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Zhang Tianliang: The game with the bureaucracy ended in a complete defeat for Xi Jinping and the outcome is worrying | Zhang Tianliang | At dawn | The world of political commentary | Li Shangfu |

Zhang Tianliang: The game with the bureaucracy ended in a complete defeat for Xi Jinping and the outcome is worrying | Zhang Tianliang | At dawn | The world of political commentary | Li Shangfu |
Zhang Tianliang: The game with the bureaucracy ended in a complete defeat for Xi Jinping and the outcome is worrying | Zhang Tianliang | At dawn | The world of political commentary | Li Shangfu |

[Voice of Hope September 18, 2023](Comprehensive report by our reporter Jenny) As Xi Jinping personally promoted Li Shangfu, the second generation red man, something happened. How will Xi Jinping handle it? And Xi Jinping’s game with the second generation red generation and the bureaucracy will definitely end in complete defeat. Why? Had he seen this ending?

Professor Zhang Tianliang, a self-media political analyst and commentator, made his analysis in the “Dawn Hour”[Political Commentary World]program.

The second generation of red people in the CCP are not monolithic. Due to historical reasons, the grievances of the previous generation are very complicated. Because Mao Zedong often engaged in political struggles, he often used one group of people to punish another group of people. Therefore, these second-generation red children also have very complicated family grievances between each other.

It is reported that Xi Jinping has been looked down upon by many second-generation celebrities since he was a child. Bo Xilai, for example, looks down on Xi Jinping at all and has looked down on him since he was a child. After Xi Jinping was later recognized as General Secretary, in order to consolidate his power, he began to purge those who looked down on him.

He had offended the Bo Yibo family and arrested Bo Xilai. He also offended the Wang Zhen family because Wang Zhen’s son Wang Jun wanted to make a favor with Xi Jinping, hoping to rescue Bo Xilai through this friendship, but Xi Jinping did not agree to him, so Wang Jun was embarrassed and later became depressed. Wu Huan died.

The relationship between Deng Xiaoping’s son Deng Pufang and Xi Jinping is also very bad, especially Deng Xiaoping’s grandson-in-law, Wu Xiaohui of Anbang, was sentenced to 18 years by Xi Jinping, and his fine may be close to 100 billion. Therefore, the relationship between the Deng Xiaoping family and Xi Jinping is very deep. Deng Xiaoping had punished Xi Zhongxun before, so Xi Jinping in turn wanted to take revenge.

The relationship between Xi Jinping and Yu Zhengsheng’s family is also very tense. Yu Zhengsheng’s father is Huang Jing, also named Yu Qiwei, who is Jiang Qing’s ex-husband. Later, after Jiang Qing married Mao Zedong, Mao Zedong scared Huang Jing to death, so Yu Zhengsheng definitely didn’t like Xi Jinping, who had always admired Mao.

Including Yao Yilin’s son-in-law Wang Qishan, including Liu Shaoqi’s son Liu Yuan, etc., they were all dismissed by Xi Jinping.

Therefore, the entire second generation of red people, a large group of people, are actually dissatisfied with Xi Jinping. Xi Jinping may have taken revenge for being discriminated against since childhood, but his fundamentals have also collapsed.

In fact, those in the bureaucracy have no special so-called loyalty to Xi Jinping. They follow Xi Jinping purely for their own personal interests, such as promotion or corruption. Therefore, they have no special loyalty to Xi Jin.

The second generation of red people have a common idea of ​​uniting to protect the country. They see Xi Jinping tossing and tossing, and may lose the country, so they may also unite to oppose Xi Jinping.

So for Xi Jinping, the relationship between him and the second generation red is now very tense.

This time something happened to the Rocket Army, Li Shangfu was investigated. His father was once the deputy commander of the railway corps, and Li Shangfu was also a second-generation red man. The investigation of Li Shangfu is a very serious blow to Xi Jinping’s authority, so that the game between Xi Jinping and the second generation of red people and the entire bureaucracy may end in complete defeat.

Everyone should know that once he is completely defeated, it means that Xi Jinping will lose his authority. Losing authority means that Xi Jinping’s power will be shaken. The wavering of power means that Xi Jinping’s security will not be guaranteed. The loss of security will mean that Xi Jinping’s ending may be very ugly. .

