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Denmark’s first special book on Taiwan’s current situation is published to introduce the importance of democratic Taiwan | Culture | CNA

Denmark’s first special book on Taiwan’s current situation is published to introduce the importance of democratic Taiwan | Culture | CNA
Denmark’s first special book on Taiwan’s current situation is published to introduce the importance of democratic Taiwan | Culture | CNA

(Central News Agency reporter Gu Yongshuang’s special report from Stockholm on the 8th) In August this year, the director of the Danish “Democratic Alliance Foundation” Palero Plessner published Denmark’s first book on the current situation of Taiwan, “The Battle for Taiwan”, to remind Denmark Taiwan’s economic, military and democratic importance in the world.

Jonas Parello-Plesner, director of the Alliance of Democracies Foundation, published a new book “Kampen om Taiwan” in Denmark in August this year. This is the first This is a special book written in Danish about the current situation in Taiwan.

Plessner gave a lecture at the Copenhagen Book Fair (Bogforum), which opened on the 3rd, to promote the new book and explain the importance of Taiwan to Danish readers.

Plessner said that although Taiwan and Denmark are separated by a distance of 8,000 kilometers, Taiwan’s economic and military status in the world are closely related to Denmark. Moreover, Taiwan is an outstanding democratic society and should receive more attention. .

Plesner visited Taiwan during the last six-city election. In addition to observing the election, he also interviewed many politicians, military experts, senior officials, and civil society groups to learn about Taiwan’s resilience in the face of the threat from China, and the various industries in Taiwan. What people from all walks of life learned from the Russia-Ukraine war. He also interviewed Taiwanese soldiers who volunteered to fight in Ukraine, as well as Digital Development Minister Tang Feng.

In an interview with Central News Agency, he said that the original intention of writing this book was to let Danes understand why Taiwan is important.

He said that in terms of economy, Taiwan produces semiconductors and plays an important role in the global technology chain; in terms of values, Taiwan is a free society, different from the totalitarianism of Chinese society; in terms of military, it is even more important to Denmark. gender, any conflict that occurs in the Taiwan Strait is not just a dispute between China and Taiwan, but may also cause the United States to take action. The United States is Denmark’s most important security ally, through Article 5 of NATO (NATO). ), Denmark may also be implicated.

He believes that many Danes want to know more about Taiwan. The book “The Battle for Taiwan” is based on the Ukrainian war and consists of many interviews. It prefers reporting works rather than academic books. It is a good way for ordinary Danes to learn about Taiwan.

Plessner said that Denmark has a lot to learn from Taiwan. For example, Taiwan has done very well in the practice of open government. He remembered that during the interview with Tang Feng, the verbatim draft was produced at the same time as the interview, which impressed him deeply.

He said that he published political comments about Taiwan on the European political news website Politico and will continue to write. He also hopes that this book will have an English version or even a Chinese version in the future so that more people can understand the situation in Taiwan.

The “Democratic Alliance Foundation” aims to strengthen the unity of the international democratic community. It is a non-governmental organization established in 2017 by Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former Danish Prime Minister and former NATO Secretary-General.

The foundation held the first “Copenhagen Democracy Summit” in 2018, inviting heads of democratic countries and dignitaries from around the world to attend the meeting. President Tsai Ing-wen has been invited to speak for four consecutive years since 2020.

Plesner said that the Democratic Alliance Foundation was included in China’s list of retaliatory sanctions against EU institutions in 2021, and the foundation’s staff are no longer able to set foot in China. (Editor: Chen Huiping) 1121108


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