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Wang Youqun: What was the cause of the most tragic air crash in the history of the Chinese Communist Party? | Guilin Air Crash | Crushing Disintegration | Bizarre

Wang Youqun: What was the cause of the most tragic air crash in the history of the Chinese Communist Party? | Guilin Air Crash | Crushing Disintegration | Bizarre
Wang Youqun: What was the cause of the most tragic air crash in the history of the Chinese Communist Party? | Guilin Air Crash | Crushing Disintegration | Bizarre

[The Epoch Times, November 4, 2023]On November 24, 1992, China Southern Airlines flight 3943, flying from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport to Guilin Qifengling Airport, crashed while approaching Guilin Qifengling Airport. All people on board were killed on Tianma Mountain in Yangshuo County, about 32 kilometers from the airport.

The crash was classified as a first-class flight accident and was the deadliest air crash in mainland China at the time.

Air crash passed

The plane took off from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport at 7:17 a.m. that day.

After takeoff, the aircraft cruised at an altitude of 7,000 meters. 24 minutes later, it entered the Guilin air traffic control area. One minute later, the crew reported: It is expected to arrive in Guilin at 55 minutes.

Four minutes later, the crew reported a flight altitude of 4,500 meters. After another 4 minutes, the aircraft descended to 2,400 meters. 45 seconds later, the crew requested to enter the three sides (the “downwind side” in airport terms) at an altitude of 2,100 meters. The tower approved the request. The crew responded to the tower at 50 minutes and 49 seconds, and then lost contact with the ground.

After the loss of contact, the airport control towers in Guilin and Guangzhou tried to contact the flight, but there was no response. Afterwards, according to the data from the flight data recorder, the plane crashed at 7:52:4 and crashed 520 meters away from Tianma Mountain; the crash site caught fire and the plane wreckage smashed through the roofs of nearby residential buildings.

Around 10 a.m. that day, some armed police and police officers implemented martial law within a 15-mile radius of the crash site. Another group of armed police and police, together with soldiers from the Guilin Army Academy, local militia, and medical staff from the 181 Hospital, totaling about 1,000 people, went to the scene to search for the plane wreckage and passengers.

The severity of the tragedy

According to Zhu Mingchuan, a forensic doctor who went to the scene to participate in the rescue, “Not a single survivor was found, and a complete body could not be found. The most complete thing on the scene was the thigh of a deceased person, and the rest were fragments of the body. That scene It was so terrifying that it was like hell falling from the sky, and it was also the most brutal scene I have ever seen in my forensic career.”

“The search for body parts of 142 people made many people vomit on the spot. Even if I am a forensic doctor, I can’t stand it. The most complete thing I could find was a palm and a piece of human skin. I remember that there were three female soldiers in charge. The logistics and communications staff also went up the mountain. When they saw piles of human body parts, their faces turned green. They cried and took notes. After returning to the camp, they would vomit as soon as they saw the flesh, and they did not recover for a week. “

The entire aircraft was shattered into pieces.

After a dragnet search from morning to night, only the wreckage of the aircraft, which weighed more than 50 tons, was found weighing less than 1 ton (outside reports said it was 2 tons). This has never happened in previous air crashes.

Among the wreckage found, the largest piece was only about 1 square meter. These include the cockpit windshield, a small section of the fuselage and some engine parts. The plane’s tail fin was missing, and no other large pieces of debris were found.

The data stored in the black box on the aircraft is the most important clue to find out the flight accident. There are usually two black boxes: one is the cockpit voice recorder (CVR), and the other is the flight data recorder (FDR). The manufacturing requirements for the black box are very stringent. It must be able to burn continuously for 30 minutes at a high temperature of 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit without being damaged. It must withstand a direct impact of a 500-pound steel bar from a height of 3 meters without being penetrated. It must also be able to Withstand continuous vibration without distortion.

