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Gao Liu’s 2nd birthday gift won the Urban Vitality Special Award at the Taiwan Architecture Awards | Local | Central News Agency CNA

Gao Liu’s 2nd birthday gift won the Urban Vitality Special Award at the Taiwan Architecture Awards | Local | Central News Agency CNA
Gao Liu’s 2nd birthday gift won the Urban Vitality Special Award at the Taiwan Architecture Awards | Local | Central News Agency CNA

(Central News Agency reporter Cai Mengyu, Kaohsiung, 6th) The results of the 2023 Taiwan Architecture Awards were announced. The Kaohsiung Pop Music Center was awarded the “Urban Vitality Special Award” for its diverse planning and multiple spatial levels, creating a good outdoor activity environment. This recognition is also for Gao Liu, who just celebrated his 2nd birthday, brought a congratulatory gift.

The results of the 2023 Taiwan Architecture Award, sponsored by the National Institute of Architects of the Republic of China, were announced on the 3rd. In addition to the Kaohsiung Shoushan Zoo renovation project, which won the first prize of the Taiwan Architecture Award, the Kaohsiung Pop Music Center that participated in the final selection also won the award for the Spanish Manuel Alvarez Monteserin Lahoz architecture. The design team collaborated with Taiwanese firm Weng Zumo Architects to bring vitality to Kaohsiung and was awarded the “Urban Vitality Special Award”.

Recognizing Gao Liu’s award, Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chi-mai said that Love River Bay, where Gao Liu is located, was formerly a military and commercial dock. The long wall blocked citizens from getting close to the ocean. Former mayor Hsieh Chang-ting began to promote the unification of the port and city, and has been promoted by many mayors. Cooperation and efforts with the central government have gradually broken down the walls and started the construction of the southern pop music center.

Chen Qimai said that now Gaoliu connects Pier 2, the Tourism Center, and the Kaohsiung Exhibition Center to the Asia New Bay Area, and coupled with the construction of the light rail, it has opened up new vitality in the city. It was awarded the Special Award for Urban Vitality by architectural experts. It also represents the transformation of the city and more Give Gaoliu important responsibilities for its future development.

The jury’s opinion on Gaoliu’s project is that the architect used the concept of bionic architecture to design a Yinlang Tower main venue, an exhibition space, and six small indoor performance spaces distributed in a U-shaped base. The whole project has diverse planning, multiple spatial levels, and complex functions. , but the architect has given in-depth consideration to the treatment of architectural space and urban environment. Although the building is complex, it feels orderly after entering.

The jury specifically pointed out that the architect used a low-rise building on the west side to connect with the surrounding environment and set up a covered outdoor space to create a good outdoor activity environment and bring vitality to the city of Kaohsiung. For this reason, the architect was specially awarded the “Urban Vitality” award. Special Award”.

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Competition for the Taiwan Architecture Award this year is fierce. In September, 12 works were selected from 239 works initially selected. From October 27th to 29th, the jury was arranged to visit each selected work on site, and on the 28th, they went to Gaoliu for selection. Including Weng Zumo Architects, together with the principal architect Xu Peijin and Gaoliu CEO Ding Dulan, they all accompanied the whole process and explained in detail to the jury the design concepts and design concepts of architectural spaces such as the indoor and outdoor areas of the Haiyin Pavilion, the coral reefs, the sea breeze square, and the sound barrier walls. Technique.

Regarding being awarded the “Urban Vitality Special Award”, Weng Zumo Architects said that Kaohsiung is a vibrant city and they were honored to participate in the entire project development. It took a full 10 years from drawing competition, design, contract award to construction completion. Winning the award is not only important for the architecture. The firm affirms that it is also an honor that belongs to the citizens of Kaohsiung. (Editor: Sun Chengwu) 1121106


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