ROLEX Yacht-Master II watch latest market price Rolex Yacht-Master 2 stable price premium slightly

ROLEX Yacht-Master II watch latest market price Rolex Yacht-Master 2 stable price premium slightly
ROLEX Yacht-Master II watch latest market price Rolex Yacht-Master 2 stable price premium slightly

ROLEX has not many watches with complex functions, among which the Yacht-Master II is an example. It has a countdown function specially developed for sailing sports. It is paired with the brand’s exclusive Ring Command rotating bezel design. Regardless of the movement structure or surface, The layout of the board display is very distinctive, so it is loved by players who like advanced mechanical craftsmanship and uniqueness.

However, compared to Yacht-Master’s continuous innovation in recent years, the pace of change in Yacht-Master II seems much slower. There have been almost no new moves in this series recently. The more impressive one is that Rolex has discontinued the white gold model 116689 in 2022. Therefore, Yacht 2 currently only has three different material styles: stainless steel, eternal rose gold steel and gold. Due to the complex functions of the Yacht-Master II, even the entry-level stainless steel model in the series is priced much higher than other steel-cased Rolex sports watches. Starting from HK$140,000, it is the highest priced steel-cased Rolex sports watch. One.

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Although the pricing threshold is relatively high, Yacht-Master II also has a “pleasant” part. In recent years, Rolex has adjusted product pricing almost every year, but the pricing of Yacht-Master II has remained relatively stable, except for continuous price adjustments between 2018 and 2019. , since then to now, the pricing of the series of works has almost not changed (as if the price increase of other series has nothing to do with it). The current prices of the three works of the Yacht 2 series are as follows:

116680 (stainless steel) – HK$ 145,800
116681 (Eternal Rose Gold Steel) – HK$ 198,200
116688 (gold) – HK$ 339,900

From the pricing of the three watches, it can be seen that the price of Yacht-Master II’s products is quite clear. Although there are not many styles, the price is also divided into three levels according to the different materials, from 145,000, 198,000 to 33,000. The watches have the same appearance and size (44mm), ranging from 10,000 to 9.00, but the interpretation of different materials will give rise to each other’s personalities. For example, the glittering luxury of the gold model is the same as the relatively simple look of the stainless steel model. The subtle feeling of seeking difference.

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Generally speaking, people rarely discuss the Yacht-Master II, probably because its entry threshold is high and its suitors are much fewer than those of popular series such as Submariner and Daytona, so we pay less attention to its market development. According to the data of WatchCharts, a high-end watch market research institution, from the beginning of the second quarter of 2023 to the present, the secondary market price of watches has still shown a slowly declining trend. Among them, the market price of 116680 around April 2023 is still There are 19,858 US dollars (approximately HK$155,000), 116681 is 26,409 US dollars (approximately HK$206,000), and 116688 is 44,862 US dollars (approximately HK$350,000). At the time half a year ago, the three watches The secondary market prices are still above the set price. Therefore, although the Yacht-Master II is not usually discussed so much, the popularity of the watch is actually not low.

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Come October 2023, the secondary market prices of the three Yacht 2 watches can be seen from the data released by WatchCharts compared to half a year ago, including 116680, which was recently worth US$18,420 (approximately HK$144,000). ), 116681 is US$26,361 (approximately HK$206,000), 116688 is US$43,978 (approximately HK$344,000), among which 116681 is more amazing, because although its price has dropped, the extent is very small. On the other hand, The price reduction of the other two models is at least more than 2%. After half a year of market tempering, the secondary market price of Yacht-Master II’s stainless steel style has now dropped to within the list price. It is the one with the most drastic price changes among the three models. The other two models still maintain over-price levels ( Measured by foreign pricing), the premium rate of 116681 is about 3.7%, and the premium rate of 116688 is 1%. Generally speaking, it is very close to the pricing. To some extent, it reflects the reason why the original pricing of watches has been so stable in recent years, because Their value retention is also in a very stable state, with few ups and downs.

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