However, in this air crash, of the two black boxes, only the flight data recorder was found, but not the cockpit voice recorder.

The flight data recorder was severely damaged. Both the inner and outer protective shells were cracked. The recording tape was disconnected and had burn marks, and the internal recorded data was incomplete.

According to forensic doctor Zhu Mingchuan, during the autopsy of the victims, a surprising discovery was made: the number of people on board increased from 142 to 144, and two more people were accidentally added.

Zhu Mingchuan said: “As for the number of people, I have exchanged opinions with other forensic doctors. Maybe there will be some errors in the identification of the deceased due to technical reasons, but the number of victims will never be wrong, because we are based on the skull. Calculated. Although the victims’ heads were also shattered, it is not too difficult to piece them together one by one, especially most of them were only broken in half and not all turned into small pieces.”

142 people suddenly turned into 144 people. What happened?

Compare to another plane crash

On the afternoon of March 21, 2022, China Eastern Airlines MU5735, operated by an American Boeing 737-800 passenger plane, crashed in a valley near Moluo Village, Langnan Town, Teng County, Wuzhou, Guangxi on its way from Kunming, Yunnan to Guangzhou. 132 people were on board. Everyone died.

According to data disclosed by the international aviation tracking website FlightRadar24, the flight began a rapid descent from its cruising altitude of 8,869.68 meters at 6:20:4 and dropped to 2,263 meters at 6:21:55. That is, the aircraft was flying every 1 minute and 12 seconds. The speed dropped sharply to 92 meters per second.

The aircraft climbed back to 358 meters in 10 seconds, but immediately descended sharply again, sending the last signal at an altitude of 982 meters at 6:22:35.

The plane hit the valley almost vertically. There is a large crater at the site caused by the plane impact, covering an area of ​​about 45 square meters and a depth of 2.7 meters.

The footage of the moment the passenger plane fell captured by the Beichen Mining Company’s surveillance camera near the scene of the accident showed that the nose of the plane quickly fell into the valley in an almost straight line. The whole process did not take more than 5 seconds.

At the crash site, investigators found major wreckage such as the plane’s horizontal stabilizer, vertical tail, rudder, left and right engines, left and right wings, fuselage parts, landing gear, and cockpit components.

Both black boxes on board were found.

Compared with the Guilin air crash, the Wuzhou air crash was more like a suicide air crash. It crashed vertically into the valley from an altitude of nearly 9,000 meters. The impact force was so large that it may be more violent than the Guilin air crash.

However, most of the wreckage of the Wuzhou plane crash was found, but 90% of the wreckage of the Guilin plane crash was “missing”; both black boxes of the Wuzhou plane crash were found, but of the two black boxes of the Guilin plane crash, one was seriously damaged and the other was missing. .

Comparing the two air crashes, the Guilin air crash is even stranger.

Cause of air crash

As for the cause of the Guilin air crash, the CCP’s official investigation conclusion is that the aircraft’s right engine automatic throttle valve malfunctioned and the pilot failed to detect and handle the error in time.

However, this Boeing 737-31B passenger aircraft has a good flight record. Before the crash, it had accumulated 4,165 flight hours and 3,153 safe landings.

There was a glitch in the airliner’s throttle valve during takeoff, but the pilot discovered and eliminated the problem.

The quality of the pilots is also very high. The pilots flying the plane that day were captain Zhou Jinan and co-pilot Wang Wenhua. Zhou Jinan was 29 years old and a first-class pilot. He had been flying for 8 years and had 6,000 flying hours. He had rich driving experience and was a very cautious pilot.

On the morning of the accident, Zhou Jinan was also in a happy mood because he and his wife were preparing to move to a new home in three days. The new house with three bedrooms and one living room had been decorated.

According to forensic doctor Zhu Mingchuan, the information obtained by the investigation team from deciphering the black box includes:

First, the crew performed the flight in an orderly manner without panic, indicating that no hijacking incident occurred. During the investigation, relevant parties confirmed that the technical status of the crew was competent for the flight mission and that they were in good health. No one was sick, taking medicine, drinking alcohol, or had other problems within 72 hours.

