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Huang Zipeng, the local ace who is not inferior to foreign investors, changes his role and becomes a role model! | Dongzhi| LINE TODAY

Huang Zipeng, the local ace who is not inferior to foreign investors, changes his role and becomes a role model! | Dongzhi| LINE TODAY
Huang Zipeng, the local ace who is not inferior to foreign investors, changes his role and becomes a role model! | Dongzhi| LINE TODAY

With his bright smile, sincere attitude, and the friendly appearance of the handsome boy in front of him, it is difficult to imagine that he is the domineering and calm strong pitcher from the secondary school. He is always full of smiles during interviews, and he can immediately arm himself to face strong opponents when he gets on the court. He is “Tiger” Huang Zipeng, the head pitcher of Lotte Peach Monkey.

Find the feeling of being needed

“Baseball”, Huang Zipeng fell in love with it as soon as he met him. He started playing baseball in the fourth year of elementary school. Although he sacrificed a lot of leisure time to join the team, he believed that “you will get something if you give up.” For his dedication to baseball, Huang Zipeng Never regretted it.

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Huang Zipeng, who has been with the Chinese national team since he was a student, actually did not have much special sense of accomplishment in becoming a national player. It was not until the Gwangju World Universiade that Huang Zipeng was hired by the coach at the time and won the gold medal for Taiwan with his teammates. He revealed: “That was the most impressive experience for me as a national player, because I really felt like I could help the team and was needed.”

Changed posture, once doubted myself

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As Taiwan’s leading lateral shooter, Huang Zipeng has not always used such an action in the past. It was in the third grade of junior high school that his coach suggested that he change his practice. Huang Zipeng said frankly: “At that time, I would deny myself and feel that my action was changed. Doesn’t it mean that I’m not good enough, but in order to continue to fight higher, I gave it a try, but I didn’t expect that I could master this posture.”

Although his performance got better and better after switching to side throwing, after going through the “sweet period” of changing his posture, Huang Zipeng began to have the idea of ​​​​getting into trouble. For a time, he was afraid of injury, which affected his coordination in throwing. Fortunately, he kept thinking about how to break through. , Huang Zipeng soon became enlightened again, his pitching performance improved to a higher level, and he also moved towards becoming a top side pitcher.

The suffering of stalling, almost giving up

The optimistic and cheerful Huang Zipeng has also experienced a low period. In 2016, he could not find the feeling of pitching at all. Huang Zipeng recalled that time and said excitedly: “At that time, after the New Year, the team (Chongyue Technology) went back to practice. It was really… It’s no exaggeration. I threw the ball with all my strength, and the speed was only about 126 kilometers. At that time, I felt cold, thinking that I had been playing for more than ten years, and the ball speed returned to the middle school.” Huang Zipeng was so frustrated that he asked himself if he should give up, but he thought about it all the way. With his supportive family and his favorite baseball, he decided to give himself a year to regain his pitching form and prepare to participate in the professional baseball dream of a mid-career draft pick since he was a child.

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“Face failure bravely” is what Huang Zipeng tells himself most often. In the high-pressure environment of professional baseball, you can only survive if you know how to adjust yourself and review your failures. Huang Zipeng also hopes to learn from his predecessors such as Chen Yuxun and Wang Yuelin and become a unique pitcher. Use baseball to let more people know Huang Zipeng.

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