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Double 11 love fortune ranking list of the twelve zodiac signs, who can successfully “leave the single”? | Vogue Taiwan


Since Double 11 has been named Singles’ Day, love in autumn has always been somewhat goal-oriented. From the perspective of life numbers, the number 1 represents creation and independence, while Double 11 is about expecting good things to come in pairs and double happiness to achieve the number. 4. A stable and secure relationship.

Around Double Eleven, Venus, which governs love and fun, enters Virgo, and Mars, which governs desire and action, enters Scorpio, paving the way for love on Double Eleven. On 10/20, water is in Libra, and on 10/29, water and fire are in Scorpio. , let desire and lust grow in the heart, enhance the single’s desire to be single, and also allow the ongoing love to take the development of this relationship seriously.

Whether the love in November can successfully break away from the single and confirm the future of the relationship will be revealed around 11/15.due to the three sets of oppositions at the beginning of the month, and the two sets of oppositions before and after the Scorpio new moon on the 13th, it implies that in the past half month, romance and ambiguity have come and gone, and the energy of emotional balance and tug-of-war has been quite strong. , and before Venus enters Libra on the 8th, it will illuminate the blind spots in love and test the trust between lovers.

If you can pass the test of this wave of astrology, single people can get what they want with the person who matches their heart, and those in a stable relationship can get married. However, there is also the possibility of falling in love with someone else, or the secret love may be exposed.

Please refer to your rising and sun signs for the following fortune rankings:


The person who has the most hope of getting out of singles is you. You get along well with your partner, trust each other, and successfully upgrade to a lover. Once the relationship between the two is confirmed, you will treat him as your own and dote on him, but sometimes you have doubts in your heart. , thinking waveringly: Is this settled? Should we give up other candidates for him? The attitude of being far away and then close makes the other person’s love become restrained. From the 6th to the 9th, you can talk openly and honestly. If you haven’t met the right person yet, participate in more social gatherings or social activities this month, and you will know the right person at a glance. A stable relationship is as comfortable as friends.


Recently, you have been paying more attention to your own happiness and loving yourself. Because Mercury will oppose Uranus on the 5th, you are particularly eager to have someone to rely on when you are under pressure. If you have a partner by your side, you can feel the love from God’s teammates. If you are still single, , I believe that Venus and Mercury will move into your love relationship house from the 8th to the 10th, which will bring a new, hot, and healthy influence to your love. Coupled with the birth of the Scorpio new moon on the 13th, you may choose to start this month. When you enter a new stage of life, change jobs, take on new projects, or change your living environment, you may have the opportunity to meet your partner while traveling or on a business trip. A brief encounter is enough.


When the three stars of Sun, Water, and Fire are in Scorpio, there are many opportunities for interpersonal communication. Once you encounter a difficult problem, there are always people with deep friendships who are willing to help you solve your problems. However, there are also some connections and friendships that you originally trusted, but you find that you still need to have them. Beautiful distance. Saturn in your love house will turn positive on the 4th. If you have enjoyed being single for a long time and have been encouraged or stimulated by others recently, I want you not to dwell on the past. I believe that no matter what age you are, you deserve the nourishment of love. There is strong Scorpio energy this month. , if used properly in the middle period, there will be romance or exotic love, but if it is a long-distance or online relationship, be careful about verbal conflicts at this time.

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As we approach Double 11 and Scorpio’s potential is strong, you may have the opportunity to meet someone you love and admire at work or in international exchanges. He or she can solve problems without hesitation or has the ability to grasp core points, allowing you to stay well. impression. If you have good conditions and are matched with him, you may be able to have a passionate and sincere love. If you are not confident enough, you will recognize the facts around the 10th and you will put away your love and concentrate on work. As a single person, your family will worry about you, and you will reject anyone they want to introduce you to. If you have a stable relationship, you can get along at a comfortable pace.

Mikhail Nilov:


You, who are single because of a breakup in your relationship, will change your mood on the 4th or 5th. As the guardian planet Venus enters Libra on the 8th, it will add charm and popularity to you, and you will meet a good partner at work or in places you often go to. I am willing to taste the beauty of love again. If you are financially stable and talented, you will have no worries when you fall in love. During your birthday month, you will deeply realize that if your status and abilities are balanced with your partner, you will be able to support each other harmoniously. If you always rely on the other person, the relationship between you will be better. The tug-of-war of opinions will fill every day before mid-November, so be careful.


