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A man who works during the day and is a boss at night wears a shirt and trousers and sells laksa – Domestic

Amirukayu runs a laksa and Malay mee business with his younger siblings. (Picture taken from mStar)

(Petaling Jaya, 18th) Wearing a shirt and suit trousers, he looks like other office workers from a distance, but a young man dressed like this is diligently preparing food at a stall.

The young man was actually working two jobs day and night, and the scene went viral on social media after his girlfriend shared it on TikTok.

The girlfriend wrote in the video: “When my boyfriend works in the company during the day and at nightSelling LaksaWith Malay braised noodles (mi rebus). “

According to online media mStar, the young man Amirukayo (26 years old) said that he was an executive in the human resources department of a company in Petaling Jaya, Selangor. Working hours in the office are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am.

“Meanwhile, my siblings and I had a stall in a restaurant in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam, selling laksa and Malay lor mee.

“After get off work from the office, I usually go to the stall to oversee operations and sales progress.”

He said he started this business in 2020, including working from home during the coronavirus epidemic.

As the eldest son among five brothers and sisters, he is not only responsible for supervising operations, but also personally prepares ingredients and delivers food to customers.

“That’s why I try to get to the office as early as possible to finish my work so that I can leave on time. Then I go straight to the stall and continue working.

“The house happens to be very close to the stall, so I can go back to take a shower, change into casual clothes and come back to continue my business, but sometimes I will continue to wear formal clothes because I need to deliver food to customers’ homes.”

Alyssa shared on TikTok that her boyfriend works two jobs day and night. (Network screenshot)

His younger siblings who run the business with him are Siti Aminadul (24 years old), Ruman Hakim (21 years old) and Siti Noura Tilim (17 years old).

Responding to the suggestion that he looks like an executive when serving customers at his stall, Amirukayu said he doesn’t really care.

“I have no shame and as long as my clothes are not dirty, I make sure to be careful while preparing the food. When I bring the food to the table, some customers are surprised to see me dressed formally.

“I once wore the same office clothes and made three trips to deliver food to a customer with a family of 10 people. My younger brothers and sisters were preparing food, so I was the one who delivered it.

“I don’t want to make customers wait. If it’s slow, customers will give it a low rating, and I want them to be satisfied with our service and come back again.”

A man who works during the day and is a boss at night sells laksa in a shirt and trousers
Amirukayo’s business with his younger siblings received support from his father. (Picture taken from mStar)
Currently studying for a Bachelor of Commerce degree

He also revealed that he is currently studying for a bachelor’s degree in international business at the Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) Puncak Alam campus.

He regarded the famous businessman Datuk Mohd Faruz as his role model and dreamed of developing his small business to the level of a franchise (Francais) with many branches across the country.

At the same time, he was very touched by the action of his girlfriend Alyssa (26 years old) to share his video. He described his girlfriend as a gentle and good time management person.

“My girlfriend and I have known each other since school, when we were in Form Two. We have been dating for nearly four years. She is like a personal assistant because she helps me a lot with my time management.

“Thankfully, she understands my career and business very well. To be honest, we date more at the stalls and only occasionally outside.”

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