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Check in to the Hohhot Sculpture Art Museum: Dialogue with the world through sculptures – Culture and Entertainment – China Engineering Network


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Check in to the Hohhot Sculpture Art Museum: Dialogue with the world through sculptures

China News Service, Hohhot, November 5

Author Cui Boqun

The picture shows the exhibition work “Venus of Milos”.Photo by Cui Boqun

“I have been to many places, but I have never seen an art museum like this. Especially these works with local folk customs are really great.” Ms. Huang from Guangxi came to Hohhot for the first time and checked in. In her opinion, An art museum with “unique temperament”.

Recently, the “Hohhot First International Sculpture Art Exhibition” and “Watching Northern Xinjiang Sculpture Art Exhibition” kicked off at the newly completed Hohhot Sculpture Art Museum (hereinafter referred to as the art museum). On the 5th, when the reporter visited the art museum, he found that this artistic and cultural building has become a “check-in resort” for local people and a “stronghold” for many artists to communicate with each other.

The picture shows local people taking photos and checking in at the art museum.Photo by Cui Boqun

“The art museum is a semi-underground building built according to the terrain, with a roof covered with lawn.” Jate, the person in charge of the art museum, described the building in front of reporters to reporters: “It’s like ‘growing’ out of the grassland. As the seasons change, , will also show a different look.”


The picture shows an aerial photo of the Hohhot Sculpture Art Museum.Photo courtesy of Hohhot Sculpture Art Museum

When you walk into the art museum, the first thing you see is the “Dialogue” between Confucius and Socrates, which is a work by Chinese sculptor Wu Weishan. This kind of “dialogue” across time and space is a microcosm of this exhibition.


The picture shows the exhibition work “Encounter with God – Dialogue between Confucius and Socrates”.Photo by Cui Boqun

The 161 exhibited works come from different countries, different periods, and different schools. There are masterpieces by art masters such as Michelangelo and Rodin, as well as representative works by artists from China, France, Italy and other countries. There is also a concentrated display of the creative achievements of local artists in Inner Mongolia in recent years.

Qu Jian, President of the Sculpture Society of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is one of the organizers of this exhibition. He is also the director of the Sculpture Department of the Inner Mongolia University of Art. He said: “This exhibition allows our students and teachers to understand what front-line sculpture majors are doing. What to think about, what to study. At the same time, it also provides a brand new idea to local artists participating in the exhibition. This is a kind of communication and interaction.”

At the exhibition, a work called “Moni Mountain” stopped many visitors. According to the creator Yang Xihao: “Our traditional easel art is often dominated by narrative. I want to strip away this narrative. Using steel materials , through abstract expression, let the audience taste, think, touch the work, and then give me feedback. Through this interaction, a complete artistic process is completed.”


The picture shows the exhibition work “Moni Mountain”.Photo by Cui Boqun

Being able to “dialogue” with many artists and visitors through his works, Yang Xihao said that he has gained a lot of nutrition and triggered a lot of thinking: “The land where artists grow up is always the most important source of creation. Whether it is Eastern expressions or Western The expressions all reflect a core, which is where we come from and who we are.”

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