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Lai Ching-te: In the future, the country’s general line cannot rely on China but must trust Taiwan – Politics – Liberty Times e-newsletter

Lai Ching-te: In the future, the country’s general line cannot rely on China but must trust Taiwan – Politics – Liberty Times e-newsletter
Lai Ching-te: In the future, the country’s general line cannot rely on China but must trust Taiwan – Politics – Liberty Times e-newsletter

Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Lai Ching-te (2nd from left) and Executive Yuan President Chen Chien-jen (2nd from right) attended the first rally in Taoyuan. More than 20,000 supporters poured in and shouted “Lai Ching-te freezes garlic!” (Photo by reporter Li Rongping)

[Reporter Li Rongping/Taoyuan Report]Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate Lai Qingde attended the founding meeting of the South Taoyuan campaign headquarters this evening (5th) and said that the president that the people of Taiwan expect is an experienced person who can steadily lead the country to progress. He is a president who is responsible and can put forward the direction of the country’s vision. He is also a president who will not yield in the face of pressure and can face it calmly when receiving support. He will move forward steadily and defend Taiwan. “Taiwan’s future general national policy cannot rely on China. We must trust Taiwan.”

Lai Ching-te said that over the past seven years, under the leadership of President Tsai Ing-wen, the Democratic Progressive Party has responsibly promoted reforms and improved Taiwan’s physical health, and the results have been visible, including promoting long-term care 2.0 and 0 to 10 to reduce the burden on young generations. The national child care subsidy for 6-year-olds, rent subsidies to reduce the burden on young people, salary increases and tax cuts are all related to the energy transformation of net-zero carbon emissions and environmental sustainability, allowing green energy power generation to surpass nuclear power generation and develop from under the sea. In outer space, the first Chinese-made submarine has been launched, the Chinese-made high-education aircraft Yongying is also soaring in the sky, and the first Chinese-made weather satellite Wind Hunter is orbiting in the sky. The stock market has been unable to do so in the past. Ten thousand points, the DPP has reached 16,000 points since it came to power.

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Also, when the Kuomintang was in power, Taiwanese businessmen left Taiwan to invest in China in large numbers. Now the amount of overseas investment in Taiwan has exceeded 2 trillion yuan. The export of agricultural products has been suppressed by China. In the past, when the Ma government was in power, the total export value of Taiwan’s agricultural products to China was Nearly 20% has now dropped to 12.9%, and exports to the United States have increased to 17.5% of the total value, making the United States the country with the highest proportion of Taiwan’s agricultural exports, giving farmers more security.

Lai Ching-te mentioned that although Taiwan’s transformation project has achieved results, it has not yet been completely completed, especially since the international situation continues to change dramatically. There is no time to hesitate in the direction of reform and go back. We must stand firm and seize the current advantages. Use the next four years to lay the foundation for development in the next 10 and 20 years. Over the past two years, he has combined more than 200 experts and scholars to focus on 16 areas including economy, industry, childcare, culture, diplomacy, national defense, and national security. Discussions were held in major areas and more than 80 specific political opinions were put forward. A total of 7 National Hope Project Vision Briefing Meetings have been held since September this year, because we must have a vision, a stance, and preparations for the country’s future.

Lai emphasized that the DPP was founded on September 28, 1986 during the martial law period. For decades, it has stood with the people of Taiwan and worked hard with various democratic forces in Taiwanese society. Along the way, it has broken party bans, reported bans, and abolished 100 articles of the criminal code to fight for freedom of speech. On the other hand, the DPP also promotes comprehensive re-election of Congress and direct presidential election, so that the past can move from the dark age of authoritarian martial law to the civilized time of democracy and freedom today; at this critical moment, he implores everyone Support local political parties and vote for the Democratic Progressive Party, the party that protects Taiwan and promotes democracy, peace and prosperity.

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