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Siemens Healthineers participated in the CIIE for the sixth time with a number of blockbuster new

Siemens Healthineers participated in the CIIE for the sixth time with a number of blockbuster new
Siemens Healthineers participated in the CIIE for the sixth time with a number of blockbuster new

Recently, Siemens Healthineers, the world’s leading medical technology company, participated in the China International Import Expo (hereinafter referred to as the “CIIE”) for the sixth time with the theme of “Innovation for Every Life”. As a “loyal fan” who has never been absent from CIIE, Siemens Healthineers will display more than 20 cutting-edge innovative medical technologies and solutions in the “Medical Devices and Healthcare Exhibition Area” this year. Tao Lin, a member of the Board of Directors of Siemens Healthineers, said: “The CIIE is an important measure for China to promote high-level opening-up in the new era. It is also an excellent stage for companies to showcase their innovative strength and expand development opportunities. The CIIE’s ‘check-in’ for six consecutive years not only highlights It reflects Siemens Healthineers’ firm confidence in the Chinese market and our determination to continuously accelerate the integration of the world’s latest scientific and technological achievements and local cutting-edge wisdom, continue to deepen cooperation with partners, meet the most urgent medical needs of Chinese patients, and serve China’s medical industry. “

Major new products are launched together, leading a new era of precise diagnosis and treatment of major diseases

At this CIIE, Siemens Healthineers brought a number of revolutionary new products that were “first exhibited for the first time”, empowering the precise diagnosis and treatment of tumors and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases with breakthrough innovation.

Siemens Healthcare’s world’s first ultra-high-performance whole-body 3T magnetic resonance MAGNETOM Cima. s maximum gradient switching rate; compared with conventional clinical 3T magnetic resonance, its gradient performance has been improved four to five times, setting a new standard for top scientific research magnetic resonance. In the field of tumors, this equipment will help users achieve pathological-level cell morphology and density measurements, greatly improving the accuracy of characterization and grading of early tumors; in the neurological field, this equipment can conduct research on brain microstructures such as neuron axons. , is expected to further clarify the pathogenesis of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s syndrome, and help brain science research enter the mesoscopic and microscale.

Siemens Healthcare’s world’s first “walking” CT SOMATOM On.site2 is small in size and light in weight. It can be pushed into wards and operating rooms at will, allowing patients to receive head CT scans at the bedside. Compared with traditional transport radiation For CT scans, the application of SOMATOM can save about 75% of the transportation time, effectively avoid disease delays or secondary injuries caused by transportation, and will greatly improve the treatment of severe patients such as stroke, brain trauma, and brain tumors. First aid efficiency and effectiveness. Its original radiation-proof nutshell frame and lead door curtain can achieve double radiation protection, ensuring that doctors and patients are not troubled by radiation problems during the entire examination. In addition, SOMATOM can also provide accurate intraoperative navigation, allowing doctors to quickly rescue patients with severe craniocerebral injuries and polytrauma.

The best in history 178 picosecond TOF ultra-high performance PET/CT Biograph Vision. TOF technology is the core technology of PET/CT, and its performance is crucial to the image accuracy, acquisition speed and drug dosage of PET/CT imaging. For patients with advanced cancer metastasis or those who cannot undergo surgery, the integration of radionuclide diagnosis and treatment can bring them a glimmer of hope. In the era of integrated radionuclide diagnosis and treatment, the clinical value of 178 picosecond TOF PET/CT runs through the entire tumor life cycle from disease diagnosis, patient screening, postoperative verification, efficacy evaluation to follow-up, and will bring benefits to patients with advanced and difficult tumors. A more accurate new approach to cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The new four-dimensional volumetric intracardiac ultrasound catheter leads the revolution in interventional procedures for structural heart disease. ACUSON AcuNav Volume 4D ICE Catheter4 is a pioneering innovative device in the field of structural heart disease. With the advantages of zero radiation, no need for general anesthesia, and visualization, it can guide doctors to perform interventional treatments such as valve repair and replacement or left atrial appendage occlusion, help doctors monitor the operation in real time throughout the entire process, reduce complications, and improve the success rate and efficiency of the operation. It is expected to become a structural The best guidance tool for cardiac interventional procedures. Today, with the rapid development of interventional treatment of structural heart disease, this technology has very broad application prospects.

The world’s first quantum energy spectrum angiography system, ARTIS icono ceiling5, is based on innovation and has achieved many breakthroughs in clinical applications: breaking through the “time and space” limitations of traditional equipment, allowing patients to perform full-body 3D scan reconstruction while breathing freely; improving The accuracy is down to the sub-millimeter level, safeguarding the refined treatment of tumors; based on big data and artificial intelligence, the imaging chain is reconstructed to ensure clear and constant images while intelligently adjusting the X-ray energy spectrum to effectively reduce radiation levels, leading a new era of precision tumor treatment. .

Take advantage of the “China International Expo” to drive the high-quality development of medical technology

The CIIE is a showcase platform for corporate innovation and a powerful engine to accelerate the implementation of innovation results. Over the past six years, the continuously amplified “spillover effect” released by the CIIE has turned many Siemens Healthineers exhibits into commodities, and the commodities into explosive products. Taking the world’s first photon counting CT NAEOTOM Alpha as an example, the semiconductor detector photon counting CT technology will make its global debut simultaneously at the 4th China International Import Expo in 2021. The following year, NAEOTOM Alpha entered the special review procedure for medical devices (green innovation channel) of the State Food and Drug Administration, and completed the first Asian exhibition of the physical machine at the 5th China International Import Expo in 2022. At present, NAEOTOM Alpha has completed domestic testing at Peking Union Medical College Hospital and Ruijin Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, and will be officially approved by the National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) for marketing in China in mid-October 2023. At the 6th China International Import Expo, Siemens Healthineers will also comprehensively demonstrate the extensive clinical applications and scientific research results of NAEOTOM Alpha.

Wang Hao, President of Siemens Healthineers Greater China, said: “The CIIE is a window for China to build a new development pattern, and it also injects strong momentum into the innovative development of the medical industry. As many global innovations are accelerated to be launched and implemented in China through the CIIE, , as well as the continued deepening of local partnerships, Siemens Healthineers will continue to increase its participation in China’s cutting-edge clinical scientific research and primary medical care system. In the future, we will actively work with partners to promote the construction of China’s innovation ecosystem and serve China We will contribute our ideas and contributions to the high-quality development of medical science and technology and the construction of ‘Healthy China’.”

1 MAGNETOM Cima.X is still in the process of FDA registration

2 SOMATOM is still in the process of FDA registration

3 Biograph Vision.X was approved by FDA in July 2023 and is still in the process of registration with NMPA

4 ACUSON AcuNav Volume 4D ICE Catheter is CE Marked and FDA Approved

5ARTIS icono ceiling was approved by FDA in July 2022 and is still in the process of registration with NMPA

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