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Starting from 11/30, domestic air tickets will increase by up to 182 yuan – News – Rti Central Radio


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  • Time: 2023-11-01 12:09

  • News Quote: Interview
  • Writing Editor: Liu Pinxi
Fuel prices are rising, and domestic air tickets will be increased starting from 11/30, with a maximum increase of 182 yuan. (Photo: Central News Agency)

The Civil Aviation Administration of the Ministry of Transport stated today (1st) that due to the continued rise in aviation fuel prices, according to the aviation fuel price announced by China National Petroleum Corporation today, it has reached the threshold for domestic freight rates to increase. Therefore, starting from November 30, domestic freight rates will be fully increased. Air ticket prices on the routes have increased by 2.7% to 7.4%, with the largest increase being on the Mandarin Taipei-Kinmen route, with the fare rising from the original 2,459 yuan to 2,641 yuan, an increase of 182 yuan.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China pointed out that when domestic flight fares were comprehensively adjusted in 2014, the Civil Aviation Administration also formulated an adjustment mechanism in response to changes in oil prices. When the average price of domestic aviation fuel for three consecutive months reaches the adjustment threshold, the price corresponding to that threshold will apply. Freight rates. Since 2014, there have been a total of 4 decreases and 3 increases. The most recent adjustment was in August this year. At that time, because the average price of oil for three consecutive months was below the 21.74 yuan threshold, the fare was lowered; when the fare was adjusted, the basis The airline’s standardized contract stipulates that any excess amount will be refunded and less amount will be compensated for the difference in face value of the ticket.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China stated that according to the aviation fuel price announced by China National Petroleum Corporation on the 1st, the average price of domestic aviation fuel from September to November this year was 28.01 yuan per liter, which is higher than the domestic route freight rate increase threshold of 27.25 yuan per liter. Airlines will follow the traffic regulations. The upper and lower limits of freight rates approved by the ministry will increase the full fare of domestic routes, which will take effect from November 30.

According to the adjustment amount provided by the Ministry of Transport, the average increase for each route this time is about 4.5%, with an average increase of 95 yuan. The largest increase is the Huaxin Taipei-Kinmen route, which has a price increase of 182 yuan, an increase of 7.4%; the smallest increase is For the De’an Taitung-Green Island route, the price increased by 30 yuan, or 2.7%.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China stated that in conjunction with the fare adjustment, passengers who purchase tickets for flights departing after November 30 (inclusive) at the pre-adjusted fare must make up the difference in accordance with the terms of the purchased ticket and the airline’s regulations; passengers holding tickets with the adjusted fare If the passenger has to change the departure date in advance for some reason to November 29 (inclusive), the airline will refund the fare difference. In addition, the Civil Aviation Administration of China has requested airlines to fully disclose relevant information and properly handle passenger rights and interests through email and other channels to reduce passenger inconvenience.

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