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Who is doing the trick 2/”Chen Yi fans” bear the original sin? Discovering Chen Linong’s “homosexual eating of teenage boys” scandal | Society | CTWANT

Who is doing the trick 2/”Chen Yi fans” bear the original sin? Discovering Chen Linong’s “homosexual eating of teenage boys” scandal | Society | CTWANT
Who is doing the trick 2/”Chen Yi fans” bear the original sin? Discovering Chen Linong’s “homosexual eating of teenage boys” scandal | Society | CTWANT

Li Yizhen, a beautiful lawyer who is often invited to share her fashion trophies on “Women I’m the Best”. Her dazzling appearance and straightforward personality have attracted a large number of loyal fans. Recently, she was sued by writer Wu Yizhe, claiming that Li Yizhen took advantage of her “famousness” and often posted on public platforms. He was subjected to an indiscriminate “public trial” and “disguised bullying”, and even ridiculed his “sexual orientation” and constantly publicly said that he “abducted a minor”. In fact, it was only because he was a fan of “Internet celebrity Chen Yi” that Wu I was so hurt that I filed an angry complaint.

With her fluent vocabulary and unique narrative style, lawyer Li Yizhen is often invited to major talk shows. She is a “program darling” that many TV stations are eager to invite. Li Yizhen also often shares many current affairs insights on her personal social platform, and she is very sharp. His style has often attracted attention. In recent months, his exchanges with Internet celebrity Chen Yi on Facebook have stirred up many topics and become one of the focuses of the Internet.

Wu Yizhe once met artist Chen Linong because he wanted to become an agent, but unexpectedly, his “sexual orientation” and “age” were exaggerated. (Picture/provided by readers)

Wu Yizhe revealed that in 2015, he dreamed of becoming an agent. He discovered the young Chen Linong in Xinbojiang, Kaohsiung, so he came up to talk, hoping to successfully push the smiling Chen Linong into the entertainment industry. Unexpectedly, after Li Yizhen discovered this matter, Treat him as a “perverted uncle” and make a fuss about it.

Wu Yizhe mentioned that Li Yizhen kept spreading rumors that his “uncle eats boys” and ridiculed him about his “gay sexual orientation”. He also kept shouting “Isn’t Chen Linong enough?” Very embarrassed and afraid that this incident would affect Chen Linong’s image, he criticized Li’s remarks as “very disgusting.”

“I haven’t disclosed to the public that I am gay. I don’t know where she found out, but I feel very painful.” Wu Yizhe said with full of grievances. He did not expect that the simple fate 8 years ago would be changed because of his “sexual orientation” and “age.” As for the story that was exaggerated into something ugly, he didn’t know how to eliminate the “strange perception” of him from the outside world. These disgusting feelings often collided with his heart late at night. “It’s really painful and I don’t know what to do.”

Wu Yizhe said that he is a fan of Chen Yi, but he is just a “melon-eater”. He simply appreciates Chen Yi’s narrative attitude and viewpoints. He is not interested in who Chen Yi turns against, nor will he hate someone because of it. Nowadays, ordinary people As a result, he encountered “disguised bullying”, and the overwhelming negative energy made him unable to bear it. When he asked Li Yizhen to publicly apologize, he was ridiculed as “taking advantage of the popularity” and “Beijing drifters have a bad life”, which made him feel full of humiliation.

In response, Li Yizhen responded that she was often harassed for a long time by slanderous people using fake accounts, and even threatened and intimidated. Unable to bear the harassment, she published an article to “stop the evil trend”, hoping that the slanderous people hiding behind the screen could learn a lesson from this. As for Wu Yizhe’s so-called public trial article, Li Yizhen believed that she did not “name names” and questioned why Wu would “take the name” if she was not a party involved. She even made a big show of trying to get rid of suspicion, making it clear that she wanted to “catch up on the popularity” of her page, and I think this is also a certain degree of “disguised harassment.” As for who the identity of the fake account is, the truth can only be revealed through judicial power.

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