The matter of Li Shangfu is indeed a very difficult matter, because in the past, Xi Jinping used the name of anti-corruption to attack dissidents, and he dealt with people promoted by Jiang Zemin and Zeng Qinghong. In fact, during the 10 years when Hu and Wen were in power, they basically had no chance to promote their own people. Zeng Qinghong promoted people through his agents, and Jiang Zemin promoted people through his agents, including in the military.

So until Hu Jintao resigned as Chairman of the Military Commission, Xu Caihou and Guo Boxiong did not take Hu Jintao seriously. In addition, during the so-called “Kowloon Water Control” at that time, each of the nine Standing Committee members was in charge of one stall, so Hu Jintao and Wen Jiabao almost did not work in other areas. In fields such as the political and legal system, those who promote themselves have no chance. They can only be promoted by Zhou Yongkang, or Luo Gan, or whoever is promoted in other organizational departments is promoted by Zeng Qinghong. He was originally from the Central Organization Department, so he has to borrow Ask his agent to promote him. Therefore, Hu and Wen basically have no chance to promote their own people. So basically those who were eliminated by Xi Jinping in his anti-corruption campaign were Jiang Zemin and Zeng Qinghong.

But now the situation has changed. Now Xi Jinping wants to get rid of the people he promoted. This problem becomes very serious. Not only are they getting rid of people, but they are getting rid of them right after they were promoted. This only shows that Xi Jinping made mistakes in promotion in the past. .

I pulled out an article, and it seemed like almost every sentence was a slap in the face to Xi Jinping.

An article published by Xinhua News Agency that slapped Xi Jinping in the face. (Picture: Video screenshot)

This is a long report published by Xinhua News Agency on October 22, 2022, after the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The report boasted about how Xi Jinping had personally drawn up the lists of members of the Central Committee and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and mentioned how Xi Jinping was far-sighted and far-sighted in guiding the personnel preparations for the 20th session of the two committees (members of the Central Committee and Central Commission for Discipline Inspection) in the right direction.

It’s really ironic. It’s like Hebei was flooded by a huge flood just after Xi Jinping’s flood control thoughts were released.

Xinhua News Agency reported that as early as the end of 2020, two years before the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping and the Party Central Committee had started from the overall development of the party and the country’s cause and made overall plans for the two 20th National Congress of the Party. Preparations for commissioned personnel. This means that Xi Jinping spent two years selecting the list of members of the Central Committee and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and then assessed them one by one and talked to them one by one. In March 2021, Xi Jinping also chaired a meeting of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and a meeting of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee to study and decide on the establishment of a leading group for inspection of 20 major cadres, with Xi Jinping personally serving as the leader.

Therefore, the entire inspection of cadres, the selection of the two committees, and the delineation of personnel were all done by Xi Jinping. He personally served as the team leader and pointed out the direction. By June 2021, the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau and the Politburo meeting reviewed and approved the “Opinions on Earnestly Making Personnel Preparations for the Two Committees of the 20th Session”. More than a year later, General Secretary Xi Jinping attended the provincial, district and municipal party committees and the central committee three times He held meetings with the main leaders of party committees of state agencies and other units, listened to reports on the personnel preparation work of the two committees many times, and proposed a series of important requirements such as adhering to the correct political direction, upholding and strengthening the party’s overall leadership, and strictly controlling the political and integrity issues of candidates. .

We see Xi Jinping going to meetings everywhere, personally making arrangements, pointing out the direction, and who is chosen in the end? The Rocket Force was investigated, and it seemed that the political direction was incorrect. Then what Xi Jinping said at that time to adhere to the correct political direction is wrong. Not only is the political direction of the Rocket Force incorrect, but also the political direction of Defense Minister Ri Sang-bok is incorrect. What else is there to do about integrity? The Minister of Defense is not honest, the Rocket Force is not honest, and the General Armament Department is not honest.

So looking back at this article written after the 20th National Congress, on the surface it was praising Xi Jinping, but in fact it now seems to be a slap in Xi Jinping’s face.

