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Who is most likely to succeed Xi Jinping? The United States and the University are looking for support!Crimean warship attacked (Video) – CCP – Xi Jinping – Cai Qi – Li Qiang – China – Taiwan – Blue and White – Moldova – – Current Commentary – – Watch China Net

Who is most likely to succeed Xi Jinping? The United States and the University are looking for support!Crimean warship attacked (Video) – CCP – Xi Jinping – Cai Qi – Li Qiang – China – Taiwan – Blue and White – Moldova – – Current Commentary – – Watch China Net
Who is most likely to succeed Xi Jinping? The United States and the University are looking for support!Crimean warship attacked (Video) – CCP – Xi Jinping – Cai Qi – Li Qiang – China – Taiwan – Blue and White – Moldova – – Current Commentary – – Watch China Net


Xi Jinping is absent from the Shanghai International Import Expo. Who is most likely to take over, Cai Qi or Li Qiang?

Really moving!Taxpayer money for military aid to Taiwan, US used for the first time

Crimea’s most advanced warship attacked, Russia wants to interfere in Moldova election

Lai Qingde: National interests are placed before party interests

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1Xi Jinping is absent from the Shanghai International Import Expo. Who is most likely to take over, Cai Qi or Li Qiang?

The outside world discovered that Xi Jinping was suddenly absent from the Shanghai International Import Expo recently. Some people believe that this may be related to the death of Li Keqiang. Some analysts believe that Xi Jiajun suddenly has no external target to fight against, and Cai Qi and Li Qiang may fight internally as they compete for the position behind Xi Jinping.

On November 5, the 6th China International Import Expo held an opening ceremony at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. It is reported that the CIIE, promoted personally by Xi Jinping, has been held five times since 2018. Previously, Xi Jinping would attend the opening ceremony in person or deliver a speech via video. But this year, Xi Jinping went against the norm and only sent a brief letter to the CIIE, with Chinese Premier Li Qiang delivering the keynote speech.

Why did Xi Jinping suddenly become indifferent to the CIIE, which he has always valued?

Some people believe that this may be related to the sudden death of former Chinese Premier Li Keqiang in Shanghai.

Current commentator Zhou Xiaohui analyzed that the reason why Xi Jinping did not come to Shanghai to participate in the CIIE may be that he was worried that the public would associate with him and embarrass himself; second, Xi Jinping had so-called experts around him, and he himself believed in the predictions about coups and assassinations, so I am worried that if I go to Shanghai, the anti-Xi forces will be detrimental to me.

Li Keqiang’s death triggered a wave of mourning among the people. People used the mourning to express their dissatisfaction with the CCP. Now many senior officials in the CCP are shuddering. Are they secretly planning some actions that Xi Jinping doesn’t know about?

Zhou Xiaohui believes, “Although Shanghai’s top leaders and the newly appointed commander of the armed police are both from Xi Jinping’s camp, Jiang Zeng’s faction has been operating in Shanghai for so many years. Who can guarantee that there will be no mistakes?”

This may also be the reason why Xi Jinping is unwilling to attend the CIIE in Shanghai.

Commentator Zhong Yuan wrote an article in “The Epoch Times” and analyzed that now that Li Keqiang is gone, Xi Jinping’s main target of struggle has also disappeared, and the “struggle” within the Xi family army for the position after Xi Jinping is expected to surface soon.

So who might be vying for the top spot? Zhong Yuan believes that only members of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China have the opportunity to join Xi Jinping’s class, including Li Qiang, Cai Qi, Ding Xuexiang and Li Xi. Cai Qi can be said to be one of Xi Jinping’s most trusted people. He worked with Xi Jinping in Fujian and Zhejiang, and was also promoted by Xi Jinping. He is currently the second person in power within the CCP. But if Cai Qi has second thoughts, he will also be the most dangerous person around Xi Jinping, because he can arrange a scene like “a golden sword is hidden at the east gate, and the warrior enters the imperial palace through the back door.”

