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Who will be next?Analysis: Senior officials are afraid of Li Keqiang’s death | Premier of the Communist Party of China | Crisis | Heart attack

Who will be next?Analysis: Senior officials are afraid of Li Keqiang’s death | Premier of the Communist Party of China | Crisis | Heart attack
Who will be next?Analysis: Senior officials are afraid of Li Keqiang’s death | Premier of the Communist Party of China | Crisis | Heart attack

[New Tang Dynasty News, Beijing time, November 04, 2023]Former Chinese Communist Party Premier Li Keqiang was cremated a few days ago. Xi Jinping and the Seventh Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China attended the ceremony. The funeral pattern was similar to that of former Prime Minister Li Peng. The outside world believes that in order to quell the dissatisfaction from all sides, Xi finally “exercised all the etiquette”. However, some scholars believe that with Li Keqiang’s death, Xi’s crisis will become greater and greater, and Li’s death will also scare senior officials.

The CCP official stated that Li Keqiang, who went to “Shanghai to rest”, died of a “sudden heart attack” in the early morning of October 27. The body arrived in Beijing that night. After Li Keqiang’s death, there were huge crowds of people paying tribute in many places, and the authorities also sent out a large number of plainclothes surveillance officers.

Li Keqiang, 68, has been in power for ten years, but his power has been eclipsed by Xi Jinping. He died suddenly more than seven months after leaving office. Public opinion believed that this was directly or indirectly related to the struggle within the Chinese Communist Party. Some CCP members even wrote an open letter asking the authorities to investigate the cause of Li Keqiang’s death.

On the morning of November 2, Li Keqiang’s body was cremated in Babaoshan, Beijing. On that day, the CCP authorities seemed to be facing a formidable enemy. Roads were closed along Chang’an Avenue in Beijing and around Babaoshan Mountain. A large number of police and men in black were on alert to monitor the mourning crowd.

On the same day, Xi Jinping and other members of the Seventh Standing Committee of the Communist Party of China appeared at Li Keqiang’s funeral and shook hands with Li Keqiang’s relatives. Judging from the specifications of the funeral, the Chinese Communist authorities followed the model of the late Prime Minister Li Peng.

Many observers believe that the authorities’ high-profile burial of Li Keqiang is also to appease the dissatisfaction of all parties, but the biggest crisis is yet to come.

Qin Jin, a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Sydney, Australia, told NTDTV that the Chinese Communist Party’s official etiquette after Li Keqiang’s death was all superficial and false.

Feng Chongyi, associate professor at the University of Technology, Sydney, said that Xi Jinping finally followed all the etiquette, but many people across the country and inside and outside the system spontaneously went to mourn Li Keqiang. This was a big impact on Xi and made him afraid.

Qin Jin believes that Li Keqiang’s death will make senior CCP officials afraid, wondering who will become him next. But after Li Keqiang died, Xi Jinping’s crisis has not passed. On the contrary, the crisis is getting bigger and bigger.

Qin Jin said that Li Keqiang’s death may bring about major changes in Chinese politics. Nowadays, the internal conflicts and struggles within the CCP are intensifying, the domestic economic situation is getting worse and worse, and the international environment is getting worse and worse. If one foot is accidentally missed, the entire CCP will be doomed.

It has only been one year since Xi Jinping’s third term. Foreign Minister Qin Gang and Defense Minister Li Shangfu, both of whom he personally promoted, have stepped down. The Rocket Force he personally established has been purged, and several of his former commanders and deputy commanders have been arrested. The internal fighting between the Xi family and the military has attracted much attention from the outside world.

Current political commentator Tang Jingyuan said in the “Elite Forum” that Li Keqiang is a moderate party-protector. In fact, there is no difference between Li Keqiang and Xi Jinping on the basis of party-protection. They are both trying to find ways to extend the life of the party, but The specific means and methods they adopt are different.

Tang Jingyuan believes that Li Keqiang’s death announced the complete disappearance of the entire technocrats as a political force in the CCP’s political arena, which will bring about a huge change in the entire CCP power structure.

Yuan Hongbing, a legal scholar living in Australia, recently told The Epoch Times that Xi Jinping has been in power for ten years, and now there is boiling public resentment and official resentment. After all, Li Keqiang himself is an integral part of the CCP system, so when people use Li Keqiang’s death to express their dissatisfaction, Xi Jinping wants to suppress it, but it is difficult to use the most powerful weapon.

Yuan Hongbing said that the purges of Qin Gang and Li Shangfu are events that better reflect Xi Jinping’s current political crisis. The real issue that needs attention now is that soon after the Li Keqiang incident, Xi Jinping had to kill his personally appointed cronies and ministers he considered useful.

Yuan Hongbing said that he believes that the final collapse of Xi Jinping and the CCP are both approaching events.

Feng Chongyi said that the struggle for power in the Communist Party will never stop, and the internal power struggle among the Xi Jiajun will continue.

(Editor: Tang Zheng)

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