + business” independently developed and operated by the group. In 2022, it was selected as the “Media Integration Platform Brand of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television”.

 Create high-quality products close to people’s livelihood

Wang Jicheng, a first-level producer of the new media team of the Xiamen Radio and Television Group News Center, said: “After several years of integrated development, Xiamen Radio and Television has now formed an all-media reporting system with deep integration of television and mobile terminals, and a two-way approach to hard and soft power.”

In major and important reports such as the “Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival”, “Strait Forum”, “One Belt and One Road in Ten Years” and “Typhoon Dusuri”, Xiamen Radio and Television stood out for a series of high-quality integrated reporting works. Among them, the all-media coverage of the fight against Typhoon “Dusuri” achieved 1.3 billion exposures across the entire network, and was awarded the province’s 2023 radio and television media integration innovation case; the all-media coverage of the Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival has achieved a breakthrough in exposures across the entire network since 2019 4 billion;

Focusing on a series of events such as the fifth anniversary of Gulangyu Island’s inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Xiamen’s city image, and the promotion of Xiamen’s major theme events, Xiamen Radio and Television actively planned original works for all-media dissemination, and a large number of high-quality short videos emerged. Among them, “The Centenary Report of Xiamen University to the General Secretary” won the third prize of the 32nd China News Award, comprehensively improving the effectiveness of domestic and international communication.

In addition, the interactive function section of the “Look at Xiamen” App integrates interactive functions such as “shooting”, “reporting information” and “activities”, and links multiple small programs such as “check public transportation” and “ride code” to launch normalized transportation The slow live broadcast of traffic conditions enhances the service functions of people’s livelihood.

  Explore new content production paths

Technology is a powerful support for development and innovation. Wang Jicheng said that in recent years, Xiamen Radio and Television has actively explored and implemented new media interactive technologies and made many innovative attempts. In 2020, we jointly launched a 5G+4k slow live broadcast of the annular solar eclipse in Phnom Penh with China Telecom. Both the live broadcast and the short video played across the entire network exceeded one million. In 2022, the “Jiuba Yuan Universe AR Night View Show” and the “Golden Rooster AR Yuan Universe Subway Special Train” online experience portal were launched, which received praise and participation from citizens and netizens.

“Xiao Yu Talks about the Weather” is a short video column launched by Xiamen Radio and Television Group’s new media platform for virtual anchors to report the weather. It has effectively upgraded the user interactive experience. Currently, more than 30 short videos on weather, folk customs and other topics have been produced. , with a cumulative reading volume of 5 million.

Relying on the “Look at Xiamen” App community function and a series of new media solicitation activities, Xiamen Radio and Television has explored a content production path based on localized photographer groups, which has greatly enriched the time, scope and effectiveness of Xiamen Radio and Television’s all-media coverage, and has multiple exclusive plans. Or the report appeared on CCTV columns and platforms, and the attention of the entire network exceeded one million.

(Morning News reporter Hu Jing)

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