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Taipei International Travel Exhibition Sugar Tea Culture Trail Tour to Get to Know Taiwan | Culture | Central News Agency CNA

Taipei International Travel Exhibition Sugar Tea Culture Trail Tour to Get to Know Taiwan | Culture | Central News Agency CNA
Taipei International Travel Exhibition Sugar Tea Culture Trail Tour to Get to Know Taiwan | Culture | Central News Agency CNA

(Central News Agency reporter Zhao Jingyu, Taipei, 3rd) The ITF Taipei International Travel Fair opened today. President Tsai Ing-wen, Vice President of the Executive Yuan Zheng Wencan and others visited the Ministry of Culture’s “Cultural Roadmap” and together they revealed “the mystery of the origin of a cup of hand-cranked drink” kicked off the event and invited the public to get to know Taiwan through hand-waved drinks.

Wang Shisi, deputy minister of the Ministry of Culture, said that culture can enhance the depth of tourism, and tourism can take culture further. The best way to understand Taiwan is to combine culture and tourism, so that the world can understand Taiwan in new ways, new angles, and new horizons.

Wang Shisi said that this time the Ministry of Culture organized the historical context of the sugar and tea industries through Taiwan’s characteristic hand-cranked drinks, allowing everyone to see the immigration and settlement development in different periods, and providing opportunities for Chinese nationals and international tourists to come to Taiwan to witness More touching history and stories about this land.

The Ministry of Culture issued a press release stating that tea and sugar are inseparable in daily life. By tracing back to Taiwan’s historical and cultural context, it took stock of the tea and sugar industry cultural paths in 12 regions across Taiwan, combining themed stories with tourism experiences to connect the paths. Regarding cultural attractions and historical events such as trade, local creation, field transformation, industrial revitalization, and labor rights awareness, a themed itinerary of tea and sugar cultural paths in 12 regions is proposed.

According to data from the Ministry of Culture, Dadaocheng had more than 200 tea shops at its peak from the late Qing Dynasty to the Japanese colonial period, and was the starting point of Taiwan’s tea trade. The topography and soil of Beipu are suitable for growing high-quality tea, and Jiang Asin founded “Yongguang Tea” He led Beipu through the glorious Tea Golden Age; during the Japanese colonial period, the “Black Tea Experimental Branch” in Yuchi Township, Sun Moon Lake opened the chapter of Taiwan’s black tea.

In 1975, due to the rapid development of cities, lack of rural labor and the abandonment of low-altitude tea fields, Taiwanese tea shifted to domestic sales and alpineization. Alishan high mountain tea became one of the important economic developments of Taiwanese tea; Hengchun Port tea is the only one grown in Taiwan. Low-altitude tea species are one of the three treasures of Hengchun. In addition to coexisting with small green leafhoppers and baking honey-flavored black tea with a fruity aroma, Ruisui Wuhe has also produced creative teas in recent years, becoming a new generation of diversified tea drinking methods.

As for the path of sugar industry culture, the Dutch brought sugar-making technology to the island in the 17th century, starting a century-old history of Taiwan’s sugar industry culture. For example, the Kaohsiung Qiaozitou Sugar Factory was the first modern mechanical sugar factory in Taiwan. The amount of sugar produced led to the upgrade of Dagou Port facilities and its transformation into today’s international port, which is an important part of the history of Taiwan’s industrial development.

The Ministry of Culture stated that in the future, it will promote off-campus teaching and cultural experiences, encourage students to conduct in-depth cultural tourism, enter historical scenes, and continue to create various cultural tourism routes based on Taiwanese culture and history.

The 2023 ITF Taipei International Travel Fair will be held from now until November 6, and will be held at Nangang Exhibition Hall Hall 1. (Editor: Guan Zhongwei) 1121103


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