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Seeing my hometown, seeing myself, discovering myself, optimizing myself, starting from me

Seeing my hometown, seeing myself, discovering myself, optimizing myself, starting from me
Seeing my hometown, seeing myself, discovering myself, optimizing myself, starting from me

I am a blank piece of paper
First time to see this event
Enter Taipei
Performance hall of Sino-Fung Financial Holdings Zhonglun Building
I’m so surprised
So envious
i saw
“Seeing Hometown” story in the amusement park
The joy of big brothers and sisters coming together
The scene of the “Sustainable Harvest” video results presentation conference
I felt the teachers’ dedicated promotion
Enthusiastic development across teams
One by one, stories of building dreams with “love”
The young directors behind the scenes are all happy to learn and grow
And a confident face…

7 years
30 elementary and junior high schools
63 young directors
I took everyone back one after another to see my hometown.

A project to encourage school children to operate aerial photography cameras…
Make a video
Tell the stories behind their hometown stories one by one
Today’s results shown in video
Let your hometown be seen
Encourage all people to pay attention to their tangible hometown
Discover the value of your hometown around you
I’m in the story park
Seeing my hometown is starting from me!

This year it was at the end of last year
Just think about it
I’m thinking about what kind of theme we can do this year
Then I wanted to say
I hope all the children
You can learn while playing games
So I just want to say
That’s because we want to make a story
I just think it has games and learning
That’s why our theme is called Story Amusement Park
When I saw the story amusement park in my hometown, it looked like this
The hope is that there will always be good harvests
our our plan
Let him go on for a long time
More and more schools can participate together
Sustainability and hope that every year will be a bumper harvest
rich vintage

How many years have you been doing this
I started joining in 2018
But at the beginning
I’m actually just working as a team assistant
Accept that teacher Huang’s invitation
Teacher Xiao Huang invites
Then come here and be a team assistant
And then after uh
Because I’m more talkative
Just think about it
I think there is room for adjustment in the course
So I accidentally added it to Compare Internal
Then I will be responsible for some coursework and activities.
very good
nice to meet you
thanks, thanks
Everyone is welcome to come!

Hello everyone, I am Teacher Xiao Huang
I’m very happy to share it with you all
I think
The Seeing Hometown Project lasted for nearly 7 years
So this plan?
From the very beginning when I got my grades
Actually, it started from my interview with Mr. Su
Come and meet the Self-Making Association of the Republic of China
What about after pushing along the way?
I really think this plan is getting better and better
And his energy is also very great
So later, three or four years later
The association “See Hometown” was established
What about the new year 2023?
We just saw it
He has this new possibility
Of course it is
We also invited many young people
I hope to have the opportunity to pass it on to young people
This is where we are working
Of course it’s important
why would i want to push
And then continue
In fact, we mainly just saw it
Many partners who participated in this project
Of course the most important thing is our children
Because the children are what we care about most.
Also our next generation
And of course their teachers
And their parents
Also, we are in the process
These young people who serve
And even this so-called uh we saw
We elders
That should be in this process
We actually saw a lot of children
in this process
From the beginning they were very, very shy.
They stood on the stage and refused to make any sound
Hidden behind
We go through 6 to 8 months of training
Of course they ended up
Getting better and better
They have the opportunity to stand
Whether it was the previous National Cheng Kung University
Or this time on the stage of SinoPac Financial Holdings
tell everyone
Hello everyone, I am from Qigu District, Tainan.
Director of Shulin Elementary School
Who so…
Who is good no matter where they come from
I think a child can have such courage
I was reluctant to speak from the beginning
Until he is brave enough to tell everyone who he is
I think this process is like this
In fact, for Teacher Xiao Huang
I also have teacher Su Wenyu or principal A Liang
3 of us
In fact, we all feel that this plan has been successful.
So um in this process
In fact, the children are actually taking us with them
keep going forward
We also think
This is really something worth doing
So there is
Of course teachers and parents will also give us feedback and say wow
They feel that their children have really changed a lot
There are many, many problems that cannot be solved
It’s all in this process
they learned
also grown
But I don’t think they are the only ones
That includes team support services
We think and feel
In the process of serving
I also started to ask questions myself
Including Teacher Xiao Huang himself
do we really know each other
Our land of Taiwan
And get to know my hometown
I think
This is worthy of everyone’s reflection
so much time has passed
We also really hope for such a uh
We often said
It is actually more like a social movement
We hope it can become a
It can inspire more people to see it together
Such an action
Then I think this year is really uh
Let us also bring better expectations to the future.
Because we also saw us
I have good friends in Malaysia
There is the chairman of the German Film Festival
They are all very, very supportive.
Saw that too
Our original intention in doing this is
So I think, uh, I hope
Can something like this continue?
And I hope there will be more young people
and more children
More parents and teachers
You can join the ranks of those who see it together
I think Taiwan
I just need to be like this
from our hearts
willing to do
Then let us take such an action
Can move more partners
Then let the world also see Taiwan
That’s probably what I think we’re doing
The most meaningful place
Through these activities
Just let the children
Being able to see the beautiful places in my hometown
Then after seeing and discovering the good things about my hometown,
When I grow up, in the process of working hard and studying,
Then you can have a home to go back to
Then there are some emotional triggers
so that they can be in uh
encounter difficulties in the future
then there are more feelings
It is possible to express and grow

I learned photography skills from Seeing My Hometown
Photography angles and editing techniques
and access devices
You need to learn how to set up interview outlines and questions
Wow you are awesome
What grade are you in now?
I’m in sixth grade now
Sixth grade pair
Half a year, right?
You can achieve this result in half a year.
Very good. Your teachers are also great.

Did you encounter any setbacks during the process?
Or how did you overcome it?
Didn’t encounter any setbacks
Because the editing went pretty smoothly.
There are no missing files like other elementary schools.
We are quite cautious
Did you drop it?
Go down there and it will be you, right?
To you
Can you tell me about this part?
Well, there was one time when we were filming a behind-the-scenes video
I’ll just walk back
Then I forgot there was a ditch behind me
I’ll just keep falling down
Fortunately there is grass below
Otherwise I might be a little hurt haha
Wow that’s great
What a great tidbit
Good to you
That doesn’t hurt, right?
Not at all
Right, great
Originally, I just went to visit and see the excitement.
Feeling ashamed
2023 Seeing My Hometown Film Festival and Results Presentation
What moved me
It is learning and practice that create perfection
Uplifting children in such a short period of time
can change children and change themselves
This sentence
It really improves children’s minds and abilities
they can
We should also work hard to encourage each other
Let’s work hard for tomorrow together
Values ​​at the heart of our hometown community
tell stories
Try your best
Finally, I want to say “see my hometown” and let me start.
Reported by Dad Zhou from Zhonglun, Taipei

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