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Shocking forced demolitions are taking place in the capital of Beijing. Stephen Chow’s voice actor encountered a dozen strong men who came to drive him away in the middle of the night | Shi Banyu | Stephen Chow’s voice actor | forced evacuation | forced demolition | forced relocation | Shijiazhuang Automobile Park


[VoiceofHopeSeptember192023](Comprehensive report by our reporter Li Hui) Jinan Daily reported on September 18 that Shi Banyu, the voice actor of Stephen Chow, posted a video on a social platform saying that he was forced to move out of his studio in Gaobeidian Township, Chaoyang District, Beijing, which attracted attention on the Internet.

Shi Banyu said in the video that he had been working here for almost ten years. For some unknown reason, he was forced to move out by an unknown company. More than ten or twenty people came late at night. A strong man knocked on the door and said, “They forced me and my work partners to move out of here immediately, and without saying a word, they tore down all my doors.”

Shi Banyu said that he has been working in this studio for nearly 10 years. The original contract was for a 40-year lease, and the rent was paid for 40 years. After the forced relocation, only 10 years of rent will be refunded, and the other 20 years will not be refunded. The original decoration fees, moving fees, etc. will not be refunded.

Shi Banyu finally pointed to his white hair and said, “Everyone, look at my hair. I am 65 years old. I am very pitiful.” “I am very helpless here today. Please help me think about it.” What do you think I should do? There are also these neighbors around me, more than 200 households.”

On the evening of September 18, Shi Banyu confirmed the matter to the New Yellow River reporter.

Another tenant who rented a house there also suffered the same eviction as Shi Banyu. He said in the video, “My house has been forced to vacate. I don’t know what vacation means.” “Before the 20th, the house will be transferred to a company called Gaoju Industrial. Let us pack up our things and move out quickly.” . Then, he will refund us 10 years of rent. My house still has 30 years, but they will only refund 10 years. And if you want the money, you have to give them the contract and give up the subsequent legal Rights. If you want to sue, they won’t give you a penny.”

“All residents have already experienced frantic knocking on the door at night” and “having their water and electricity cut off.”

The young man said in the video that they decided not to leave, but to stay here and record what happened on video for everyone’s reference. However, this may result in them not even being able to get 10 years of rent. “Just a few days ago I didn’t believe that I would encounter such a situation in the capital of Beijing.”

A person in charge of Aijia Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd., the developer involved, told the New Yellow River reporter that the cause of the incident was the failure to negotiate compensation with an enterprise authorized by the Gaobeidian Township Government. When responding to the media, the operator of the Gaobeidian Village Committee of Gaobeidian Township said that the office building “Aijia Zhenpin Palace” where Shi Banyu’s studio is located is illegally built and is being vacated and vacated.

The incident sparked heated discussions among netizens online.

Some people say, “It would be interesting to tear down the gates of the imperial city.” Who has been missed by the “iron fist of socialism”? Some people also say that these tenants have been tricked because the Chinese Communist Party’s law stipulates that house leases are only for a maximum of 20 years, and 40-year contracts are invalid.

“Cleaning up low-end industries”, “What kind of madness is this lately”, “I have long said that we will give Taiwan compatriots the same treatment as mainland residents.”

Someone broke the news and said, “Beijing is going to clear out a group of companies. I have read private reports before that it is also a park that is forced to be emptied, and the landlord of the park is actually not happy.” “This has happened to several parks in Beijing recently. The dubbing studios and Design studios all experience this.”

Some netizens said, “”Forced demolitions, loan withdrawals, the destruction of nearly 200 4S stores in Shijiazhuang” are better read together with this report. Anyway, life is getting better and better.”

Also required to relocate before September 20 is an automobile park in Shijiazhuang, Hebei.

According to, nearly 200 companies in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province have been wiped out recently.

On September 14, the Hebei International Automobile Trade Park, the largest automobile park in Shijiazhuang City, was forcibly demolished. The GAC Trumpchi showroom, BYD Auto showroom, and Nissan Venucia showroom that were visible just a week ago were instantly razed to the ground.

According to statistics from the Shijiazhuang Municipal Commerce Bureau, this administrative relocation in the name of rectifying the low-end market with temporary and illegal construction involved 177 sizable 4S stores, affecting almost all 4S stores in Shijiazhuang, not counting other types of 4S stores. Exhibition hall of form.

Sina reported, “The relocation was as fast as a storm. The 4S stores were required by their respective subdistrict offices to complete the relocation in more than a month. The new park is still under construction, and the original store will be demolished. There is no buffer time, no Transitional resettlement.”

Automobile Business Review reported that some 4S stores with complete licenses and even previous government investment projects have been ordered to relocate in a “blanket” manner.

“This relocation involves direct employment of nearly 20,000 people, indirect employment of nearly 50,000 people, and maintenance services for more than one million customers. If the relocation is forced, an anonymous person familiar with the situation said the direct loss will exceed 2 billion yuan.”

“This has put car dealers who have not yet recovered from the epidemic into bankruptcy – many shareholders have mortgaged their properties and obtained bank loans to maintain their current operations. No one can stop and start over. The four newly built The rent in the park is 2-5 times higher than now. A new store of a relatively small size costs tens of millions of yuan, and the decoration takes 2-3 months.”

A car dealer shouted angrily: “Tear down the current one just so we can move across the street?” “We can’t even afford to go there.”

The Dongfeng Honda 4S store located in the Kangcheng Automobile Park on the West Third Ring Road was only registered on May 19 and opened normally in mid-August, with an overall investment of nearly 20 million yuan. This new store of more than 6,000 square meters has been renovated for three months and the business structure is still being established. It currently has more than 40 employees. The store had to be demolished just one month after it opened. The person in charge of the store said, “It has no choice but to go bankrupt and close down.”

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