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One-stop experience of pure electric ace model AION S MAX debuts in Chongqing–

-- (Xuchuan) On November 4, the one-stop experience of Aian’s pure electric ace model kicked off again, once again landing in the beautiful “mountain city” Chongqing. The event was led by the “number one pure electric family sedan” AION S MAX, and the top-ranked AION Y Plus in the national service, the Zhixing Qianli pure electric flagship AION LX Plus, the Shen7 vehicle AION V Plus, etc. all appeared on stage, creating a one-stop experience for pure electric ace models. Let young families everywhere experience the technological charm of the AION family. The scene was bustling with people and the atmosphere was fiery. There was an endless stream of participating users and they had a strong interest in Aian products!

One-stop experience site for Aian’s pure electric ace model.Photo provided by GAC Aian and published by

The one-stop experience of Aian’s pure electric ace model is combined with Chongqing’s characteristics to create a unique theme popular among young people. Aion chose the venue of the event at “Nanshan Park”, the Luye Shiguang Exquisite Camping Base in Chongqing, and incorporated AION’s cutting-edge technology into various experience sessions. In this exquisite camping base in the main city, Aian and young families have set off a new trend of technological camping!

From China’s BAT to the world’s BAT

With the love of 900,000 car owners, Aian has become one of the top 3 cars in the world by virtue of its core strength of the best quality, safety and value preservation. Aian’s September sales reached 51,596 units, once again setting a new monthly sales record; from January to September this year, cumulative sales exceeded 350,000 units, continuing to dominate the BAT era. The AION S series firmly ranks as the No.1 pure electric A-class sedan. For every three A-class pure electric cars, there is one AION S. The highest sales volume in a single month exceeded 26,000 units, ranking among the top 5 in the entire auto market! AION Y Plus ranks first in the national service, and its monthly sales once exceeded all fuel SUVs, single-handedly leading the pure electric SUV market into the YY era.

AIONS MAX.Photo by Xu Chuan of

AION S MAX redefines family sedan standards

As the protagonist of this one-stop experience event for pure electric ace models, AION S MAX comes to the stage for the first time to interact with everyone. Activities such as “Star Flavor Live” and Shen Mengchen’s sister check-in area were also set up; the “post-90s generation was the first to take care of their children in a car” video contest, and activities such as receiving children’s gifts. Through interactive sessions such as magic dress tables and cute baby engineers, participants can experience the four major upgrades and the perfect evolution of the seven MAXs of AION S MAX, creating the first car for the post-90s generation to enjoy their families.

AIONS MAX.Photo by Xu Chuan of

Young people should be efficient and lazy, and show no mercy when raising children. AION S MAX is a smart platform for enjoyment. The baby seat is placed next to it, and the front seat is folded flat. This is to stretch the mother’s long legs and see the baby lying flat, but it is not possible to carry the baby. There is also 90% soft bag coverage, so your cute baby can play freely without bumping. The mother is scrolling on her mobile phone outside the car, while the baby plays by himself in the car, cultivating the child’s independence; by ordering a piece of explosive music through voice, the AION S MAX Belgian Premium high-end HIFI speaker provides theater-like listening enjoyment and promotes the secretion of dopamine. Get rid of the emo mood and join the whole family in Hi.

As the number one travel companion, AION S MAX is indispensable. Because AION S MAX has a super long battery life of 610km, you can go on any wave you want for two days and one night without charging; it also has a large 180kW motor, which can accelerate in 6 seconds, and feel the speed and passion of catapult.

AION LX Plus at the event.Photo by Xu Chuan of

Aian’s shopping spree, super long battery life and anti-freeze

In addition to the newly launched AION MAX, other models in the AION family are also full of attractions. At the event site, AION LX Plus broadcasts butler-style 1V1 explanations, providing a one-click worry-free service experience; the white music hall offers palace-level music enjoyment, allowing you to feel the superior charm of the interior and audio; AION V Plus child seats are placed on both sides, and mothers can easily sit in the middle. PICK has a new lying posture; the AION Y Plus outdoor scene area has been updated with “camping car” theme interaction; the mobile double entertainment room has scene interaction in the car, allowing you to enjoy the ever-changing large space. At the same time, on-site users can also experience Aian’s advanced intelligent “black technology” at close range. For example, in the outdoor experience area, users can participate in technology experience projects such as “remote control parking”, “memory parking”, and “test drive on the most beautiful road”.

This November, Aian also brought consumers “Aian’s shopping spree, super long battery life and anti-freeze”, and all models can participate. Among them, the AION Y Plus can enjoy a limited time of 99 yuan to offset the 5,999 yuan car purchase price; 0 interest for 2 years for the entire series, and a replacement subsidy of up to 4,000 yuan; and a 20% discount on the original electric pile for a limited time. AION V Plus, nationwide exclusive full insurance coverage of up to 6,500 yuan; 0 interest for 100,000 yuan for the entire series for 3 years, and replacement subsidy of up to 6,000 yuan; free original electric piles for a limited time; AION LX Plus, nationwide exclusive full insurance coverage of up to 10,000 yuan; full coverage It is 100,000 yuan with no interest for 3 years; a replacement subsidy of up to 6,000 yuan; and you can grab the original electric pile for free for a limited time. There is also a lifetime free warranty and lifetime free basic maintenance; AION S MAX can enjoy zero-anxiety rights worth 17,000 yuan, including 0 interest for the entire series for 2 years, with interest discounts up to 6,000 yuan; replacement subsidies up to 6,000 yuan; free gifts and installation value 4,999 yuan for original manufacturer recharge (limited time grab); Sanden free lifetime warranty, 4-year 150,000-kilometer vehicle warranty (first private car owner). You can also enjoy a discount of 888 yuan to purchase camping and reverse baby-carrying sets (limited to 2,000 sets) in the APP mall. There are many limited-time benefits not to be missed.

Discounts on GAC's safety series models.Photo provided by GAC Aian and published by
Discounts on GAC’s safety series models.Photo provided by GAC Aian and published by

As China’s first car company that develops its own full-stack EV+ICV, Aian has achieved many technological transcendences. The one-stop experience event for pure electric ace models is held precisely to shorten the distance between Aian’s various black technologies and mass consumers, and to bring them technological enjoyment that is one step ahead of others. Next, the one-stop experience event of Aian’s flagship models will continue to enter other cities, and Aian will continue to show the charm of cutting-edge technology to all parts of the country.

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