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In order to publicize and combat telecommunications network fraud, create a good anti-fraud atmosphere for the whole people, and improve the public’s awareness of fraud and anti-fraud, on September 6, the Party Branch of the Five-Star Police Station of the Bell Tower Branch of the Changzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Changzhou Five-Star Kindergarten Branch Committee and Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank The Party branch of the Sales Department of Zhonglou Branch carried out the party building and co-building signing and anti-fraud publicity activities of “Party Building Leads the Convergence of Police, Schools and Banks to Jointly Build Qi and Anti-Fraud”. The party branch secretaries of the three parties first introduced the situation of their respective party branches, and communicated and exchanged on issues such as how to better carry out basic party building work based on the content of party building and co-building, and signed a contract for party building and co-building on the spot.

During the event, He Yiyang, a police officer from the Five Star Police Station, gave a micro-lecture titled “Essential Knowledge for Anti-Electronic Fraud on the Blackboard”, analyzing the trends, characteristics, and difficulties of anti-electronic fraud, and explaining telecom fraud in a simple and easy-to-understand way based on real cases and anti-fraud experience. Common forms and principles of scams. Subsequently, Yu Juan, deputy general manager of the business department of Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank’s Bell Tower Branch, gave a lecture on financial anti-fraud and financial knowledge based on her many years of banking experience and cases around her, and succinctly and clearly explained the importance and urgency of financial security. After the signing event, nearly a hundred people including employee representatives from the three parties and residents from nearby communities were organized to watch the anti-fraud movie “All or Nothing”.

In recent years, Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank has always actively implemented the mission of “Finance for the People”, fulfilled the social obligations of financial institutions, focused on the daily financial knowledge needs of key groups, regularly carried out anti-fraud, anti-counterfeiting, consumer protection and other financial knowledge publicity, and strengthened anti-fraud, anti-counterfeiting, consumer protection and other financial knowledge publicity. raise awareness of fraud risks, help the public identify and stay away from illegal financial activities, and create a harmonious and good financial environment in the region. This joint construction of party building with the Five-Star Police Station and Five-Star Kindergarten is a vivid practice to promote the integration and improvement of education, people’s livelihood work and financial work. Through the linkage of the police, schools and banks, we will further optimize the allocation of resources and build an “interactive” pattern to allow party building The joint construction work contributes to the harmonious development of regional economy and people’s livelihood.

(Wang Zhuocheng and Jiang Tao of Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank)

Endeavoring to strengthen the country in a new journey, financial services warm people’s hearts

——Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank Jiaze Branch launched night market financial promotion

The cool breeze breaks the heat, and the clouds gather the colors of summer. Recently, the 4th Wujin District Yanghu Talent Challenge “Learn New Ideas and Forge New Journeys” kicked off at the People’s Square of Jiaze Town. Jiaze Branch of Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank actively participated in night market activities, carried out public education services, and promoted popular finance Knowledge.

Before the event started, the branch carefully arranged the booth and arranged for personnel to come to the booth early to place fans, mineral water, paper towels and other summer cooling supplies. The atmosphere at the event was very lively. There was an endless stream of people in front of the branch’s booth. Some inquired about deposit interest rates, some inquired about the income of financial products, and some inquired about loans. The branch employees patiently answered each resident’s relevant questions and explained in detail the prevention measures. Telecom fraud risk skills, deposit insurance and other knowledge.

This event demonstrated the important role of Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank in improving the public’s financial quality, promoting the construction of financial ecology, and serving people’s lives. It improved the financial quality of local people in Jiaze and promoted the construction of local financial ecology. In the next step, Jiaze Sub-branch will continue to work hard to effectively enhance the local people’s sense of happiness, gain and security by continuing to carry out various financial services and publicity activities.

(Tang Jian and Wang Hanbing)

Huiqi Xixia Shurong E-Chain Future

——Xixiashu Branch of Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank hosted Xixiashu Town Government, Banking and Enterprise Symposium

In order to fully implement the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, vigorously promote high-quality economic development in Xixiashu Town, and explore new paths for “government-bank-enterprise” cooperation. A few days ago, the Xixiashu Town Government, Xixiashu Chamber of Commerce, Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank, and Xixiashu member companies gathered together to jointly hold a government, bank and enterprise forum.

This government-bank-enterprise symposium is themed “Benefiting Xixiashu Enterprises and Integrating the Future of E-Chain”, based on the development plan of Xixiashu Town, focusing on Xixiashu’s local economic construction, high-quality economic development, helping small and medium-sized enterprises, Conduct discussions on improving the quality of financial services and other aspects. At the meeting, the Xixiashu Town Government, Xixiashu Chamber of Commerce, and Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank Xixiashu Branch signed a strategic cooperation agreement. This signing aims to strengthen tripartite cooperation and realize the sharing of information resources in Xixiashu Town relying on key financial products such as “Rong E Chain” , optimize resource allocation, and strive to achieve the effect of “1+1+1>3”.

In the future, Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank Xixiashu Branch will continue to adhere to the market positioning of “serving rural areas and farmers, serving small and medium-sized enterprises, and promoting urban-rural integration”. Targeting the financial needs of the government, enterprises, and people, relying on various high-quality financial products, we will strive to serve Xixiashu The town government and enterprises provide multi-angle, all-round, high-quality and efficient financial services to promote the economic construction of Xixiashu, help the revitalization of the countryside, and write a new chapter for the prosperity of Xixiashu. (Ding Jiahui)

Healthy Jiangnan, you and I will accompany each other

——Xuebu Branch of Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank carries out community travel activities

In order to thank new and old customers for their long-term support and love for Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank and to further enhance communication with customers, Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank’s Xuebun Branch recently organized local Dongjin Village villagers to carry out a campaign with the theme of “Healthy Jiangnan, You and Me Together” One-day tour to New Jintan.

This event was led by the channel manager of the branch, and more than 40 local villagers from Dongjin Village actively participated. Everyone first visited the district planning hall and the business department of the bank’s Jintan branch to experience how technology empowers urban construction and bank development; and then Go to Jintan Internet celebrity check-in site Rulin Youshan to enjoy the beautiful rural poetic scenery; finally, visit the new Jintan check-in site Yanjiang High-speed Railway Station and Hohai University to feel the vitality of the future science and technology innovation city. During the event, all the villagers took out their mobile phones to take photos and record this wonderful trip. The event was filled with a joyful atmosphere.

Although the one-day community trip was short-lived, it built a bridge of communication between the bank and its customers. Jiangnan Rural Commercial Bank Xuebu Branch has always adhered to the local rural market, supported farmers and small businesses, and demonstrated its responsibility as a rural commercial bank in serving rural revitalization and promoting common prosperity. In the future, it will continue to adhere to the “customer-centered” service concept and strive to explore bank-customer interactions. The new model continues to enhance the emotional connection with customers, repay the trust and love of our customers with a fuller spirit, more considerate services, and better products, and provide warm, empathetic, and high-quality financial services to our customers. Long-term companionship. (Wu Qi)

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