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Texas Rangers Championship Parade Live Diary – MLB – Baseball

Texas Rangers Championship Parade Live Diary – MLB – Baseball
Texas Rangers Championship Parade Live Diary – MLB – Baseball

After 62 years of waiting, Tiaozi fans finally have the opportunity to vent their grievances and rush to the streets to celebrate the Texas Rangers championship. Let us join this parade of 700,000 people!

When Sborz’s hook ball against Marte went smoothly into Heim’s glove, Sborz slammed the glove on his left hand to the ground. At the same time, all Rangers fans finally felt that they could not get the last good ball from 12 years ago. After the ball, complete liberation. The joy of victory brought a long-suppressed release to the residents of Dallas-Fort Worth. The Mavs 12 years ago were the last time the region won the championship in the four major sports events. After one round of the zodiac, the Texas Rangers brought this glory back to Texas.

Not surprisingly, this championship parade was held in Arlington, the city where the Rangers are located. This city, which is 18 miles away from downtown Dallas, is not a big city, but it likes to have the entertainment industry settled there. In addition to the Texas Rangers, the Dallas Cowboys also moved their home court here more than 10 years ago. In addition to the two major sports teams in Dallas, there is also the famous Six Flag amusement park in the United States in Arlington.

The parade time is officially announced to start at 12:15. Because I have an important meeting in the morning, I can’t go early to grab a seat. After watching the news, some fans come to reserve a seat the night before, but usually they have to grab the first row. The location will be available at least at 9am. Although the official provides free parking, due to too many people, we parked far away, about 30 minutes’ walk from the stadium. (I parked illegally, but luckily Dallas didn’t report it to anyone.)

We started walking after about 11:30. At first glance, it seemed to be very close, but in fact it was quite a long way.

This is one of the officially provided parking lots. On the left is the Rangers’ current stadium, Global Life Field, and on the right is the old stadium. It is said that the Arlington Ballpark, the Rangers’ previous stadium, was also one of the four corners, but it was later bombed.

Many fans come here very early to do Tailgate, which means that before the start of the stadium, American fans will barbecue, drink, chat, play games and other activities in the back of the truck.

At 12 o’clock, the parade route was already crowded, and the top priority was to find a place where the players could be seen.

The roadside stall with a quick mind is very smart to set up a stall to make a fortune.

There are everything from marshmallows to hot dogs, and the parade is like a giant carnival.

The industrial elevator also hoisted Texas Rangers flags aloft.

American girls are also very enthusiastic about sports events. This group of girls climbed onto the generator to watch, preparing to discharge electricity to the players.

Lao P successfully blended into the crowd after the slightest step in Lingbo. Look how many people are behind me.

Television company helicopters broadcast live broadcasts in the sky.

Someone finally came out around 12:30, it looked like some school cheerleading team.

The Rangers’ own Power Girl also showed up on our company’s Kubota golf cart.

The Rangers’ mascot, Captain, is trained to interact with the crowd.

Next up comes Ray Davis, one of the owners of the Raners.

A local media person covering baseball in Dallas.

This fan brought the ghost doll Hanako to the parade. I don’t know what it means. Is it a curse?

The little Mexican girl couldn’t even look at it.

Next are many team staff and so on.

After waiting for a long time, the players finally appeared one after another at about 1:30. This parade was sponsored by Toyota, which has its headquarters in Dallas.

The first one to come out was Grossman.

This time Toyota heard that it was only preparing a few pickup trucks, plus the players requested to be in the same car as the family, and there was no sightseeing bus to greet the fans from a higher place. It’s hard to know who the players are every time you drive by.

Anyway, the first ones to come out will not be the main players. Ian Kennedy, who plans to retire at the end of this year’s football season, came to wave to the fans.

Stratton, who was traded with Monty in the middle of the season, went from being the main reliever to being a pitcher that he dared not use in the playoffs.

Chapman, who is in the winning team, also stumbled in the playoffs. It is not known whether he will return next season.

Perez, who has been with the Rangers for many years, went from being the ace last season to a pitcher who suffered losing innings this time. However, because of his pure blood, he was still cheered by the fans when he passed by.

The girls screamed wildly when Carter, who only entered the major leagues in September and could aspire to be the Rookie of the Year next year, came out of the car. It’s a pity that he got married in October last year. If Langford is promoted to the Major next year in the first round this year, the two will be the strongest young outfield combination in the league.

Lucky star Will Smith basically made no contribution in the playoffs, but he also performed well as a closer in the regular season.

Former Colorado ace John Gray performed admirably in the long relay of the championship. No wonder he looked like a politician when his car passed by, and everyone stared at him intently.

Andrew Heaney is my junior at Oklahoma State, and I gave him an OSU jersey on Rangers theme day this year. The scene when the ALCS was beaten by the Astros is still unforgettable to me. Although it is a ball feeder, when conditions are good, it can be regarded as a No. 4 or 5 starter.

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