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The three victims were junior high school students. Progress of the Heilongjiang gymnasium collapse accident: Five years after the completion of the gymnasium, the disciplinary inspection and supervision agencies intervened in the investigation! |


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According to CCTV News, reporters learned from the Information Office of the Huanan County Government in Jiamusi City, Heilongjiang that at about 19:20 on November 6, 2023, a roof collapse occurred at the Yuecheng Sports Club in Huanan County.There were seven people at the scene of the incident, three of whom escaped on their own. Among the four trapped people, one was slightly injured and three were killed.

On November 6, 2023, seven junior high school students from Huanan County met to play basketball at Yuecheng Sports Club at 18:00.At about 19:20, a student noticed something unusual on the roof and ran to the door, and then the roof collapsed. After the incident, 3 people escaped on their own, 2 of them were not injured, and 1 was sent to the hospital for treatment in time; 4 people were trapped, and 1 was rescued at about 19:50. After the other 3 people were rescued, the hospital’s rescue efforts were ineffective. die.

Yuecheng Sports Club is located in Building 7 of Yuecheng Plaza Complex in the northern section of Yucai Road, Huanan County. Construction started in July 2017 and was completed in July 2018.The construction unit is Heilongjiang Yuecheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., the construction unit is Heilongjiang Haifeng Weiye Construction and Installation Engineering Co., Ltd., and the supervision unit is Jiamusi Sanjiang Construction Supervision Company. It passed the acceptance inspection in July 2020. Building No. 7 of the Yuecheng Plaza complex has a construction area of ​​3208.96 square meters and a height of 9.05 meters. The foundation form is an independent foundation and the structural form is a frame structure. The eastern part is a two-story building (area 2533.96 square meters), and the roof structure is a concrete structure. ,The west part is a single-story building (collapsed part, area 675 square meters), and the roof structure is an H-deformed cross-section steel beam structure.

The building owner leased the premises to others for operation from May 2020 to December 2022. Starting from December 2022, it will be managed by Huanan County New Sunshine Fitness Club. It will be mainly used to carry out basketball, table tennis, badminton and other activities, and will be operated for the society.

In order to avoid secondary accidents, the public security organs sealed off the accident scene, and the person in charge of Yuecheng Sports Club has been controlled by the police. Discipline inspection and supervision agencies at the city and county levels immediately intervened and established an investigation team to conduct an investigation.

According to Chengshi Interactive, at the time of the incident, Mr. Chen, a witness at the scene, was playing games at home. His family suddenly heard a loud noise, and Mr. Chen hurried downstairs to the scene. “My house is not far from the arena. Anyway, I can see it,” he said. Something happened in the arena.” Mr. Chen arrived next to the arena and saw that someone was already rescuing him.

The arena where the incident occurred is actually a large arena, six to seven meters high. You can play basketball, badminton, and table tennis in the arena. “I have also played there. It costs 10 yuan an hour during the day. This arena is quite big.” of,The arena should be quite new, not an old one.“Mr. Chen said that there are two or three arenas like this in the local area, and most of the people who go to the arena to play are young people.

Video showed thick white snow on top of the collapsed stadium. According to an earlier report by, a staff member of the Propaganda Department of the Huanan County Party Committee said in an interview with the media,Roof collapses are linked to snowfall.

According to Xiaoxiang Morning News, public information shows that Huanan County New Sunshine Fitness Club was established on July 20, 2022, and its legal representative is Men Moumou. The business scope includes general items: fitness and leisure activities; billiards activities.

In April 2021, Men Moumou established the Huanan County Yuecheng Sports and Fitness Club, which was later canceled in December 2021. The business scope is fitness and leisure activities.

At the same address, an operator named Hu established the Huanan County Yuecheng Fitness Club in January 2020, and then canceled it in April 2021. The business scope is fitness and leisure activities.

According to Jinyun News, Mr. Chen, a resident of Yuecheng Plaza Community, told reporters that the gymnasium is considered a supporting facility in the community and will only be used for two or three years, but he cannot remember the specific year it was built.“This gymnasium is relatively new, has a better environment, and is above average in Huanan County. There are usually a lot of people from the surrounding area.”

In addition, according to upstream news reports, the stadium is surrounded by high-rise residential buildings, and the top of the stadium can be seen from the upper floors.No items were found stacked before the incident.

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