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Ostrich running wildly on the streets of Zhengzhou died?The owner responded: Soothing the mood

Elephant News reporter Zhao Dan, Shen Zizhong, Li Wei and Ruan Haifeng/Trainee reporter Xu Zhaopeng/Video

At about 8 o’clock on November 6, an ostrich running freely on a viaduct in Zhengzhou, Henan Province attracted the attention of the entire Internet.

This huge ostrich rushed into the tunnel from the Yangjin Road area of ​​the East Third Ring Road in Zhengzhou City and headed west. After receiving the call from citizens, Zhengzhou traffic police cavalry intercepted and escorted the vehicle.

While “watching the fun”, countless netizens are also curious: Where does this ostrich come from? Who is the owner? Why can I run on the elevated road? What’s going on now… There are also rumors that the ostrich ran away from the zoo.

Elephant News reporter learned from the interview that the ostriches were raised by a citizen in Zhengzhou, one male and one female. Last month, the female ostrich ran onto the road and was injured and was rescued by Zhengzhou Pandora Forest Animal Kingdom. This time the female ostrich ran onto the viaduct. It’s a male ostrich.

On October 7, there was news that the male ostrich had died. In response, the owner of the ostrich, Mr. Wang, told the Elephant News reporter that it had been properly placed. “(The ostrich) was frightened and is trying to calm down.”

An ostrich runs wildly overhead

During the morning rush hour on Monday, the 6th, a running ostrich suddenly appeared on the Zhengzhou viaduct, which immediately attracted the attention of countless netizens.

“Mom, I saw an ostrich on the elevated highway!” “Is it going to work at the East Railway Station to clock in?” “It’s so motivated to work, it looks like an office worker on Monday.” “You’re running so fast, are you wearing a helmet?” ? Have you applied for a driver’s license?” “Are you surprised or not?”…

The most important reason why it has become a favorite topic among netizens is the cute and naive appearance of the ostrich flying.

Due to its high height off the ground and unstable chassis, when the ostrich runs, its little head will inevitably look left and right, and its body will sway from side to side, making it look cute.

Judging from the video taken by netizens, it was visually observed that the ostrich was traveling very fast when the incident occurred. Many witnesses at the scene reported that the ostrich that suddenly broke into the viaduct kept changing lanes, forcing many drivers to slow down.

Finally, with the help of relevant animal protection workers in Zhengzhou City, the ostrich that ran for dozens of kilometers was stopped.

Two ostriches kept by citizens “escaped” one after another

On the afternoon of the 6th, an Elephant News reporter met Mr. Wang, the owner of the ostrich in question, at the Hongda Road Police Station in Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City.

Mr. Wang lives outside the East Third Ring Road in Zhengzhou, far away from the city. His home has a yard. According to his statement, more than a year ago, when Mr. Wang took his children to the morning market, he saw someone selling small ostriches. Because the little ostriches were only about a foot tall at the time and looked cute, the children liked them very much, so they bought a male and a female and took them home to raise. “I didn’t expect that they grew up too fast, so I had to put up a fence to enclose them.”

Probably because the fence was not very strong, not long ago on October 26, the female ostrich boldly “escaped” and injured her leg. She was eventually rescued by animal protection workers under the Lianhuo Expressway viaduct of the East Third Ring Road. He was captured and treated and is currently being fostered in the Pandora Forest Animal Kingdom in Zhengzhou City.

Regarding the reason why the male ostrich “escaped”, Mr. Wang analyzed that it was because he “missed his wife”. He sincerely apologizes for the trouble it has caused everyone and the impact it has caused.

Mr. Wang also revealed that because a female ostrich ran into his home before, he was well known to the neighbors. The male ostrich “exploded the street” and became an “Internet celebrity”. Many neighbors reminded him early in the morning: “Go and see if your ostrich has escaped again.”

An insider claims that the running ostrich died, but its owner denies it

Regarding the “escape” of Mr. Wang’s female ostrich, the relevant person in charge of the Pandora Forest Animal Kingdom in Zhengzhou restored the story.

According to the person in charge, the park usually participates in rescuing wild animals. On October 26, she received a call from the police, saying that enthusiastic citizens reported seeing an ostrich on the roadside and contacted the park to rescue them, so she was taken to the park. “Later, Mr. Wang, the owner of the ostrich, called the police and reported that the ostrich was lost. He contacted us through the police and confirmed that the ostrich belonged to him.”

The female ostrich was injured when it was brought to the hospital, but has now returned to health after treatment. “I can stand up and there are no problems in all aspects.” said the person in charge.

So, what is the current situation of Mr. Wang’s other male ostrich running wildly on the street?

On November 7, it was reported that the ostrich had died. At about 16:00 on the 7th, the Elephant News reporter met Mr. Wang again at the Pandora Forest Animal Kingdom. He negotiated with the staff to take the rescued female ostrich home.

Regarding the news of the death of the male ostrich, Mr. Wang only said that it had been properly placed. The reporter did not see it.

Can ostriches be kept at home?

Dong Chaowei, head of the Zhengzhou Wildlife Conservation Center, told reporters that after ostriches appeared on the Zhengzhou viaduct on October 6, they received more than 10 consultation calls, all asking whether ostriches could be domesticated.

Dong Chaowei said that the relevant policy is not clear as to whether ostriches can be domesticated, and there have always been two opinions. One thinks that ostriches are special livestock and poultry and need to apply for a special livestock and poultry breeding certificate. In some places, the ostrich breeding industry has been regarded as the same as poultry and does not require a license. “What is clear is that ostriches are not protected wild animals and are managed by the agricultural department, not the forestry department.”

According to Dong Chaowei, the cost of raising an ostrich is not high. Weeds, straw, bran, vegetable leaves, and miscellaneous grains can all be used. Because ostriches have strong adaptability to the environment, are cold and drought tolerant, and are not afraid of wind, frost, snow and rain.


Mr. Liu Huqu, who once raised ostriches in rural Nanyang, told reporters that if you want to raise ostriches, you can buy eggs to hatch them, or you can buy seedlings directly. The key to survival rate is the first three months, and the temperature should be controlled at 32 degrees to 38 degrees. Within the limit, the other thing is to feed strictly and don’t let the ostriches run around. “Because the ostrich’s brain capacity is very small, in other words, it is very stupid. The little ostrich has no idea what it can and cannot eat. Once it encounters danger, it will not avoid it.”

Dong Chaowei reminded that according to relevant city health management regulations, raising livestock and poultry is prohibited in urban areas and must be done in rural areas. “It is unrealistic to keep big animals like ostriches secretly at home as pets.”

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