Cai Qi’s biggest opponent within the Chinese Communist Party should be Chinese Premier Li Qiang. On the surface Li Qiang obeys Xi Jinping, but in fact he may not really want to be subordinate to others. Objectively speaking, Cai Qi has more real power. He is not only in charge of the Central Office and the propaganda system, but also controls the Central Security Bureau. Therefore, he has some advantages over Li Qiang in the internal struggle between the Xi family and the army.

However, Li Qiang took the initiative to hand over the decision-making power of the State Council to Xi Jinping. He lacked real power and seemed relatively weak in the internal struggle. Li Qiang and Li Keqiang both have the word “strong” in their names, and both have the word “bow” in their names. After all, they are not soldiers. I wonder if Li Qiang is one of the people who “carry a bow” as mentioned in “Tui Bei Tu”. The State Council is in the north courtyard of Zhongnanhai, and the entrance and exit should be regarded as the back door of Zhongnanhai. In theory, Li Qiang can arrange for “warriors to enter the imperial palace through the back door.”

Neither Ding Xuexiang nor Li Xi have the strength to join Xi Jinping’s class. Now it seems that the only ones who want to compete for the big position behind Xi Jinping are Cai Qi, who comes from the Fujian Gang, and Li Qiang, who comes from the Zhejiang Gang.

2 moves really!For the first time, the United States uses taxpayer money to aid Taiwan

According to the BBC, US President Biden recently finalized $80 million in military financing to Taiwan. It is reported that this is the first time in 40 years that the United States has used taxpayers’ money to arm Taiwan and strengthen Taiwan’s defense capabilities.

This move by the United States is based on a plan called “foreign military financing.” For example, through this plan, the United States has shipped approximately $4 billion in military aid to Ukraine, and provided billions of dollars in military aid to Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, and Egypt. But what is different from the past is that the United States has previously assisted countries or organizations recognized by the United Nations. Now it uses the “foreign military financing” plan to assist Taiwan. This is the first time that it has sent weapons to an unofficially recognized region.

The BBC reported that the United States is redefining its relationship with Taiwan, and in particular, Washington is actively promoting Taiwan’s rearmament. Taiwan’s military strength is much worse than that of China and it really needs help. Lai Yizhong, CEO of the think tank Vision Foundation, told the BBC that the U.S. arms sales to Taiwan often take up to 10 years, but the U.S. now uses the “Foreign Military Financing” program to “transfer weapons directly from its inventory, using the same America’s own money, so we don’t have to go through all the approval processes.”

Biden is also seeking aid to Ukraine and Israel, including more military aid to Taiwan. Lai Yizhong believes that U.S. military financing for Taiwan may be used on “Javelin” anti-tank missiles and “Stinger” anti-aircraft missiles, which are highly effective weapons that Taiwan’s military will soon be able to acquire. He said bluntly: “We don’t have enough quantity. We need a lot.” “In Ukraine, needles are consumed very quickly. As you can see from the way they are used in Ukraine, we may urgently need 10 times the current inventory.”

3The most advanced warship in Crimea was attacked. Russia wants to interfere in the Moldova election.

One of the most advanced warships in Russian-occupied territory docked near the Crimean Bridge was attacked by the Ukrainian Air Force. Moldova, an Eastern European country that is wary of Russia, also discovered that Russia wanted to extend its arms to interfere in its election.

A few days ago, there was news that Ukraine admitted that the war had reached a “stalemate.” But on November 4, Ukrainian President Zelensky immediately responded that the war had not reached a “stalemate.” He also said he could prove there was no pressure from the United States or Europe to discuss peace talks.

And Ukrainian artillery fire once again turned to Crimea.

On November 5, a netizen with the account “@GlasnostGone” on the overseas social media The Kerch area near the Yadaq Bridge was attacked by the Ukrainian army.

