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Hope Learning and Wanghouxiong Education have reached a strategic cooperation to lead the innovation of “digital teaching aids”_TOM Information


There are teachers from Peking University and Tsinghua University as “lecturers”, there are also famous teachers who monitor and integrate high technology and “big data” into the teaching and research, and there are also “blessings” from the teaching aid books that have “standing” for decades. Recently, Hope Learning and Wang Houxiong Education have reached a strategic cooperation, integrating the advantages of both parties in teaching and research, teachers, publishing channels, offline study rooms, etc., to jointly launch the trump card “Digital Teaching Assistant”. Each topic and knowledge point in the book has Senior lecturers explain, and can also provide supporting class teachers with “accompanying reading and answering questions” services.

Ma Wei (right), founder of Wanghouxiong Education, and Zhang Jian (left), principal of Hope School, signed a strategic cooperation agreement

Integration of high-quality resources: Expand various possibilities for empowering digital education

In order to fully integrate advantageous resources and explore more possibilities of digital education, Hope Learning and Wanghouxiong Education signed a strategic cooperation letter of intent to jointly carry out new explorations in the integrated development of traditional publishing and online education, and launch new projects in terms of brands, products, marketing channels, etc. Deep strategic cooperation.

Successful signing and group photo

At the channel meeting held on November 1, the two parties revealed the form and content of part of the cooperation. Next, Hope Learning will jointly launch a set of digital teaching aids with Wang Houxiong Education, integrating “exercises” and “courses”. “Every question and every knowledge point in the teaching aid books will be explained in detail by a senior teacher. At the same time, there will also be supporting class teacher services. Senior teachers from Hope Learning will answer students’ questions online.”

Teacher Ma Wei said: “We predict that this set of books will become a “sought-after” learning tool for Chinese high school students. The superhero of digital teaching aids.” In addition, in the context of “digital teaching” and “artificial intelligence empowered education” In the new era of “education sharing”, the offline self-study rooms under Wang Houxiong Education will also cooperate with Hope Learning, borrowing modern educational resources to provide students with reading companion services in the offline self-study rooms. Students can study the courses they want to learn in the self-study room, and the head teacher will provide remote supervision and answer questions.

Strong forces join forces: the strongest teacher/Teaching and research team + traditional teaching assistants “emotional killing”

As an online subject training school operating in compliance with the guidance of the government, “Hope Learning”, established in 2021, is a dazzling “new star” in the industry. “The teaching and research team of Hope School comes from Xueersi Online School and has profound teaching experience and complete teaching and research capabilities.” Li Kuiting, vice principal of Hope School and head of high school, said, “We are very strict in teacher selection, and most of the main lecturers come from Most of the top universities in China and the world, such as Tsinghua University and Peking University, have more than five years of online teaching experience.”

Hope Learning and Wanghouxiong Education have reached strategic cooperation to lead the innovation of

Li Kuiting, vice principal of Hope School and head of high school, introduced Hope School to everyone

In addition to the “dream” team of highly skilled teachers, another “ trump card ” of Hope Learning is their strong teaching and research strength. “We have built our own experienced teaching and research team, using AI and big data methods to research more than 100,000 reference materials, and set up courses through three reviews and repeated polishing.” Teacher Li Kuiting concluded: “Lectures, teaching research and back-end Serving the class teacher” are the three “ace” advantageous resources of Hope Learning. In this cooperation with Wang Houxiong Education, we hope that the school will give full play to its advantages in these three fields.

It is understood that this cooperation between Hope Learning and Wanghouxiong Education is a “strong alliance” between two powerful brands. It is hoped that the “top” teaching staff and teaching research forces in the academic industry will join hands with Wang Houxiong Education, which is deeply involved in the field of teaching aids and has strong influence in publishing channels and offline channels, to jointly develop digital teaching aids.

“Huanggang Secret Volume”, “Complete Interpretation of Textbook”, “Notes of the Number One Scholar”… The teaching aid books published by Wang Houxiong Education have been popular since the 1990s and are the youthful memories of many students. On the basis of teaching aid books, Wang Houxiong Education continues to expand the boundaries of the industry and now has more than 2,000 cloud classrooms/self-study rooms covering 24 provinces and autonomous regions across the country. “The era of digitally empowered education development is coming to us in full swing.” Ma Wei, founder and CEO of Wanghouxiong Education, said that the traditional “cramming” of “teaching and training” has become a thing of the past, and the future development direction will be ” “Teaching Accompanying” – Create conditions, provide resources, digital empowerment, and accompany children to learn. “I hope that excellent teachers and head teachers can truly provide children with the highest quality companionship in their studies.”

Hope Learning and Wanghouxiong Education have reached strategic cooperation to lead the innovation of

Ma Wei, founder of Wanghouxiong Education, introduced the cooperation content to everyone

“This is a groundbreaking cooperation.” Teacher Li Kuiting said that he hopes that through this integration of high-quality resources, a new choice will be provided for students and parents. It also opens up ideas for the education training and subject training industry and looks forward to a better future.


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