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Car hit power pole in southwest Sydney and broke into two boys, killing two boys | Car accident | Escape | Scene

Car hit power pole in southwest Sydney and broke into two boys, killing two boys | Car accident | Escape | Scene
Car hit power pole in southwest Sydney and broke into two boys, killing two boys | Car accident | Escape | Scene

[The Epoch Times, November 07, 2023](Epoch Times reporter Xiao Jie compiled and reported from Sydney, Australia) Two young men were killed in a car accident in Ashcroft, southwest of Sydney. The car in the same car was suspected of having a car accident. The male driver and a male passenger who were involved in the accident allegedly fled the scene and police are searching for them.

A gray Ford sedan crashed into a utility pole and tree on Maxwells Avenue in Ashcroft on Monday morning. Emergency crews arrived at the scene of the crash around 10:50. The car was broken into two pieces and came to rest in front of a tree on the front lawn of a house.

The deceased were 13-year-old Braydan Collier and 14-year-old Kaine Bell. Collier had just celebrated his 13th birthday the day before the accident.

Shocking CCTV footage shows two grown men who acted as surrogate big brothers in their lives stepping over the bodies of two children as the driver yelled “I want to go home” to the front seat passenger before fleeing the scene of the crash.

Police estimated that at the moment of the collision, the car was traveling at least 50 kilometers per hour over the speed limit. At the moment of impact, the car broke into two pieces and one of the boys was thrown out of the car.

Shortly after the crash, the male driver managed to climb out of the front seat and ran across the front yard to where the rear half of the car was wrecked.

He walked over the body of one boy and pulled another boy from the wreckage, then pushed him to the ground and ran back to rescue another young male passenger who was sitting with him in the front seat. He returned to check on the second boy before fleeing the scene with his head in his hands.

According to the Daily Telegraph, Assistant Commissioner Brett McFadden, head of NSW Traffic and Highway Patrol, described the scene as “absolutely devastating”.

“The car lost control and hit a utility pole, causing the Ford to break in two,” he said.

“Unfortunately, we believe two boys aged between 10 and 15 who were seated in the back of the car died after being ejected from the car.”

He added: “Anyone who witnessed this crash will undoubtedly be traumatized.”

Police also want to question a dirt bike rider who was seen traveling in the street at the time of the crash.

Surveillance video from the scene showed the man riding his bicycle onto the grass shortly after the accident.

McFadden said it was unclear what role the bike might have played in the incident, but it was an “active line of inquiry.”

After the incident, police dogs searched bushland near Cabramatta Creek, which connects Magee Street and Maxwell Avenue, in an attempt to find people who left the scene.

McFadden said police are currently investigating how the accident occurred and the conditions of the other passengers in the car.

“They just need to turn themselves in at a police station so we can engage with them and they can assist our investigation and find out how this tragic incident occurred,” he said.

“Drivers are ultimately responsible for themselves, their passengers and others on the road.”

Police established a crime scene and blocked off the road. The accident investigation team will conduct a forensic investigation at the accident scene.

McFadden said speeding was a “selfish” behavior that played a role in more than 100 traffic fatalities this year.

“The community should be outraged and the wider community should recognize that this is the result of excessive speed,” he said.

“That means 300 people have lost their lives on our roads so far this year… We estimate that speeding was a direct factor in around 40 to 50 per cent of those deaths.”

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