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Praise for Tian Mingyao’s discernment Liu Zixuan: I knew he was golden | Lianhe Zaobao


Although “Golden Avenue” has ended, there are still viewers praising the actors’ performance through the “Lianhe Zaobao” entertainment hotline column “I Want to Say Loud”. An audience message published on November 2 wrote: “Tian Mingyao’s performance of ‘Gold Bar’ in “Gold” is impressive. Listening to him sing “I Am a Little Bird” makes people smile. At that time, he and Liu Zixuan’s ‘tall and short match’ has become the focus of the media. It is gold and it will always shine. I have to admire Liu Zixuan’s vision back then.”

The reporter visited the set of the new Lunar New Year drama “That Year’s New Year’s Eve” on the evening of the 2nd and mentioned this message to the protagonist Liu Zixuan. She smiled back: “I have known for a long time that he (referring to Tian Mingyao) is gold! He is a very delicate person.”

Liu Zixuan witnessed her husband’s emotional journey when he performed “Gold Bar”. She said that in the process of interpreting the role, her husband experienced uneasiness and entangled emotions, and spent a lot of effort to figure out the interpretation method and exercise his muscles. “He knew that he had to grasp it well, because it was the role that he dreamed of.”

Tian Mingyao and Liu Zixuan played uncles and sisters-in-law in “That New Year’s Eve”. They didn’t have many scenes opposite each other, but they were both on the set on the 2nd.

“Golden Avenue” has come to an end, and Tian Mingyao has taken on a new role in “That New Year’s Eve”, playing the role of uncle and sister-in-law with Liu Zixuan in the play. (Photo by Long Guoxiong)

In response to the audience’s comments about “admiring Liu Zixuan’s vision”, Tian Mingyao said with a smile: “I have said before that she is not a person who depends on appearance. There are many tall and handsome people, and I am not one of them at all. I think she saw me Thank you for your hard work and talent!”

Tian Mingyao revealed that his wife kept crying when watching “Golden Road” and felt that “Gold Bar” was very pitiful. The couple would also discuss the details of the performance.

One person plays two roles, wearing sexy pajamas to seduce Awu

“That New Year’s Eve” is a fantasy time-travel drama, scheduled to premiere on January 18, 2024 at 9 o’clock. Liu Zixuan plays two roles, one is a gentle wife, the other is a cunning liar. When the reporter visited the set, Liu Zixuan and Qi Yuwu, who played the husband and wife, were performing a crying scene. This part was the “wife” plot.

When the reporter visited the cast of “That New Year’s Eve”, Liu Zixuan and Qi Yuwu were performing a crying scene. (Photo by Long Guoxiong)

Liu Zixuan told reporters that the scenes of “Female Liar” will be more funny, including the scene of seducing Qi Yuwu. “In that scene, I wore sexy pajamas and wanted to go into his room, but he locked the door, and I used various sounds outside the door. Seducing him, but with a blank expression… It was my first time trying this kind of acting, so I thought it was quite interesting.”

In addition, Liu Zixuan has a pair of children in the play, played by Huang Chaoqun and He Yingying respectively. She said: “I have never had such a big child (since I started filming), so I have to convince myself to accept that my children have grown up so much!” She laughed and said that she would project her emotions towards the two beloved cats at home onto He Yingying and Huang On the superior body.

My grandpa passed away during the filming of the new drama.

“New Year’s Eve”, which closely follows the title of the play, asked Liu Zixuan, which is the most unforgettable New Year’s Eve? She said it was New Year’s Eve in 2022. She was in her hometown in Langkawi, Malaysia. Her grandfather was bedridden with limited mobility. The family moved the long table and food to her grandfather’s room. Some sat on the bedside and some on the floor. The family members gathered around Have a reunion dinner with grandpa.

Liu Zixuan revealed that during the filming of “That Year’s New Year’s Eve”, her grandfather passed away, and she and her husband asked for leave from the crew and returned to Langkawi to attend the funeral.

There are a lot of emotional scenes. Awu lies down after get off work.

Qi Yuwu, who has played countless difficult roles, told reporters on the set that he was stumped by this drama.

Awu said that when he first took the role, he thought he would be filming a happy and warm fantasy Lunar New Year drama. However, after getting the script, he found that he had a lot of emotional scenes. “As soon as I opened the script, I was stunned. It was exactly what I imagined. no the same.”

Qi Yuwu challenges new acting methods in new dramas. (Photo by Long Guoxiong)

Ah Wu experienced the pain of losing his wife and was full of regrets. He always wished that he could go back to the past. “I think it is a big challenge because I have a lot of emotional scenes! Not only the relationship between husband and wife, but also the relationship with other family members.” Emotions. After the performance every day, my body will feel weak.”

He uses a different acting method to interpret the character. Whether it is good or not, he feels it is up to the audience to decide.

Huang Zhenlong loses money when he makes music

Huang Zhenlong played the role of an underappreciated musician in “New Year’s Eve That Year”. Ah Wu was dissatisfied with his daughter He Yingying’s dating with him and always tried to obstruct him in every possible way. Huang Zhenlong’s character gradually darkened.

Huang Zhenlong interprets the role of a dark musician. (Photo by Long Guoxiong)

Off-screen, Huang Zhenlong is not only an actor, but also a singer and has his own band. The reporter asked, is it easy to be a musician in Singapore? Is it difficult to make a living? He used himself as an example to say that he loses money doing concerts. “The market in Singapore is small, and it is difficult to make a living doing music. To make a song, you must do a commercial performance to earn back the money, but there are few commercial performance opportunities in the country.” , there are not many places where we can sing.”

But he likes music very much, “I used another way to support my dream. (Referring to acting?) You can say that. I started acting to make money, but later on, I really liked acting.”

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