The Ukrainian Air Force commander also said that Ukrainian tactical aviation used SCALP cruise missiles to attack Russian warships. This warship is one of Russia’s most modern “Caliber” cruise missile warships.

The netizen also said that Putin and the Russian military have finally woken up and know that Ukrainian fighter jets can approach the occupied areas of Crimea and attack one of Russia’s most modern cruise missile launchers.

A netizen with the social media platform account “Cloooud” posted that the Russian army attacked Malinka, but was blocked by the Ukrainian 79th Airborne Brigade. A large number of Russian troops were killed in this operation, and three tanks and three MT-LB armored personnel carriers were damaged.

On November 6, Glashchenko, advisor to the Minister of the Interior of Ukraine, also posted on the X platform that the military base and large ammunition depot where Russian helicopters were parked in Sedoway Village were both damaged by the explosion. The explosions at Russian military bases and ammunition depots may have been caused by attacks by the Ukrainian army.

Despite its unfavorable performance on the battlefield, Russia also wants to interfere in the elections in the former Soviet country of Moldova.

On November 5, Moldova held national local elections. A few days before the election, Moldovan Prime Minister Raisin announced that candidates with pro-Russian tendencies from the Opportunity Party would be banned from running. Moldova’s national intelligence agency also recently released a report showing that Russia wants to influence the election process through Moldova’s “Party of Opportunity.” It is reported that Moldova will elect 898 local heads and 11,000 local councilors this Sunday. However, the intelligence disclosed that at least 600 candidates may be affected by Russian interference in the election.

The Moldovan National Intelligence and Security Service stated in a report that Russia, through the exiled Moldovan oligarch Ilan Shor, provided the “Party of Opportunities” with an amount equivalent to 50 million euros (approximately NT$172.3 million) to organize Street demonstrations are destabilizing the country and trying to buy off voters in Sunday’s election. Shore said the money he provided was to help retirees, politicians and fund social infrastructure projects, and denied that the money had anything to do with Russia.

4 Blue and White alliance reaches deadlock, Lai Qingde: National interests are placed before the interests of political parties

In Taiwan’s presidential election, the blue-white alliance has reached a deadlock. While expressing concern, Lai Ching-te also called for putting national interests ahead of party interests.

Kuomintang presidential candidate Hou Youyi attended the founding meeting of the “Southern District Medical Group Support Association”. His second brother and former director of the High School Hospital Hou Mingfeng also affirmed the medical policies proposed by Hou Youyi.

But now the blue-white cooperation is in a deadlock. People’s Party candidate Ke Wenzhe made it clear that the “blue-white cooperation” Japanese and German model proposals proposed by the Kuomintang will lose. Hou Youyi once again reiterated: “The rotation of political parties is the greatest expectation of the people. We will show the greatest sincerity and goodwill and move forward together with like-minded friends.”

Ke Wenzhe said: “I think sometimes let nature take its course. If we can integrate, we will integrate. If we can’t, we will work on our own. One more thing, until the last moment, please wait patiently.”

In this regard, Lai Qingde, a presidential candidate of the Democratic Progressive Party, said in an exclusive interview with the program “Dayunshitang” that he hopes that the interests of the country should be placed before the interests of the party, and the interests of the party should be placed before personal interests. He also hopes that Hou Youyi, When Ke Wenzhe and others think, they should not be affected by external forces.

Lai Qingde said that he will continue to pay attention to the integration of the opposition parties, but he will not be worried because in every election, the most important person who determines the outcome is himself, not his opponent. He also believes that whether it is blue or white, it is not This is the mainstream opinion in Taiwanese society, so Hou Youyi and Ke Wenzhe want to form a group.

Lai Qingde also said frankly that Taiwan is a rational society. Although there are a few people who are more extreme, it is still a normal distribution map, with rational people in the middle accounting for the majority. The DPP must responsibly propose a blueprint for national politics and strive to win the majority of the people. support.

Okay that’s all for today, thank you for your attention and see you tomorrow.


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