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As a leading global bank in Taiwan, Citibank has been awarded multiple financial business and ESG sustainability-related awards in the Bank Excellence Awards for eight consecutive years. This year, it also won the “Best Corporate Finance Award” and “Best Corporate Finance Award” in the “Excellence Bank Awards 2023”. The double awards of “Best ESG Sustainability Award” demonstrate that Citi’s achievements in Taiwan are highly recognized.

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In the past sixty years, Citibank has never stopped cultivating in Taiwan. In 2021, in response to Citigroup’s global strategy, it announced the sale of its consumer finance business in the Taiwan market. It will devote itself to serving corporate financial customers and cooperate with 800 multinational companies and 1,600 banks. The outstanding customer base of hundreds of small and medium-sized enterprises and one hundred local leading companies has grown together.

Continue to develop corporate finance services in Taiwan
Be the best financial partner for local companies

For Citi, Taiwan is one of the important markets in the Asia-Pacific region and the world. Taking financial services as an example, approximately US$466 billion in assets are currently under custody of Citigroup Taiwan, with a market share of more than 20% and a leading position. . Since 2010, Citi has raised more than US$13 billion in funds for Taiwanese companies, and will continue to invest in the future to deeply develop the financial business of local companies and institutions and provide the highest quality services.

Yu Yuanling, head of Citigroup (Taiwan) Bank’s commercial finance business group, emphasized: “Citigroup is an international bank with a dense global network. It deeply cultivates and understands its global network base market. In addition to providing customers with cross-border funds and financial management needs, it can also Through Citi’s offices in 95 markets around the world, we provide clients with the most timely local market information and analysis.”

As international supply chains reorganize after the epidemic, Citi provides Taiwanese companies with supply chain migration strategies and direction through seamless cross-border financial services. Currently, local clients have spread across 54 international markets. Faced with the pressures and challenges brought about by geopolitical risks, rapidly changing economic trends, and liquidity, Citi provides corporate clients with global financial services in as many as 140 international currencies. The remittance service solves the special foreign currency payment problems of enterprises; whether it is capital transfer, foreign exchange hedging or quick remittance in different places, enterprises can use Citi’s global payment platform to control corporate cash flow and control operating costs. In addition, Citi also launched corporate mobile online banking, remittance intelligent detection services, liquidity management and reconciliation automation services to help customers flexibly meet various operational and capital needs.

Citigroup Global Volunteer Day implements corporate social responsibility and was recognized by the “Best ESG Sustainability Award” in the “2023 Excellent Bank Rating”.

In line with ESG transformation trends
Empowering enterprises for sustainable growth

Facing the challenge of extreme climate, Citi continues to deepen its ESG concepts on the road to sustainability. In response to the group’s 2050 net-zero carbon emissions goal, Citi (Taiwan) upgraded the sustainability business unit (ESG Taskforce) level in 2022 and actively promoted the ESG strategies and goals of each business group from top to bottom. Drive Citi’s sustainable development.

In response to the sustainable transformation needs of corporate customers, Citi also connects financial products and services with ESG indicators to help customers move towards sustainability. The platform services focus on two major areas: 1. ESG credit: introducing climate risks into the corporate credit process Assessment Scorecard (CRAS) assesses clients’ vulnerability, feasibility of low-carbon transition, and climate governance and disclosure quality to identify climate risks faced by clients and their response measures. 2. Sustainable trade products: Citigroup (Taiwan) currently provides three products: green trade loans, sustainable linked trade loans, and sustainable linked supply chain financing. It also provides ESG strategic consulting solutions to work with customers to plan carbon reduction goals and promote sustainable development. Continue transformation. In response to the sustainable development of the United Nations, Citi is committed to promoting inclusive finance in Taiwan. Since 2004, Citi has begun to promote financial literacy education and cooperated with local charity partners to promote correct financial management concepts, benefiting more than 800,000 people. people, the total amount invested in education has exceeded NT$13.2 billion.

Citi’s outstanding performance in the Taiwan market has been recognized by numerous domestic and international awards over the years, including being named “Best Equity Advisor” by The Asset Magazine for two consecutive years and “Best International Financial Advisor” for eight consecutive years. “Best Corporate and Institutional Bank”, and in 2023, it was awarded “Taiwan’s Best Subcustodian” for the sixth consecutive year. The internationally renowned “Asia Dollar Magazine” recognized Citi (Taiwan)’s outstanding performance by awarding it the “Best Investment Bank” award for two consecutive years.

Citi (Taiwan) has also won the “Best International Investment Bank” award from the authoritative financial magazine “FinanceAsia” four times in the past six years. As for the domestic award-winning awards, there are many awards such as the Financial Research and Training Institute’s Elite Award, World Magazine’s Corporate Citizenship Award, and “Excellence Magazine”, which recognize Citi’s efforts and achievements in assisting corporate development and sustainable transformation in Taiwan.

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