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Domestic brand said the price was miscalculated and would refund 2.3 million netizens: If it is cheap, I am afraid you will go bankrupt – Minnan Net

Domestic brand said the price was miscalculated and would refund 2.3 million netizens: If it is cheap, I am afraid you will go bankrupt – Minnan Net
Domestic brand said the price was miscalculated and would refund 2.3 million netizens: If it is cheap, I am afraid you will go bankrupt – Minnan Net

Recently, domestic products have appeared in groups, and netizens gathered in the live broadcast room of Vitality 28 to buy. On September 17, the deputy general manager of Vitality 28’s Chengdu foundry was interviewed by the media and said that during the recent shipment inventory, it was found that the price of about 230,000 units of washing powder was increased by 10 yuan, including 5 kg of 39.9 yuan and 3 kg of 29.9 yuan. After adjustment It has been changed to 29.9 yuan for 5 kilograms and 19.9 yuan for 3 kilograms. Starting today, the price difference will be refunded to customers. A total of 230,000 orders will be refunded, and each order will be refunded 10 yuan, which is 2.3 million yuan.

“During the live broadcast, we got the wrong price for 5kg and 3kg washing powder. We sold it for 10 yuan more. We can’t be sorry to the fans. No matter how difficult the business is, we must operate with integrity and be honest!” he said.

In response to this, netizens expressed their worries: “Can we still make money?” “We must revitalize such a conscientious enterprise. If we miss it, it will be gone!” “Looking at the price, I am really afraid that it will go bankrupt.” “No. It’s already very cheap if you don’t refund it.” “Don’t lose money, uncle.” “Good guy, it’s so cheap. You still have to refund the money.” “Don’t refund it. It’s not much money. You can make some money.” “Don’t refund it. It’s not easy for men to live broadcast.”

It is reported that Vitality 28 is a long-established daily chemical company. The brand’s live broadcast room became popular due to the “non-professionalism” of the anchor uncle, and sold 5 million in sales overnight. Unlike other live broadcast rooms where young anchors are familiar with the art of selling goods, the “Vitality 28 Live Room” only has a few middle-aged and elderly people who are at a loss to learn the live broadcast rules while selling old-style domestic products. However, it unexpectedly attracted an influx of 100,000 netizens. Studio. As of press time, the number of Douyin users of “Vitality 28 Clothing Cleaning Flagship Store” reached 4.427 million, and the total sales volume of the windows was 1.335 million pieces.

In this regard, some media commented that Vitality 28 insisted on refunding the payment of 230,000 orders, which once again witnessed the simplicity of domestic brands. Netizens said that if it had been anyone else, they would have laughed, and there would be no refund! The popularity of the three “old” anchors of Vitality 28 is related to the lack of decoration in the live broadcast room, which is so simple that it makes people feel distressed. In the background, workers were packing. There was only one mobile phone and a stand (even the stand only arrived on the 15th). The live broadcast was mixed with the noise of fans and machines, and the screen was often stuck. It’s so simple and devoid of luxury, it’s so unsettling.

The homepage of the Vitality 28 live broadcast account reads: “If you can’t stay at the top, then go back to the way you came.” Along the way, he has always been unpretentious, and this gold-like heart will eventually shine one day. Old domestic brands are not opportunistic. Although there are ups and downs in market competition, those precious qualities will eventually win people’s hearts.

Vitality 28 has experienced a surge in traffic. Netizens said that Vitality 28 must be rescued from its predicament. With the support of consumers and the profound heritage of the old brand, I believe that all persistence is worth it. As long as there is simplicity and eternity, there will be eternal vitality of the old brand, and there will be a bright future. As long as you stick to the way you came, there will be new ones. peak moment.

According to public information, Vitality 28 was founded in 1950. As a domestic brand born in Shashi, Hubei Province, it was the first company to advertise laundry detergent on CCTV. With the slogan “Vitality 28, Shashi Daily Chemical”, it became well-known. North and south of the Yangtze River. It is worth noting that according to reports, “Vitality 28” is trapped in a whirlpool of wage arrears and payment arrears. After Vitality 28 issued a dissolution notice in June this year, it was revealed that it owed more than 200 million yuan in wages to foundries, dealers and employees.

Original title: Vitality 28 will refund 2.3 million yuan!The company said the price calculation was wrong and it must operate with integrity; netizen: This price really scares him from going bankrupt

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