The article also emphasized that inspection work is always conducted under the centralized and unified leadership of the Party Central Committee, namely under the leadership of Xi Jinping.

So since Li Shangfu was personally inspected and selected by Xi Jinping, why were serious corruption issues and serious political issues not discovered? His intern, Jin Ping, didn’t do any serious checking. He just patted his head. He couldn’t possibly have time to check their resumes one by one and talk to them. If he really knew people or could read faces, he would know who you are at just one glance. Something happened.

All officials within the CCP are corrupt and everyone is corrupt. How can Xi Jinping elect an honest official within the party? At this point, everyone is corrupt.

Does Xi Jinping know that he is being deceived?

We don’t know the cause of this incident in the Rocket Force. We don’t know what event triggered Xi Jinping’s purge and investigation of the Rocket Force. Some people say that Xi Jinping wants to attack Taiwan, and they find that the Rocket Force has always been afraid of war and avoids war, and then they find that there are huge problems within the Rocket Force. I don’t know if this is true or not. All in all, we don’t know what triggered Xi Jinping’s purge of the Rocket Force.

There was a rumor two days ago that the CCP’s 093 Shang-class nuclear submarine exploded, which led to the current investigation of the General Armament Department.

This is actually not very accurate, because if the nuclear submarine really explodes, there will be a nuclear leakage problem. The Chinese Communist Party will desperately try to salvage it, and various U.S. submarine reconnaissance aircraft will also find that a nuclear leakage occurred in this place. But this kind of thing has not happened now, including Taiwan, which also said that they have not found any submarine explosion.

In any case, we don’t know what specific incident triggered the investigation of the Rocket Force and the General Armament Department, but in fact, it at least shows that Xi Jinping had a high degree of corruption in the military and his attitude towards the military until this incident occurred. The army didn’t have a correct understanding of the extent to which he had been deceived. Now that they have discovered it, they may be a little anxious.

In fact, China’s past emperors also faced similar problems to Xi Jinping, which was the problem of gaming the bureaucracy.

Xi Jinping appears to be very powerful, but in fact, like the emperors of the past, he is coerced by the bureaucracy.

We all know that the emperor needs to rely on reports from bureaucrats to make decisions based on the information he has. Bureaucrats’ reports are usually the result of discussion and collusion. In fact, when the emperor was deceived by the bureaucrats, sometimes the emperor was not completely unaware that he had been deceived by the bureaucrats. But the emperor has no choice, because even if you know that the bureaucrats are cheating you, what can you do? If a new group of bureaucrats were brought in, they would still do the same thing.

Zhu Yuanzhang was very aggressive in anti-corruption at that time, peeling people off to eat grass, and the anti-corruption methods were quite terrifying. Even when officials discovered corruption, they slapped them with a slap in the face. After that, another person would still be corrupt. So after the officials have been sentenced, they put on their official uniforms and sit down to try cases. This happens. Because there is really nothing the emperor can do against the bureaucracy. How can you, the emperor, fight against tens of thousands of bureaucrats at the same time? And you rely on some of them.

Chinese Legalists once warned the emperor not to trust any of the bureaucrats below. Not only these bureaucrats, but also his wife and children.

The principle of Legalism is this. He believes that you like your wife now because she is young and beautiful, but once you make her son a prince, this wife will hope that you die soon. Why? Because if you live a few more years, she will grow old and lose her beauty, and you will like a younger wife, and her own status will not be preserved. The prince will also feel that as long as he is not succeeded for a day, his position cannot be said to be 100% consolidated. This is the legalist view.

But the problem is that a paradox arises. If the emperor cannot trust anyone, how can he obtain real information to make decisions?

This time when Xi Jinping encountered the Li Shangfu incident, he was tantamount to saying in front of the whole world that he had no knowledge of others and was deceived. Well, since you can be deceived in this matter, it means that you are not a smart person, you are not a perceptive person, you can be blind to others, and others can deceive you. In this case, why can’t we lie to you on other issues for our own personal benefit?

