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Accompanying Lai Qingde at the Technology Baseball Carnival Huang Weizhe: Pitch well for Taiwan


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In order to showcase Tainan City’s baseball technology and creativity and create Tainan’s all-round sports technology industry, the Tainan City Government held the “Technology Baseball Carnival” today (4th) at the Tainan Asia Pacific International Baseball Training Center. Vice President Lai Ching-te and Tainan Mayor Huang Weizhe , President Wu Chengwen of Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Chairman Hong Shu of Catcher Technology, Dean Liu Wenxiong of Industrial Research Institute, Giants Little League national players Ye Zhixian and Shen Qingwen jointly served as kick-off guests. The event was organized in conjunction with the Family Day of Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology and Catcher Technology , the live activities were lively and interesting, attracting many baseball-loving citizens to participate.

Vice President Lai Qingde said that although the Asia-Pacific Baseball Training Center City began preparations during his term, most of the hardware construction was completed during Mayor Huang Weizhe’s term. He was very grateful to Mayor Huang for continuing to complete the policy and looked forward to the future integration of technology. Sports allow players to stand out in various competitions.

Accompanying Lai Qingde at the Technology Baseball Carnival Huang Weizhe: Pitch well for Taiwan

Mayor Huang Weizhe also detailed the preparation process of the Asia-Pacific Baseball Training Center. He said that Vice President Lai Ching-te began to plan the Tainan Asia-Pacific International Baseball Training Center during his tenure as mayor. The Little League stadium is located in Mayor Lai and Li Mengyan City. Construction was contracted during his long tenure, and the construction of the baseball stadium was contracted when he was mayor. When completed next year, it will provide a baseball stadium with international baseball stadium specifications and complete functions, so as to train outstanding players and promote the popularity of baseball. , in the future, baseball players from all over the world will come here to compete with each other.

Huang Weizhe said that the relationship between Tainan and baseball has a long history. Baseball is not only an important cultural element in Tainan, but also a key sports development project in Tainan. The Nanshan City Government attaches great importance to grassroots baseball cultivation and the three-level connection system, and invests a considerable amount of financial support every year. The development of grassroots baseball also encourages industry-university cooperation to develop technological baseball, using the professionalism and entertainment of baseball, combined with sports technology, to develop the digitization and accessibility of baseball, allowing players and teams to compete during games Can show maximum explosive power.

Accompanying Lai Qingde at the Technology Baseball Carnival Huang Weizhe: Pitch well for TaiwanAccompanying Lai Qingde at the Technology Baseball Carnival Huang Weizhe: Pitch well for Taiwan
Accompanying Lai Qingde at the Technology Baseball Carnival Huang Weizhe: Pitch well for Taiwan

The Sports Bureau stated that the “Technology Baseball Carnival” held today invited three groups of teams to compete. The first game was played by the women’s baseball team of Taipei City University and National Taiwan Sports University. The second and third games were played by Tainan City University. The competition between Xiejin Elementary School and Yongxin Elementary School and Yizai Elementary School and Liren Elementary School were supported by the sports science team of Cheng Kung University to develop AI computer vision to analyze the pitcher’s pitching and batter’s swing joint movement trajectory, speed and batting in real time. The technology of ball point angle measurement can accurately reconstruct the player’s movement trajectory. With the combination of technology and baseball, participants can experience a new game-watching experience that is different from the past. In order to enable people who are unable to come to watch the game to enjoy the multi-angle viewing experience in person, today’s event combined 5G wireless transmission technology to conduct a live broadcast of the event and launch a unique sports technology exhibition competition.

In order to allow Chinese people to better understand the development of technological baseball activities and lead the audience into the world of technological baseball, in addition to watching technological baseball games, people participating in the carnival today can also experience a number of technological baseball-related equipment on-site, such as the augmented reality of Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology (AR) catcher, experience the fun of squatting; the Smart Bullpen 2.0 is also displayed on site, providing comprehensive and accurate sports performance data and multi-angle high-speed images, bringing a new, professional and interesting experience to the participants.

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