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The old man’s soul left the body to help the officials. As a result, the “house” was occupied and Wang Gong cleverly resolved it | Jiang Xiazi | Wang Gong | Chongzhen | Qiu Wusong | Zhaishe | Pi Nang | Zhang Chao |


[Voice of Hope September 18, 2023](Author: Huiming) Jiang Xiazi of Shuntian once said that his maternal uncle, Wang Gong, served as a patrol in Sichuan in the 13th year of Chongzhen. When Jinglue (official title, in charge of military and political affairs along one or several routes) came to the provincial capital, Wang Gong rode alone to pay homage. The horse he was riding on the way was not sick and died. Because the road to Shu is very difficult, I couldn’t think of any good way for a while.

Suddenly, a young man said to the horse, “I will turn into a horse and ride on it for Duke Wang.” Everyone on the left and right thought that the young man was a traitor, so they brought him to Duke Wang. Wang Gong said: “This is a madman.” So he let him go. After the young man went out and left, the horse suddenly came to life. Wang Gong was very happy, so he mounted his horse and continued to move forward. When they arrived at the camp gate, as soon as Mr. Wang dismounted, the horse fell down and died again.

Wang Gong was very happy, so he mounted his horse and continued to move forward (picture:[Southern Tang Dynasty]Zhou Wenju’s painting)

Wang Gong entered the mansion to pay homage to the governor. After finishing his work, he took a sedan chair and went back. As he was walking, he saw an old man dragging a man to the sedan chair and shouting, “Help!” When Wang Gong saw the man, it turned out to be the young man. I just heard the old man say: “I just saw that the horse you were riding on died. The villain immediately hid his body in the cave and turned into a horse to carry you. After he got out of the horse’s belly, he went to look for the body. Unexpectedly, my house (that is, the physical body) ) has been possessed by this person. I beg you to order him to be replaced and each of them return to their original bodies.”

After hearing this, Duke Wang turned to the young man. The young man said, “This is a rare thing. I would rather bear the punishment from the officials than return it to him.” Duke Wang wanted to bring him to justice, but he had no reason. The old man knew that it was impossible to take his body back by force, so he punched and kicked the young man, hitting and scolding him; but the young man did not fight back and just accepted it with a smile. Wang Gong, who was standing by, advised the old man: “Since you have the ability (to enter the horse’s body before), why not find a good house elsewhere?” The old man said: “If you are willing to pay attention to me, I will obey your order.” So. The young man thanked him and left, and the old man followed Wang Gong back to the official office.

After half a year of this, one day the old man said to Wang Gong: “The son of your scribe (the official who handles documents) will die violently tonight. Tomorrow morning, tell him not to cover up and move the body to the countryside. I must thank Wang Gong. A good gift.” Wang Gong agreed to the old man. When he went to the court the next morning, Wang Gong asked the scribe: “I heard that your son died last night. Is this possible?” The scribe replied, “Yes.” Wang Gong said, “Do you want him to be reborn?” “?” The scribe asked: “How can we do it?” Wang Gong said: “You are destined to have no children. Even if you survive, you must make him a monk, otherwise he will be reborn.” The scribe said: “Instead of death, It’s better to leave alive.”

So Wang Gong told the scribe to carry his son’s coffin to the outskirts. The scribe wept and thanked him and left. Wang Gong returned to the official office and told the old man that the old man asked him for a new suit of clothes and took them with him, and then left the city with Wang Gong. The clerk and his wife had already come to greet him. When they arrived at the outskirts, there were a sea of ​​onlookers.

The old man and Wang Gong left the city together and came to the suburbs (image:[Qing Dynasty]Part of Yang Dazhang’s painting)

The old man picked up the corpse, took off the clothes on the corpse, and put the new clothes he brought on the corpse. Then he took off his own clothes and put on the clothes of the deceased. At this time, the old man suddenly fell to the ground; but the man in the coffin suddenly got up and thanked Wang Gong. When the scribe and his wife called him, he didn’t respond at all and just thanked them. The scribe and his wife left in tears.

Later, this man changed into the attire of a Taoist. Although he was only a boy of thirteen or fourteen, his words were all the words of gods. He said to Wang Gong: “You should not interfere with current affairs. You should retire as soon as possible.” Wang Gong replied: “Wait a moment after the emperor’s affairs are settled.” Later he urged Wang Gong again, but Wang Gong still said the same thing. . The young man sighed: “Everything has its own destiny, don’t force it!” Then he said goodbye and left.

In the second year, bandits broke out and Wang Gong died in office. This incident was told by Qiu Wusong himself.

The monks say: The human body is just a skin, and whoever puts it on is who he is. This makes sense, so after a hundred years, all a person will throw away is his skin, and that person has not really died. This is the truth.

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[清] Zhang Chao: Volume 10 of “Xinzhi of Yuchu”

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