There was some imbalance in my public and private life in the past period. I was busy with work and was not physically strong. Although I was very happy to receive some good opportunities, under the pull of time and pressure, I temporarily lost the will to do things or expected someone to help. Fortunately, in early November, my partner I am willing to pamper you for a few days, take you to play, and then hand over the baton to you again when you have adjusted. Be extra careful on the 5th and 6th and spend money wisely. The opportunity for singles to get out of singles is this month when Venus and Mercury move into your friendship and love sector from the 8th to the 10th. It comes sooner rather than later. The love formed through cooperation is extremely sweet, but don’t get involved in other people’s feelings.


In November, when Saturn is stationary, Venus enters Libra, and Mercury enters Sagittarius, this month will bring excellent transit potential to your family relationships, social life, and personal personality. From the beginning of the month to the middle to the end of the month, in the Scorpio constellation Under the urging of the two stars of Jupiter and Heaven, we must face up to physical marriages, marriages and relationships in name only, and only by giving up can we gain. You don’t like to be alone, and even if you are single, you won’t last long. You would rather stay in a relationship where you respect each other as ice. It is better for you than shouldering the responsibility alone. If you have officially separated from your current girlfriend, you can be introduced by your connections this month. , meet a suitable partner for love at social activities.


Guardian Mars in Scorpio conjuncts the Sun and Mercury, which catalyzes your desire for relationships, in-depth communication, or you want to promote some rare cooperation opportunities. However, the other party is hesitant to consider the actual conditions such as economy, family background, etc., and your enthusiasm is unsatisfactory. The radiant and charming lotus flower cannot change the other person’s deep-rooted thoughts. You will know whether the spark between you can continue around the 10th to the 15th, especially on Double 11 when Mercury enters Sagittarius and encounters the opposition between Fire and Heaven, which is about to break out. The separation and combination test each other’s trust. I hope Venus will protect your relationship this month so that the situation will not be too ugly.

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Starting from the beginning of the month, lovers and partners will express and hint from time to time where the future related to you two should go. As the ruler Saturn turns positive on the 4th, the Scorpio constellation lights up your social life, and Venus increases your visibility. With a high career level, when faced with the choice between love, connections and bread, you will definitely give priority to substantial benefits. For singles to get out of singles during Double 11, it is probably about choosing a lover from many candidate lists who will be beneficial to your future, or who can give you healing and trustworthy advice. As for whether it will progress to marriage, it is not clear. , it depends on the current needs.


From the beginning of the month, you need to face up to your relationship with the person you care about, as well as your partner, cooperation, etc. Even if you really want to maintain it, Venus and Neptune will be opposite and Saturn will be moving in your partner house on the 4th, helping you see through the reasons for hypocrisy and alienation, and also There is insincere deception. Around the 5th, the incident caused by the ruler Mercury opposing Uranus will make the two of you decide whether to break up or get together. Make it clear that if you are the one, don’t disturb. With the kindness of Venus and the energy of the Scorpio new moon on the 13th, you can cut off the relationship beautifully, and after you have sorted out the worldly affairs, there will be no regrets left in your heart. I have the opportunity to meet new people, but I don’t plan to fall in love yet.


Since the ruler Venus has been in Virgo, your expectations for love have not been high. However, in the fierce and obviously intentional Scorpio constellation before and late Double 11, they have successively collided with Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. Singles may be attracted by Venus. With the strong support of Libra, you can let go of being indifferent to love or being cynical about the world, and feel a little bit in love or dependent; and with your partner, due to some accidents, you will either re-recognize the beauty of love, or break up by agreement. At most, Venus can buffer the destructive power of imbalanced relationships, helping you to be successful at work when you are frustrated in love, and join a mutual aid group to soothe your soul.


Since the beginning of autumn, you have been feeling a little disappointed in relationships. It may be that you often focus on your partner or lover, and you have almost become what your friends call a person who forgets friends because of sex, but he seems to value his friends and social life more than you. As Saturn moves directly in Pisces at the beginning of the month, please face your expectations for a relationship with someone who can chart the future together, support each other, and have discussions. If the other party intends to have a serious relationship, the relationship can be established around the new moon in Scorpio. If the other person only talks sweet words and makes you feel like you are being used, love on Double 11 may not necessarily be about getting out of singles for you, but about unraveling thorny emotional bonds.

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