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Japan in 1942navyDuring the attack on Midway Island, the pre-departure push was unexpectedly defeated; Chief of Staff Matoi Ugaki called a halt and won after a “correction return”. However, in fact, they were completely defeated on the battlefield. All four aircraft ships were sunk. From then on, the advantage was no longer there until they surrendered.

The purpose of military training is to discover problems and plan solutions in advance. It should be strict and difficult, and try to expose potential shortcomings; the imaginary enemy actor must do his best to defeat the “good guys” as his mission. In fact, the outcome of the war test is not important at all, otherwise it is difficult to guarantee that the same problem as Ugaki Matoi will not happen. However, from political and military leaders to the general public, they are often too concerned about the outcome of the war and feel that they cannot say defeat even if they talk on paper, otherwise it will be a sign of weakness in cognitive warfare.

A few years ago, the media reportedDepartment of Defensehigh-level interventionHan GuangThe verdict of the military push brought the newly commissioned Gide ship “back to life”; or it was announced that a certain general commanded a military push to achieve a complete victory, which alarmed the Communist army and deliberately studied his tactics.The value of these behaviors is brainwashingOuchishanwhich has only negative effects on building combat power.

The value of the civilian military recommendation “TTX Regional Security Military Promotion” is that it does not take “hot war” as the theme, but focuses on the various actions that the CCP may take before a full-scale conflict, and in addition toGuojunIn addition, other public and private sectors are prepared to face conflict and even communicate with each other. It is not difficult to see from the results of the military consultation that, rather than discussing whether the national army can fight, “whether Taiwanese society can fight” is the truly worrying fact.

The slogan of “all-people national defense” is loud and clear in Taiwan. However, national defense is by no means free. Any preparation for war means consuming resources that could have been used elsewhere and sacrificing the convenience of public life to a certain extent. The problem in today’s society is that the desire for a vision and the sacrifices you are willing to make are not directly proportional.

When the country bets 40% of its energy on seaborne natural gas with a safety stock of less than two weeks; when the national army is so short of personnel that it is forced to resume conscription, the presidential candidate of the ruling partyLai Qingdeensure”compulsory serviceThe policy commitment of “will not go to the battlefield” is due toVolunteer serviceThe shortage of troops has been questioned and challenged; when the problem of military discipline has become a headache, legislators with legal backgrounds are still warning that “reinstatement of military trials” will never be allowed…

Jiang Baili, the master of military science, famously said: “Those whose survival conditions are consistent with those of combat are strong, those who are separated from each other are weak, and those who are opposite will perish.” Which direction are we heading in now?

Civilian military push…Taiwan is most vulnerable to energy issues when facing war

The preliminary report of the “2023 TTX Regional Security Strategy” sponsored by National Taiwan Security University’s Taiwan Security Research Center was recently completed. It pointed out that Taiwan’s focus in responding to the threat of war is to strengthen the resilience of society. It is inappropriate to believe in “Silicone Shield” and think that it can “blackmail semiconductors” What is more serious and fragile is the energy supply. The reserve of coal is up to 42 days and the natural gas is up to 14 days. The key hubs of the power grid are concentrated in three ultra-high voltage substations, which may be paralyzed once destroyed.

2023-11-08 02:57

News Eye/Citizen Soldiers Reveal Worrying Facts Can Taiwanese Society Fight a War?

In 1942, the Japanese navy attacked Midway Island, and the pre-departure military push unexpectedly failed; Chief of Staff Ugaki Matoi called a halt, and won after a “correction return”. However, in reality, they were completely defeated on the battlefield. The four ships…

2023-11-08 02:58

Military plans to set up 6 harpoon missile camps, causing local panic

The military plans to build six new harpoon missile camps in Yunlin, Pingtung, Taitung and other counties and cities, causing local backlash. Among them, Yunlin Huwei is one of the key camps. The Kuomintang, public opinion and the county council…

2023-11-08 00:55

Insufficient training energy…Military academies cannot cope with the expansion of military training

The National Army has expanded its capacity for teaching and recruiting, but training capacity is insufficient, and military academies are struggling. Kuomintang legislator Ma Wenjun received reports that the military academies of the National Army are responsible for regional teaching and training, which has interfered with the military…

2023-11-08 03:08

The Communist forces invaded Taiwan and occupied the outer islands first to create panic.

Although the use of troops in the event of a war in the Taiwan Strait is not the focus of the 2023 TTX regional security force recommendation, “counter-scenarios” from the enemy’s perspective are still being carried out. Similar to the Hanguang exercise in recent years, the Communist army is set to attack first…

2023-11-08 03:02

The Widow House in Bamboo City is still evaluating the possibility of terminating the contract due to fraud.

Controversy broke out in the Hsinchu City Widow House Dugeng case. Legislator Qiu Xianzhi, a member of the Times Power, yesterday said that the bidding involved bribery and fraud. The court found him guilty in the first instance. The Ministry of National Defense in charge not only failed to deal with it, but also…

2023-11-08 00:59

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