Second, the weather conditions were good that morning and the communication equipment was normal.

3. At 7:50:49, the crew lost contact with the ground tower personnel after conducting normal questions and answers. Within 1 minute and 15 seconds after that, the plane suddenly dropped 1,500 meters from 2,100 meters and crashed into a mountain at an altitude of 520 meters.

So, what happened in these 1 minute and 15 seconds?

Aircraft crashes usually occur in a moving state. The injuries to people on board are rarely single, but mostly compound. Shear injuries, collision injuries, explosion injuries, burns, etc. may appear on the same body.

In this plane crash, because the bodies were all reduced to pieces, it was difficult to identify the specific cause of death. When piecing together the body parts, Zhu Mingchuan noticed that most of the injuries to the deceased were caused by explosions.

Zhu Mingchuan wondered: There was an explosion on the plane, and it exploded before the crash. Otherwise, the black box would not have been so seriously damaged.

Next, several forensic doctors discovered nitrates, nitro compounds, nitroglycerin, ammonium nitrate, liquid oxygen (the traces of which are similar to the metal surface after oxygen welding) and other substances in the wreckage of the plane. Items brought back from the crash site , these substances were also detected.

What are these substances used for? It is used to make explosives.

Explosives can be divided into four basic types: detonating powder, propellant powder, pyrotechnic powder, and strong drugs. The above substances are strong drugs and are mainly used in artillery shells, missiles, and other bombs.

This is a very surprising discovery.

When Zhu Mingchuan reported his findings to the relevant leaders, the relevant leaders found an excuse for him to leave the investigation team, and he was forced to interrupt all investigation work.

What was the cause of this air crash?

Zhu Mingchuan said, I later learned that the two people on board were indeed not on the crew and passenger lists. Their identities are so special that no records can be found.

Zhu Mingchuan believes that this may be the reason for the air crash.

In other words, he suspected that someone used explosives to deliberately create this tragic air crash in order to kill these two people.


Liu Guangshi, the father-in-law of Zhou Jinan, the captain of the passenger plane who died, is a senior pilot.

Regarding the reason why the plane crashed into the mountain, he said in an interview with a reporter from Nanfeng Window that the weather was good at the time and the crew did not report any abnormalities before the accident. The captain flew according to the ground command and did not violate the regulations. He did not say that he encountered any abnormality, so this must have happened suddenly and the crew was unable to do anything.

The black box has been damaged. This recorder is recognized as the strongest thing on the aircraft. It is usually indestructible from burning and crashing, but it was also damaged. As you can imagine, when it hit, its speed was quite fast, which was definitely not controllable by humans. From the analysis of the phenomenon, the plane was out of control.

There are two possibilities for the plane to lose control: first, the explosives destroyed the plane’s control system and the pilot was unable to control it; second, an unexpected situation occurred in the engine and the pilot was unable to control it.

Experts from aircraft engine manufacturer CFM International and aircraft manufacturer Boeing both participated in the accident investigation and found no problems with the engine.

Therefore, there is a greater chance of an explosion on board an aircraft. Liu Guangshi’s analysis is completely consistent with Zhu Mingchuan’s findings.

What happened to the two extra people on board? Why did the relevant leaders exclude Zhu Mingchuan from the investigation team after he reported that explosive-making materials were found in the plane wreckage? Where did 90% of the plane’s wreckage go? Why was a black box on the plane severely damaged? Where did the other black box go?

The Chinese Communist Party officials have not given any convincing answers to these key questions.

To sum up, I think that Zhu Mingchuan suspected that someone deliberately caused this air crash with an explosion in order to kill people and silence them, which is closer to the truth; and the cause of the air crash officially released by the CCP is probably to cover up the truth.

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