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Kaohsiung Shoushan Zoo’s friendly design wins first prize at Taiwan Architecture Awards | Culture | CNA

Kaohsiung Shoushan Zoo’s friendly design wins first prize at Taiwan Architecture Awards | Culture | CNA
Kaohsiung Shoushan Zoo’s friendly design wins first prize at Taiwan Architecture Awards | Culture | CNA

(Central News Agency reporter Lin Qiaolian, Kaohsiung, 4th) Kaohsiung Shoushan Zoo won the first prize of the Taiwan Architecture Award, and the Kaohsiung Pop Music Center also won the Urban Vitality Special Award. Kaohsiung Mayor Chen Chi-mai said that the friendly design allows people to visit and observe in a non-disturbing way, and also makes the animals’ lives more comfortable.

A press release from the Kaohsiung City Tourism Bureau stated that the Taiwan Architecture Award organized by Architect Magazine is the oldest and most credible architectural award in Taiwan; it would like to thank the judges for their recognition of the zoo’s design that brings people and animals closer.

The judges of the Taiwan Architecture Award said that when you walk through the sky corridor, you will find that the view of the garden becomes vast. When you walk down the corridor, you will feel like you are surrounded by animals without disturbing them. The design thinking of architect Qiu Wenjie is not just a beautiful building. , but to think further about public activities and bring the relationship between humans and animals closer.

Qiu Wenjie, the architect who renovated the Shoushan Zoo, said that in every high-quality and civilized city, there will be a zoo that children like to get close to. It is an honor to have the opportunity to serve the citizens of Kaohsiung and leave some achievements. I am also grateful to Kaohsiung, which is in progress, not only to make architecture Teachers give full play to their professionalism and implement it into the fruits of citizens’ daily life.

The Tourism Bureau pointed out that Kaohsiung communicates with the environment through architecture and uses friendly design to allow the public to visit and observe animals in a way that does not disturb the lives of animals. It promotes animal protection education in a leisurely and comfortable manner, which not only makes the animals live more comfortably, but also brings new life to the public. Experiences and memories.

Tourism Director Gao Minlin pointed out that the “New Zoo Movement” aims to improve the welfare of animals, with three major design focuses: a place of freedom for animals, a paradise for parents and children, and a barrier-free skywalk.

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Gao Minlin said that the overall renovation project of the zoo not only opened the windows of the two closed animal houses, echoing the image of Shoushan Mountain, but also built them into mountain-shaped houses, and then used the design of blinds and patios to allow wind to flow and bring light into the room, and also provide animals with shelter from the wind. Rain Space also connects the mountain-shaped houses, the animals’ home, through a barrier-free sky bridge, providing a more friendly route for tourists.

Gao Minlin said that the renovated Shoushan Zoo’s captive environment has been recognized by representatives of the Veterinary Medical Association, the Architects Association, and natural ecology scholars. The overall space design and engineering have won the 22nd Public Works Gold Award and the 2023 Urban Engineering Quality Gold Award. The quality award was affirmed; this time, it stood out from 239 submitted works and won the first prize of the Taiwan Architecture Award. (Editor: Guo Yuru) 1121104


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