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▲Phillies ace Aaron Nola has become a free agent. The team may not sign him back and instead pursue Cy Young left-hander Blake Snell. (Photo/AP/Dazhi Image)
▲Phillies ace Aaron Nola has become a free agent. The team may not sign him back and instead pursue Cy Young left-hander Blake Snell. (Photo/AP/Dazhi Image)

Reporter Zhang Zhiyu/Comprehensive Report

2023-11-06 11:08:14

The 31-year-old Philadelphia Phillies (MLB) ace Aaron Nola is eligible for free agency for the first time this year. According to “USA Today”, the Phillies may give up on signing Aaron Nola back and pursue the Cy Young left-hander in the free market. Blake Snell.

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“USA Today” reporter Bob Nightengale revealed that when the Phillies negotiated a contract extension with Aaron Nola last year, they offered a four-year, $100 million contract, but was ultimately rejected. The top executives of each team still believe that the Phillies will continue to do so. The benchmark serves as an offer for Nola, but if it is unsuccessful, Nola will not be specifically pursued. Instead, he will turn to Cy Young left-hander Blake Snell. Regarding this operation, Bob Nightengale believes that it is not a wise move to let go of Aaron Nola, who has been an iron man in recent years, and sign the less durable Blake Snell. However, if the Phillies owner John Middleton is unwilling to increase the budget to pursue Nola, he will inevitably pursue Nola in the free market. By strengthening the depth of left-handers, there will be a good chance to win Cy Young left-hander Blake Snell with a silver bullet offensive. Aaron Nola can be said to be an iron man in the league in the past six seasons. He only played 12 games in the shortened season of 2020 and started at least 32 games in the other five seasons. He even started 34 games in a single season in 2019 and 32 games this season. He posted 12 wins and 9 losses, with a high ERA of 4.46 and 202 strikeouts. On the other hand, Blake Snell has had injury concerns in recent years. He only started 27 games and 24 games in the first two seasons, but he has delivered a Cy Young-level performance this season, starting 32 games and posting a record of 14 wins, 9 losses, and a defensive record. With a 2.25 rate and 234 strikeouts, he is expected to win the National League Yang Award this year.

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