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Lan questioned her election campaign, “Who is the sponsor?” Lin Zhijie counterattacked with 3 points | 2024 Legislative Battle | Important News


The Hsinchu City Legislative Election continues to be a topic of discussion. KMT LegislatorsZheng ZhengqianYesterday, I went on the “Zhi Sheng Xian Si” live program to discuss the election situation in Hsinchu City and talked about the nomination of the Democratic Progressive Party.Lin ZhijieThere are a lot of election billboards hanging up in Hsinchu. “Who is the financial backer?” Lin Zhijie posted a three-point counterattack on Facebook today, emphasizing that Zheng Zhengqian hung up the billboards as early as the beginning of the year, and recently changed his photos. Most of his posters are combined with Vice President Lai Ching-te. , on the other hand, Lanying was completely absent, who is to blame?

Yesterday, Zheng Zhengqian went on the “Zhi Sheng Xian Si” live program hosted by former Kuomintang legislator Chen Xuesheng and Tsinghua University adjunct assistant professor He Zhiyong. He discussed the latest legislative election situation in Hsinchu City, which currently presents a blue, green, white and yellow “four-legged governor” situation. , and it is generally believed that the legislative candidate Lin Zhijie sent by the Democratic Progressive Party has the largest number of signs.

“Of course I will be a little worried when I see so many signboards from my opponents.” Zheng Zhengqian said. Lin Zhijie often describes himself as “Professor of Yangming Jiaotong University”, but does a university professor have the financial resources to buy so many signboards? Chen Xuesheng said that he was very curious about who was the financial backer behind Lin Zhijie? Ho Chi-yong believes that the essence of democratic elections is to “select talents and abilities” rather than to compete for financial resources.

Chen Xuesheng also said in the program that the Chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party Group of the Legislative YuanKe JianmingIt is an open secret to support Lin Zhijie behind the scenes, “If you don’t like Ke Jianming, don’t elect Lin Zhijie,” because if Lin Zhijie is elected, he will definitely be tied up by Ke Jianming.

In response to the remarks made by Zheng Zhengqian and the Blue Camp people in the live broadcast, Lin Zhijie posted a counterattack on Facebook today, pointing out that Zheng Zhengqian started hanging billboards in the brand new bamboo market in January this year, and recently changed all the photos and hung new posters. He started to do so at the end of August. Damn, as a newcomer to the election, I need to quickly let everyone know me, so I don’t think there is anything wrong with this approach.

“Ke Zongzhao is not supporting me from behind, but supporting me from the front, okay!” Lin Zhijie also said that Ke Jianming has known her for 20 years and was her witness. The two of them have handled many bills together, and their opinions may not always be the same. Why was he kidnapped? He even used this to question Zheng Zhengqian who once said that if the two sides of the Taiwan Strait are reunified, China will become a powerful maritime power. “Following Committee Member Chen’s logic, let us also appeal: If you don’t like Xi Jinping, don’t support Zheng Zhengqian!”

Finally, Lin Zhijie also mentioned that half of the signboards he has put up since August are jointly posted with Vice President Lai Ching-te. On the other hand, “The KMT’s presidential candidate is still unknown, which prevents Commissioner Zheng from posting photos of himself with the presidential candidate. Who is to blame for this?” Zheng Zhengqian should not be “envious, jealous, or hateful” when seeing other political parties unite.

DPP Hsinchu Municipal Legislative Candidate Lin Zhijie and Party Chairman and Presidential Candidate Lai Qingde’s combined poster.Picture/Provided by Lin Zhijie’s campaign team

Liao Xianxiang calls out Lai Qingde for demolishing illegal structures in manors: handle violations the same as the previous generation

New Taipei City Councilor Liao Xianxiang responded today to the accusation of occupying state-owned land in a luxury estate, saying that his father would not have any objections to the administrative sanctions imposed by the New Taipei City Government, and would also follow up on violations…

2023-11-03 12:52

Kaohsiung Legislator election, Guo Zhengliang predicts: Chen Meiya and Li Meizhen will win steadily

Two months before the 2024 nine-in-one general election, former legislator Guo Zhengliang analyzed the election situation in Kaohsiung’s 6th district (former Jin, Xinxing, Lingya, Yancheng, Gushan) and 3rd district (Zuoying, Nanzi). Among them, the Kuomintang Kaohsiung Both city councilors Chen Meiya and Li Meizhen have a chance to win. He believes that Chen Meiya should highlight her academic qualifications as a doctor of Waseda Law. She far surpasses DPP candidate Huang Jie in terms of academic qualifications and qualifications to be a legislator.

2023-11-03 14:19

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Lan questioned her election posters, “Who is the sponsor?” Lin Zhijie counterattacked with 3 points

The Hsinchu City Legislative Election has been a hot topic. KMT Legislator Zheng Zhengqian went on the “Zhi Sheng Xian Si” live broadcast yesterday to discuss the Hsinchu City election. He talked about Lin Zhijie, nominated by the Democratic Progressive Party, hanging up in the Hsinchu election…

2023-11-03 14:57

Cai Biru of the Blue and White Taichung Demonstration Area: If the cooperative political parties rotate, there will be opportunities

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2023-11-03 13:29

The elected legislators of the “strongest local leader” were repeatedly attacked in whispers, established a headquarters, and raped Lai Qingde

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2023-11-03 12:44

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