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Taiwanese dance troupe “Featherman” won the Cultural Heritage Special Award for its performance in Milan | Culture | CNA

Taiwanese dance troupe “Featherman” won the Cultural Heritage Special Award for its performance in Milan | Culture | CNA
Taiwanese dance troupe “Featherman” won the Cultural Heritage Special Award for its performance in Milan | Culture | CNA

(Central News Agency, Taipei, 3rd) Taiwanese contemporary dance company “Hone Dance Production” was invited by the NO’HMA Theater in Milan, Italy, to participate in the theater’s 14th Teresa Pomodoro International Performance Competition with its dance “Feather Man” in June. On November 2 He was awarded this year’s “Special Award for Preservation of Human Cultural Heritage” at the award ceremony on the same day.

A total of 13 groups of performing arts creations from various countries were nominated this year. The judges commented on “Hung Dance” and “Birdy”: “Hung Dance’s Birdy recreates Taiwan’s traditional symbols and political current situation. After interpretation, it strongly conveys the value and significance of mid-modern and contemporary culture, showing the expressive tension of harmony and conflict. In the form of flying, this dance becomes a symbol and extension of the dream of freedom, presenting the value of human culture that needs to be protected. Therefore, Won the Special Award for Human Cultural Heritage Protection.”

Lai Hongzhong, the choreographer of Hung Dance Production, was performing at the “Taiwan Special” of Spain’s MASDANZA Dance Festival when he learned the news. He said, “It’s very meaningful to know that my work has won an award. Thank you very much for the recommendation of the Ministry of Culture and the affirmation of the theater. I can perform at Yu The issue of pursuing balance and freedom amid restrictions is seen in people. This is also my feeling about Taiwan’s environment and international situation since I was a child. The choreography and interpretation of the feathers (long feathers), a prop in traditional operas worn by the dancers, are a symbol of status and status. It represents the confrontation and struggle between the consciousness of freedom and restriction. The feathers are intertwined and entangled in the space, like an extension of the human spine, symbolizing the contradictory emotions of inner anxiety and firm hope in the face of these conflicts. “

The international awards of the Milan NO’HMA Theater (Spazio Teatro NO’HMA) are organized by the Spazio Teatro NO’HMA Teresa Pomodoro Association in memory of Ms. Pomodoro who founded the association in 1994 and was awarded by the President of Italy and Ministry of Foreign Affairs supports. The purpose of the award is to promote “Theatre of Inclusion”, encourage theaters to remain open to interaction among various art majors, and reaffirm that the spirit of theater should have the function of expressing justice, dialogue and imitating social values, serving the marginalized and underclass of society. Giving voice to those who have suffered, been violated, discriminated against and overwhelmed, bringing core social issues into the theater and opening them up to people of all ages, social backgrounds, genders and religions.

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Since the award was launched in 2009, performing arts teams from different countries have been invited to perform in Milan every year. The audience and an international jury select works that have the core values ​​of the theater, and the award results are announced in November of the same year. Since its inception, it has attracted more than 80,000 visitors.

The Culture Section of the Representative Office in Italy stated that the Hung Dance production team was awarded the Special Award for Human Cultural Heritage Preservation this time, which demonstrates the creative energy of Taiwan Modern Dance Company integrating traditional cultural elements. The work explores modern people’s desire to pursue dreams and break through the shackles of social reality. The topic also echoes NO’HMA Theater’s goal of focusing on the marginalization of the bottom social class and the diverse use of art and culture through contemporary performing arts, which is of special significance. (Editor: Guo Zhonghan) 1121103


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