Therefore, in the past, Legalists said that the monarch should do nothing. The inaction taught by Legalists is different from the inaction taught by Taoists. Taoist inaction means that the king should not do anything promising, that is, do not bother the people. The Legalist wuwei refers to not letting others see your weaknesses, because as soon as you do something, you may make a mistake, and if you make a mistake, others will find out that you are not good at it. Therefore, Legalists say that the monarch should try his best to do nothing and let others do the work.

Mao Zedong was very tactful about this. Mao Zedong actually rarely did anything himself. You see, after he seized power, he let others make decisions on many things, such as Deng Xiaoping and Zhou Enlai. Including meeting with US President Richard Nixon, Mao Zedong told Nixon that we will not discuss specific issues, I will only discuss philosophy. What are the specific diplomatic aspects of the two sides? That was what Zhou Enlai did. If Zhou Enlai messed up this matter, or if Mao Zedong wanted to punish Zhou Enlai after Zhou Enlai was done, he could find fault with Zhou Enlai. That is to say, if you don’t do it yourself, you are good. The only thing Mao Zedong wanted to do was to carry out the “Great Leap Forward”, but he made a mistake. That is to say, when he really wanted to improve the economy, he found that he couldn’t.

Therefore, Lao Mao likes to do nothing and speak ambiguously. It was often said in the past that Mao Zedong was particularly fond of dialectics, that is, he would always say two sides of a thing. As long as there was a mistake, he would say, hey, you see that your understanding is wrong. You only grasped this side. In fact, I also said the other side. That’s what it feels like.

But Xi Jinping is not as smart as Mao. Xi Jinping just wants to mess around. Today he will point out the direction for diplomacy, tomorrow he will point out the direction for water control, and the day after tomorrow he will point out the direction for the economy, including the direction for Da Lian Chip.

Therefore, every time Xi Jinping points out the direction, he exposes a new weakness. In this situation, his weakness has become very obvious; but in this situation full of weaknesses, he wants to become the enemy of the entire princeling. As I said just now, he actually thinks that the princelings look down on him and that they are a threat to him, so he is making an enemy of the entire princelings.

He also has to fight the entire bureaucracy. For example, he wants to purge the entire Rocket Force, and he wants to purge the entire General Armament Department. This means that he will definitely fight a losing war, and the officials below will definitely unite and go against Xi Jinping.

In other words, Xi Jinping’s final result can only be failure, a complete defeat. And a complete defeat, as I just said, means that Xi Jinping will lose his authority.

You can imagine, if Xi Jinping overhauls the General Armament Department and the Rocket Force, and finally cannot continue to do so, will everyone still be afraid of him? In the past, when Wang Qishan was around, Wang Qishan was able to put things under control. He even arrested Guo Boxiong and Xu Caihou, so Wang Qishan was able to put things under control.

If Xi Jinping’s efforts to reorganize the General Armament Department and the Rocket Force end up being abandoned halfway, then people will become more brazen in corruption, less afraid of you, and more likely to form a team to stage coups and the like.

Therefore, when Xi Jinping is unable to complete this matter, it means that he has lost authority. Losing authority means that power is shaken. Wavering of power means that Xi Jinping will lose his security guarantee. People are not afraid of you anymore, right? Losing security guarantee means that everyone may unite to stage a coup.

So in the end, Xi Jinping’s ending will be ugly. This is what we can deduce step by step from the Li Shangfu incident, and we can feel that Xi Jinping’s troubles are getting bigger and bigger now, and he has begun to draw a knife to chop the people he promoted.

Now that everyone in the bureaucrats is in danger, they may be more motivated to resist Xi Jinping. So what will happen to Xi Jinping in the future? He should really be deeply worried about his ending.

In the same episode, Professor Zhang Tianliang also talked about the following:

  • Not long ago, it was said that Wang Yi was criticized by Xi Jinping and was thinking behind closed doors to write a review. The latest news is that US National Security Advisor Sullivan held talks with Director of the Foreign Affairs Office and Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Malta on September 16 and 17. Minutes of the meeting released by the White House said the meeting was part of an ongoing effort to maintain open channels of communication and responsibly manage the relationship between the two countries. That is to say, Sullivan and Wang Yi met in Malta just to allow the two sides to maintain communication channels and prevent the relationship between the two countries from getting worse. What does this mean?

Welcome to watch the full show.

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