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President Tsai: Taiwan’s security is closely related to Indo-Pacific and world security | Politics | CNA

President Tsai: Taiwan’s security is closely related to Indo-Pacific and world security | Politics | CNA
President Tsai: Taiwan’s security is closely related to Indo-Pacific and world security | Politics | CNA

(Central News Agency reporters You Kaixiang and Wu Shenghong, Taipei, 8th) President Tsai Ing-wen said in her speech at the Taipei Security Dialogue held at the National Defense Academy today that Taiwan’s security is closely related to the Indo-Pacific region and world security. As a responsible member, Taiwan will continue to safeguard the region. maintain peace and stability, and expand and deepen partnerships with all stakeholders.

The “2023 Taipei Security Dialogue” (2023 Taipei Security Dialogue) organized by the Ministry of National Defense think tank and the National Defense Security Research Institute was held in the morning at the Humble House Ellie Hotel in Taipei. Scholars and experts from many countries attended the meeting to discuss China’s challenges to global order and democracy. Tsai The President, Chairman of the National Defense Academy Huo Shouye and others attended.

President Tsai said in her speech that the world is currently in an era of intense uncertainty. Major conflicts and unprecedented epidemics in recent years have undermined global security and stability and threatened world order. In the face of increasingly severe security challenges, it is clear that peace cannot be taken for granted. To ensure that the global order is not undermined during this period, value-based democracy must be firmly defended.

President Tsai mentioned that Taiwan continues to encounter challenges, including increasingly frequent intrusions on the air defense identification zone, large-scale military exercises in surrounding areas, economic coercion, and continued cyber attacks. Overall, these mixed methods are designed to shake Taiwan’s public and democratic confidence and weaken its determination to defend itself. Despite facing these challenges, Taiwan is deeply encouraged by the international community’s declaration of support for regional peace and stability.

President Tsai stressed that if the Taiwanese people must be determined to protect their hard-won democracy, their top priority is to strengthen their self-defense capabilities and social resilience. Taiwan has resumed one-year compulsory service, strengthened actual combat training for compulsory service, and adjusted its military structure to ensure that the national military can respond to the challenges of modern warfare. The national defense budget has continued to increase for eight consecutive years. In the 113th year of the Republic of China, it will increase by 7.7% compared with this year, accounting for 1% of GDP. 2.5%.

President Tsai said that the launch of Taiwan’s domestically-made prototype submarine “Hai Kun” in September this year was a milestone in the domestically-made naval ship plan. Many people thought that this project was too ambitious, but all these achievements prove that the defense The country’s unwavering determination.

President Tsai also explained that in addition to building combat capabilities, Taiwan must also be able to fight against non-traditional threats, because authoritarians use false information to launch cognitive operations. Taiwan’s response to false information is also in line with democratic principles, so that the public has the ability to refute and report false information. Information knowledge and tools maintain a balance between maintaining the free flow of information and rejecting information manipulation.

President Tsai said that the government has also promptly clarified misinformation and shared expertise with international partners; civil society organizations have accelerated the provision of media literacy training courses and strengthened social resilience through enhanced reserve teacher training and civil defense. In addition to assisting Combat and maintain social operations.

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President Tsai pointed out, “I would like to remind that Taiwan’s security is closely related to the security of the Indo-Pacific region and the world.” As a responsible member, Taiwan will continue to maintain regional peace and stability, and expand and deepen partnerships with all stakeholders; Taiwan adheres to its The Democratic Commitment has proven itself to be a safe and reliable partner. As the democratic system is facing tests, we must work together to curb regional adventurism and aggression to ensure a peaceful future and the continuation of shared values.

Huo Shouye said in his speech that in this turbulent era, natural disasters, conflicts and wars threaten the survival of mankind. As China increasingly expands its ambitions and continues to intensify its threats to Taiwan, the outside world is also very concerned about whether the Taiwan Strait in the Indo-Pacific region will break out. Conflict; I very much look forward to the joint efforts of countries in the Indo-Pacific region and the world to achieve regional stability while avoiding the catastrophe of another war for mankind. (Editor: Zhang Liangzhi) 1121108


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