Analysis: Li Keqiang seemed to have disappeared from Chinese society after being cremated | Wukesong Subway Station | Picking quarrels and provoking trouble | Social darkness

Analysis: Li Keqiang seemed to have disappeared from Chinese society after being cremated | Wukesong Subway Station | Picking quarrels and provoking trouble | Social darkness
Analysis: Li Keqiang seemed to have disappeared from Chinese society after being cremated | Wukesong Subway Station | Picking quarrels and provoking trouble | Social darkness

The picture shows Li Keqiang speaking at a press conference after the closing of the first session of the 13th National People’s Congress on March 20, 2018. (Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

[The Epoch Times, November 4, 2023](Epoch Times reporter Li Yuanming interviewed and reported) After Li Keqiang was cremated in Beijing on November 2, there was no news about Li Keqiang online or offline, as if nothing had happened. A former mainland media person analyzed that Li Keqiang’s death was led by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

On November 2, former Premier Li Keqiang of the Communist Party of China was cremated in Beijing. In the evening, police, police cars and blue vests appeared at No. 80 Hongxing Road, Hefei, Anhui. Two intersections were blocked at night, preventing citizens from laying flowers. There were many box trucks transporting flowers from the public. By the morning of the 3rd, the sea of ​​flowers at No. 80 Hongxing Road, Li Keqiang’s former residence, had disappeared.

It is worth noting that photos of people laying flowers in memory of Li Keqiang were also circulated on the Internet without official reports. On the 3rd, there was no mention of Li Keqiang on the homepages of major websites in mainland China.

“People have ideas,” Beijing boss angrily denounces police control

On November 2, wherever Li Keqiang’s hearse passed, roads were closed and police were heavily deployed throughout the process. At the Wukesong subway station on Fuxing Road, some Beijing citizens were waiting for Li Keqiang’s hearse and took pictures. When the relevant vehicles passed by, they were forcibly stopped by plainclothes officers who said, “Stop taking pictures.” They knocked over the mobile phone of a Beijing gentleman.

The Beijing man was irritated and said that he had experienced it in that era. He asked the police, “Who gave you the order? I asked you who gave you the order? The people have ideas, but you still force them to be here… You have no idea that you are young… You have survived in our era, I understand everything.”

“It’s the police, it’s the air pollution, the weather is bad and I’m sending the Prime Minister away. What’s the use of me taking pictures? If you don’t let me take pictures anymore, you’ve lost even this bit of freedom. Can I have no objection? I have a problem with you, young man. .”

Due to police interference, the footage of Li Keqiang’s hearse passing by was not captured, which made Mr. Beijing even more angry. He said, “We didn’t do this when we sent off the Prime Minister. We didn’t do this when we sent off Premier Zhou! We just let us take to the streets, you know! Now that we’re like this, we won’t say anything, and you won’t let me take pictures. I’m invading your privacy.” Are you here, young man? I already have a lot of ideas. To be honest, let’s go home and talk about it! We won’t talk today! The young man is ignorant and too young!”

Multiple sources show that the Chinese Communist authorities are downplaying and suppressing people’s mourning for Li Keqiang. On the same day, on Shangzhuang East Street in Shijingshan District, east of Babaoshan Cemetery, when Li Keqiang’s hearse passed by, a woman was taken away from the scene by two plainclothes cover her mouth.

Public welfare activist Ho Peirong learned that on the day Li Keqiang passed away, Peking University immediately issued a notice prohibiting any gatherings to mourn.

People mourn Li Keqiang who was summoned by the police

Outside Beijing, various places are also strictly controlling any form of mourning activities for Li Keqiang.

Videos and pictures posted online showed that Chongqing citizen Zhong Rongyuan was summoned by the Xuanhua Road Police Department on suspicion of provoking trouble because he said in a group that he wanted to send a bouquet of flowers to a place commemorating Li Keqiang.

Chongqing citizen Zhong Rongyuan was summoned by the police because he said in the group that he would send a bouquet of flowers to Li Keqiang. (Internet picture)

Netizens said, “It is a big joke in the world. In commemoration of the former prime minister, he was also punished for the crime of picking quarrels and provoking trouble. This country has reached a point where there is no justice at all!” “A real-life version of Rakshasa Kingdom.” “It’s another day when every tree and grass is surrounded by soldiers.” I heard that many people were arrested.” “I just posted a few pictures on my circle of friends and they were blocked.”

Netizens discussed mourning Li Keqiang’s “stability maintenance”. (provided by interviewee)

Bai Liusu, a dissident and retired female soldier living in New Zealand, told The Epoch Times reporter that in Zhengzhou, Henan, many people in Zhengdong New District went to the Corn House to commemorate Li Keqiang, but were persuaded to leave by the local neighborhood committee.

Someone also paid homage to Li Keqiang at his home in Anyang and broadcast live in the group. The police station soon came to summon him. “China’s grid management is detailed to everyone. Whether you are a high-rise building or a backward and remote mountainous desert, you can be found instantly!” she said.

Former media person Zhao Lanjian also told reporters that a netizen with whom he had been in contact for a long time went to the park to send flowers to mourn Li Keqiang, but was violently dragged into a van by several police officers. She pretended to be frightened to the point of incontinence and took the opportunity to delete some files on her phone. The police wanted to record a statement and report it to Beijing, but she escaped cleverly.

Zhao Lanjian believes that the most important information in this case is that the list of people arrested in memory of Li Keqiang must be reported to Beijing. Beijing’s gangsters are unified in carrying out secret crackdowns, and local police have no independent decision-making power. This proves that Li Keqiang’s death and all events triggered after his death, including commemorative events, were led by a certain department of the central government. The arrest of sensitive memorial personnel is also part of the overall plan.

The darkness of Chinese society

Li Keqiang’s sudden death from a heart attack, the authorities’ quiet and quick removal of his body, and their suppression of public mourning activities have left a lot of doubts in the public mind.

Li Keqiang is considered a representative of the reform faction within the CCP and is even considered a liberal. Among the people, people think that he occasionally speaks down-to-earth words. For example, there are 600 million people in China earning a monthly income of 1,000 yuan.

Zhao Lanjian said that Li Keqiang did not make any greater substantive contributions to society during his term in office. He is remembered only because he said a few words of conscience that ordinary people can say, such as rescuing those who Trafficked women. This is common sense for every citizen in Western democratic societies.

“That reflects the darkness of the entire Chinese era. Because he just said a normal human thing, he was thanked by the people. This reflects the darkness of the overall Chinese society.”

Bai Liusu believes that Xi Jinping just wants to downplay the death of Li Keqiang. His approach is completely hoping that Li Keqiang will disappear quietly and quickly. “Look at how Li Keqiang didn’t dare to look back when Lao Hu (Hu Jintao’s 20th leader) was dragged. In fact, at that time, he basically knew that he was going to be killed too.”

“The CCP is afraid of a recurrence of 8964, and is afraid that people’s mourning will trigger strong dissatisfaction with Xi Jinping, thereby posing a threat to Xi Jinping’s authoritarian government,” she said.

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