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blue and whitePolitical party negotiations have entered the deep-water area of ​​how to select presidential candidates. From general polls to democratic primaries, the Kuomintang has proposed two new plans imitating the German and Japanese styles. However, the contents have changed but the formula has not changed. The People’s Party still insists on National public opinion polls are conducted to remove the old and install the new, but the results are still in the same place.

In blue-white integration, the problem always lies with people. If there is no sincerity in seeking cooperation, any mechanism or plan will become unfeasible, and no matter how much we talk about it, no results will be achieved.

The first plan proposed by the Kuomintang is to use a combination of comparative polls and legislative candidate voting, which is a packaging of the Japanese model. However, when exposed, it is half and half polls and primaries. This is different from the general polls and democratic primaries previously proposed by the Hou camp. What’s the difference between the half-and-half opinions?

It sounds reasonable at first to let the chickens choose the “strongest hen”.Ke WenzheI was actually interested the first time, but upon further evaluation I felt like I was being set up. Both plans have a common premise. Either Hou Kepei or Ke Houpei will win over Lai Xiaopei. Under the premise that the comparison is not about individual candidates and that either combination will win, then the legislators can be elected. If people vote to join, isn’t this more than “party mobilization”? Then should Ke Wenzhe appoint all the legislators from the 73 constituencies and let everyone compete in voting? The second option is to compare candidate combinations, with support from participating political parties each accounting for one-half. In fact, since the National Congress in July, the blue camp has long put forward this suggestion. Even if it is not as popular as individual candidates, it is better than the support of combinations. The party has already made suggestions. There is no need to go around and apply a German model. .

Candidates plus political parties, or candidate combinations plus political parties, the Kuomintang calls it a “quasi-universal poll”, but it is basically a “comparison poll”. Party support is included, which can show the strength of parties other than candidates, and can also Explain to the parties and supporters of the respective political parties. The key to whether it is reasonable and feasible lies in the proportion of support for the candidate and the party.

However, Ko Wenzhe appears to be giving in, but he refuses to give in. Ke insists on doing candidate polls, but does not accept polls on party strength. Even if Ke defines this as giving in, and the candidate only wins within the margin of error, he admits defeat and becomes his deputy. , but as long as there are mobile phone polls, Ko Wenzhe, who has a high proportion of young people’s support, will win without losing. Ke’s concessions and the Kuomintang’s militant wing said that the risks are high, are actually “very distorted.”

Blue and white passed the round of tricks, and on the surface they said they wanted to integrate, but they just kept wrapping it up with new words and continued to spin around the original point.

Ogasawara Yoshiyuki analyzed that if the average of the October polls for the presidential election is lower than 35%, it may be possible to abandon bail.

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